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Happy Halloween

31 Oct

mummy guts

and mummies


Isn’t he cute? We made these at homework club this week.

Have fun and be safe tonight!


30 Oct

Below are some of the recipes I have starred in my Google reader that look super yummy. I haven’t tried them yet. However, I have had excellent luck with recipes from my blog ladies.

If you end up making one of these recipes…leave me a comment and let me know how it turned out. Or better yet…invite me over to taste test!

I just had my sugar fix: Cherry Garcia. Now I’m really hurting for one of those sweet potato biscuits!

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownie Cups

Amish Baked Oatmeal

Cherry Cream Cheese Tarts

Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Roasted Garlic and Herb Dip

I don’t have any good pictures today so I will leave you with this one.


(source unknown: I’m pretty sure I got it off a blog but don’t remember which one.)

A beautiful kitchen that I would like to have to make all those goodies!


29 Oct

My mom, her childhood friend Debbie and I went to Leavenworth on Monday. It’s a Bavarian town up in the mountains. Funny huh?

Leavenworth with Debbie and Mom 001

We came across a cute store where I found this!

Leavenworth with Debbie and Mom 009

I totally wanted to buy that bowl. I see pictures of them in Country Home magazine every month. This one was like $60 so I moved on :(

 Leavenworth with Debbie and Mom 012

The one on the left is my mom. 

Debbie is hilarious…and is from Florida and has the best accent and humor. I kept thinking that I wish I could have recorded one of their conversations…so funny.

One of the best parts of Leavenworth is the hat store.

Leavenworth with Debbie and Mom 018

I wonder how many hats they actually sell. I’ve been in there at least 20 times and never bought one.

They also have funny glasses.

 Leavenworth with Debbie and Mom 017

HAHA… my mom is going to kill me. Mom, I couldn't help it…its too funny.

Leavenworth with Debbie and Mom 019

On our way home we got a shot of this

Leavenworth with Debbie and Mom 026

And stopped at Stevens Pass and Ski Lodge so they could have a snow ball fight.

Leavenworth with Debbie and Mom 034

It was a fun day. We had gelato and the sun was out. I hope I got enough vitamin D… it’s suppose to rain all this week and next! ICK!

look where we went

27 Oct

We finally made it to Georges bakery when it was open. Remember this?

Husb was in heaven… his only words were “mmmmmm, this is a good place Lee”.

Of course we ordered these first

By the time we got there it was time for lunch…so much for getting up early on a Saturday morning and getting breakfast. In our defense it does take us an hour to get to the bakery.

These were our options


We ended up with the savory pockets. I got shrimp gumbo and husb got halibut chowder. It was yummy…total comfort food.

Check out those HUGE doughnuts to the right in the case. I’m embarrassed to say I bought one at the farmers market this summer.

After stuffing ourselves we went to visit our future home. Not really, but we think this is the most awesome spot…right between the river and Mt. Si

On the way back we found this place. Not sure why they parked the van and moto in the middle of the drive. We couldn't see the house… although you know it had to be good. People and their privacy!

It was a good Saturday. See how happy doughnuts make us?

look what she did

26 Oct

My friend Tasha who came to the wedding with us did this. Aren’t they so pretty and sparkly. Those pumpkins/squash are even from her garden. She makes me sick with that PERFECT bow!

I wish I had a before picture. Tasha…we have to remember to take before pics.

Tasha and I kind of have a weird story.

We only became friends about 2.5 years ago even though our husbands have been best friends since seventh grade. Eric and I started dating about the same time as Ty and Tasha…so we have known one another for 8 years! We both thought the other was a snob or something and about 6 months after my wedding we just clicked like we had always been friends. I think it was the kitchen-aid mixer that she bought me as a wedding gift that brought us together;)

We will have to do a picture tour of her home one day…it’s very cute and she has a lot of projects to show. She just finished a headboard for her guest bedroom and even makes her own curtains. Like I said…she makes me sick;)

the haystack

26 Oct

This is my favorite junk store that I mentioned here. The owner is awesome…so sweet and kind… I just love her!

