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Christmas cookies

25 Nov

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting in fact!

I got the recipe from Country Home magazine. It called for a WHOLE BOTTLE of red food coloring.

Aren’t they pretty? Tasha got me to admit that the cookie scoop is the best way to go when making cookies. Although, I will continue to call it an ice cream scoop just to be stubborn!

Check out this little cookie monster!

We used a felt snowflake ornament as a stencil. Didn’t get the best results…but they still tasted good!

Looks more like a flower than a snowflake:(

Did you notice I didn’t even wait for the picture to be taken before I started eating mine? I shouldn’t have been eating any cookies…I was so sick. I’m keeping it real by posting this picture…lord…I needed some Nyquil and a tan!

This is what Husb and Mark were doing while we were baking.

Bike tricks

Reenacting bible stories…he is baby Moses!

Fun day! Thanks T!

walk-in clinic

23 Nov

I’m so thankful when Dr offices have good reading material!

Of course this would be the one time I didn’t get a chance to read them…I didn’t even get to open them. I was still putting my camera in my purse when the nurse called my name. Not going to complain about a fast Dr visit though.

Conclusion: I don’t have an ear infection or strep. However, I do have a cyst on my right wrist. I tried to take a picture of it but it doesn’t translate well on film;) When I asked the Dr what could be done about it he said “hit it with a bible”! He said that’s what they used to do in the old days. Husb got a kick out of that…way too much of one actually! The Dr also said that sometimes they go away. That’s what I’m praying for!

I had to call my sister right away and apologize for always teasing her about faking her cyst…which happens to be on her wrist! What a mean sister I am…nothing like being stuck with an ailment to move you toward repentance;)

look who came home

23 Nov

Back from his California plastic surgery vacation!


old n busted


new hotness

He has a nose and stuffing again! Thanks Chasey! Thanks sweet husb for finding Chasey and reminding me daily that he wouldn’t be held for ransom or get lost in the mail.


21 Nov

Look what I got in the mail today!

I was wild and crazy and joined this swap that Crystal was hosting. Alicia was my partner…isn’t she sweet! You can’t see very well but that plastic bag is filled with ingredients and directions for chocolate and peanut butter pretzel sticks. MMMM…she even included sprinkles that coordinate with the ribbon and tissue paper! She also tucked in sweet poems and quotes…my favorite was:

Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace.

And your best days are never so good that you’re beyond the need of God’s grace.

Isn’t that true! The theme of the swap was “Bad Day Survival Kit” which was perfect as this hasn’t been the best of weeks.

Don’t you wanna do a swap now?

over the mountains

17 Nov

This past weekend we drove over the mountains to stay with Tasha’s parents. Us girls and baby Mark drove separate from the boys…we were really craving some of her mom’s chicken, dried tomato and feta pasta salad. Look what we saw on the way there.

We stopped to check out Snoqualmie Falls. The picture on the left was taken on Friday and the one of the right was taken in October. I told you guys it has been flooding here! This little town declared a state of emergency because of the flooding but the roads were clear when we drove through.

cle elum 08 010 anniversary 003

I love this house…so pretty. Reminds me of a school house.


T and I had to get a shot of the Nordstrom’s home…probably one of the many vacation homes they have. I had my head poking through the sun roof looking like a crazy for this photo!

This reminds T and I of all the pioneer women and homesteads we read about in our historical fiction novels. Eric and I tease that this is all we can afford in Washington’s real-estate market.

Can you see the deer laying down in the rows of hay? We saw tons of deer.




Better than the deer were the WILD TURKEYS! They were so cool and made the funniest noises. Perfect thing to see in November.

This little guy obviously likes going to Grandma and Papa’s! Check out that tongue…he did that all weekend…cracks me up!

Our husband’s went rock climbing while we did some crafting. I can’t show pictures of our craft because they are Christmas gifts. However, here is my cute husb having fun.

Group picture. Yes, I am the only one bundled up like it’s below zero out.

This is a picture we took on Sunday…let me put it into perspective. The guys mention that we should go on a hike. I get a little scared because Ty’s idea of a hike is much different than mine and I have a cold. But I decide to be tough and just go for it…it was only suppose to be quarter of a mile anyway.

Well, below is a picture of a SHORT CUT to the trail we were suppose to go on. If you look at the picture you can see a little sign nailed to the tree in the top left that says “Indian Creek Trail”. That’s the only indicator that its a hiking trail! To say the least…we didn’t do any hiking.

Eating, resting, scrabble, crafting, playing with the baby…it was a good weekend!

one of those days

17 Nov

Wearing black crocs with brown and pink puma warm-ups to town

Getting over a cold and eating boiled peanuts with a side of top ramen for lunch

Not wanting to clean a dirty house

Only buying one of the million cute things I found at Target today

None of these things are necessarily bad…it’s just been a weird kinda off day.

You ever have those?

hair cut

16 Nov

Finally took a picture to show my new hair cut. Well…I took a lot of them…but this is the only one that partially turned out!

hair 002

I’m no Mandy Moore…but I’m happy with the cut. Way better than my long, needed a hair cut 6 months ago, makes me look like a “teenage pinhead” style.

“Teenage pinhead”…that’s a line from Torkelsons. Any body out there remember The Torkelsons on  the Disney channel? Loved that show. One day I’m going to pressure Disney into sending me the series on DVD.


14 Nov

This is plain ridiculous!

Usually, when I do laundry I put it on the bed and then get to it later that day. Well on Wednesday I was gone most of the day and didn’t get to putting it away. That night I was in bed using the laptop and husb crawls into bed UNDER the laundry. No…doesn’t move it to the floor or complain…just gets all nice and cozy UNDER it. He totally would have gone to sleep under it too…and then got hot in the night and pushed it all onto me. So weird! At least he let me take a picture of his weirdness!

Does your husband do anything weird like this?

bate bate chocolate

13 Nov

In 10th grade I took my first year of Spanish. One of the greatest things our Spanish teacher ever taught us was a song about stirring your hot chocolate! Esther. Leah. Sing along!

Uno, dos, tres – CHO
Uno, dos, tres – CO
Uno, dos, tres – LA
Uno, dos, tres – TE!

Chocolate, chocolate, bate bate, Chocolate,
Chocolate, chocolate, bate bate, Chocolate

This is what comes to my mind when making some of the best hot chocolate. IBARRA!



It’s cold out, rainy, and the rivers are flooding…perfect time for some hot chocolate.

puff paint

12 Nov

One of my favorite things is going to homework club and being with our kids. I just love them…they crack me up! Here is what we did today. I can’t find the site that I found this recipe from but its an awesome craft.

puff paint

1 tablespoon self-rising flour

1 tablespoon salt

Mix the flour and salt. Add enough water to make into a smooth paste or paint consistency (you want it a somewhat thick). Add a couple drops of food coloring. Paint on cardboard and put in microwave for 15 to 30 seconds.

Mexican and American flags…I love when the boys do crafts!

homework club 007

pretty swirls

homework club 008


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