It’s a cute little house…I remember when people lived in it…used to have a fence and big tree to the left. Poor tree!

Milk Glass!

This is my favorite part of the store. I just love those teal blue ball jars…and the pretty silver lids.

Christmas will be here soon! This would be a good place to look for gifts. Just gives me another reason to come back!

I’d like to have a cork collection…maybe to fill my ball jar collection. That moonshine jug reminds me of granny from Beverly Hillbillies.

The picture doesn’t illustrate well…but she does a good job of organizing things by color. I love that…I organize my books by color so of course I love that!

I bet I could find a place for these in my teeny tiny apartment.

georges bakery 049

I want that scale…didn’t notice it until I looked at these pictures.

georges bakery 043

Isn’t that a fun place? My husb is so patient and let’s me stop to enjoy it whenever we visit my parents. For all you midwest and southern girls…this is as close to a good junk store as you get around here.


24 Oct

This is the one project I put together when I decided to “shop the house”.


It’s sad that Nester found all this shopping her house.

It’s a small cork board that I bought from Target for our office area last year. It doesn’t match the space right now so I covered it in scrapbook paper (I had to go buy some) and put it in the kitchen to hold recipe’s.

But this is what I can do when I spend money!




Ok, not as exciting as I made it sound.

It’s an old window pain I bought from my favorite junk store. I sanded, sanded and sanded some more. Then painted it, rubbed it with candle wax, painted another color, and sanded the wax off. As you can see I put pictures it in…but I’m over them and want to put mirror tiles in place of the pictures. What do you think?

Yes there is a computer on my hearth! Husb will you please take it away?

good day

23 Oct

Filling out grant application and doing a quick clean of my dirty house. But I got to see this as I drove to Tasha’s house. She lives in the “country”.


The leaves have started to change and its so beautiful! Yes that is a crack in my windshield… got it two weeks after I bought my new car! GRRRR! Those dumb gravel trucks!

We made these at homework club013

So cute! They loved it!

Husb and I went to Red Robin for a late dinner and ended the night by watching Biggest Loser on our DVR. We are crazy like that.

Paprika Chicken Stew with Potato Pierogies

21 Oct

This recipe is from The Rachael Ray Show. I’ve made it twice and its pretty simple and yummy. I made it tonight in a pinch and on the phone. If you make it or have made it let me know what you thought.


weekend wedding

20 Oct

My sister in law got married this weekend. The setting was beautiful. We headed out early on Saturday morning to catch the ferry to Orcas Island. Washington is very special in that is has mountains, waterfalls, and islands! Well, I guess Hawaii does too.

Anyways, our friends Ty and Tasha went with us…unfortunately they didn’t bring their cute toddler! 

A nice guy on the ferry took a picture of all four of us together but it didn’t come out.Whitney's wedding 015

This is where the ceremony was held…so sweet! Mom, this little church reminds me of you…didn’t you always want to get married in a white little church?

 Whitney's wedding 018 

On the way to the reception we snagged a picture of my favorite house on the island! One day I will have a white house with red door and window trim like this one. Thanks for the artistic photo Ty!Whitney's wedding 021

Tasha and I actually thought about sneaking out of the reception hall and down the road to take pictures of all the cute houses and stores. However, we settled for taking pictures off the back deck of the hall.

Whitney's wedding 022

If you are ever in western Washington I highly suggest taking a trip to Orcas Island or Friday Harbor. It’s so refreshing. We also ate at a yummy little place called the Sunflower Cafe but I wasn’t thinking and didn’t take blog pictures…lame! All of my friends are going to think this is silly…but for anyone visiting this blog that has never been on a ferry… this is what the inside looks like.Whitney's wedding 031

The most dramatic thing that took place was when our husbands got yelled at by one of the ferry workers for trying to figure out how the chairs were constructed. Think twice before you hang with us…we are a rough crowd.


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