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what else

27 May

did I do over the weekend?

Did some gardening with Mike and Serena and the husb.

048 045

We had our first harvest.


Pioneer woman calls her man Marlboro Man…I call mine Hot and Sexy Farmer Man.


Yeah, I know…doesn’t have the same ring to it. I’m working on it!

My farmer husb captured a salamander for me.


Funny little thing.

It was a good day. I got a nice sunburn on my shoulders for the second weekend in a row. It has turned to a nice tan. Although its the only part of my pasty white body that is tan.

We also went to a movie with my sister Meg. Oh wait…no we didn’t…CAUSE SHE TOTALLY BAILED ON US! You better watch it little sister…I have a blog and I’m not afraid to use it.

I’m sure she is terrified.

We also went to the Fremont Sunday Market. I’ll share all that with you tomorrow.

Hope you are all enjoying your day!

i’m back

26 May

I didn’t go on any big exciting trip or anything. I’ve just been a lazy blogger. I did take pictures over the weekend though.

Before I share them with you…please pray for my blog friend Katie. I call her my blog friend, she probably calls me her blog stalker. Anyhow, she has been very sick over the weekend. Serious sick…like on and off oxygen sick.

Also, she is pregnant. According to the updates the baby is totally fine…big praise to the Lord! You can read the updates here. Katie and her family would appreciate your prayers.

So, I know all my millions of readers have been wondering what I’ve been up to! Right? Millions? At least three of you had to have wondered…right?

Well, husb and I went here last Friday.

The Eastside Ski and Sport store


The AT&T store and food court


Watson Kennedy…full of awesome home decor items. I was totally drooling.


We ate at the Spitfire Bar and Grill


I bet you wanna know why I took so many pictures of our trip to the mall.

Well, because it isn’t a mall. It is husbs WORK CAFETERIA! Yeah…that’s right. Who has a home decor shop, sports shop, bank and twelve restaurants at work? My husband! And he says I am spoiled!

It is such a blessing that his company takes such good care of him. However, I’m on to them! This is all a cheap (or not so cheap I suppose) ploy to keep him from ever having to leave work.

Mr. Ballmer, you don’t want to tango with this wife. Nice try with the home decor shop ;)

I’ll show all you millions of readers pictures from the rest of my weekend later. My Desperate Housewives of New Jersey are about to come on. Those Desperate Housewives and I are “thick as thieves” ;)

clouds, rain drops and lightening

20 May

Last night husb and I ditched a free baseball game and instead filled out bellies with more Molly Moon ice cream and then a trip to Alki Beach.

The weather was lovely of course.


If you squint and get real close to the monitor you can see the Seattle skyline under all those dark gray clouds. Not one of its finer days, that’s for sure.

Husb has been working his behind off! There were days last week when I only saw him three hours before he headed back off to work again. So our little date was much needed.

Besides that…not a whole lot of exciting things going on. I think our Memorial Day weekend will include some sun! I’m very much looking forward to a three day sunny weekend with the husb.

Any plans for your three day weekend?

wish list

14 May

Just a few things I have my eye on.

I love these cake stands…I have the medium size and one day will have all three (insert dark evil laugh here)!largecakeplate


smallcakeplate                                      (Williams-Sonoma)

I have a pitcher collection growing on my mantel. They are all white and cream colors…I would like to add this one to the collection!

emmapitcher                                              (Pottery Barn)

Finding the perfect rug isn’t easy. I can see this one in my living room though.

rug1                                   (Ballard Designs)

Or maybe one of these…my toes want to snuggle them!

rug2                                  (Ballard Designs)

Um…hello beautiful cardigan!

jcrew                                         (J.CREW)

And just to keep it real… I grabbed the camera after dumping a heap of raw sugar onto my shortcake prior to putting it in the oven.


Chelle…I was thinking about your Nester Kitchen challenge post and wasn’t focusing on how much I was pouring.

Don’t worry, I was able to scoop most of it off. It definitely didn’t stop me from eating it!

Totally random post today. Thanks so sticking with me!


14 May


Did anyone else throw a tantrum after last nights Lost? We have to wait until 2010? We only get one episode of Jacob?

Come on!

happy birthday G

13 May

mummy 005  

See how excited she is for her birthday?


I love you! I hope you had a great birthday kind of day. Save me some ice cream cake and think about how much you love me every day! K?

Love your #1 big sister! (Meg…that makes you #2…get it…#2…haha)

Meg…I’m sorry I didn’t do a post for your birthday. Wait, did I?

No, I just went and checked. I even posted that day. Sad! I’m sorry. My excuse is that I was sick and not thinking clearly. I guess you can be the #1 sister today and I’ll be the #2.


See that’s how much I love you!

my new obsession

11 May

Snack sets. Ever heard of them? I was introduced by Shannon.

stuff 133

Such a sweet idea. Perfect serving dish when entertaining the girls.

stuff 130

I found a set of 8 plates at Goodwill for 3$. Sadly, they didn’t have the matching cups. I couldn’t let them go for such a good price…so the search for snack set cups begins.

national geographic

11 May

Wait for it…

stuff 143

There he is

stuff 145

Digging bugs out of the leaf pile

stuff 146

Then he hears the click of my camera

stuff 147

I guess I wasn’t much of a threat

stuff 148 

Cause he continues to eat his bugs

stuff 156

But then he decided he needs to come visit me. I swear he would have come right up to me.

stuff 165

I’m no Marty Stouffer…I got scared and jumped up and he ran away.

Do you think National Geographic will hire me? Who else risks rabies and raccoon flu to get good blog pictures?

Just incase you are wondering…no, we don’t live in the wilderness. The wild animals just like our neighborhood. I love the deer and the raccoons. What I don’t like…

the tiny little birds that look so cute and then decide to nest on your side mirror and CRAP all down the side of your car…

the day you wash it!!!

Dad, do you still have my BB gun?

the sound of music

9 May

You know I love that movie…I mean come on look at my banner. Header? What is it called?

Well check this out! I stole it from Kendra. I had to choke back tears…I think it was a combination of a movie classic and the fact that the sun is shining today. It’s too much…too much I say!


mothers day cookie mix

8 May

That’s what we made at homework club on Wednesday.

I had to make a trip to the hardware store to stock up on theseDSC_0081

and then ran them all through the dishwasher


Totally worth three loads of dishes!


I was a little apprehensive…but the kids did awesome! They enjoyed measuring out the ingredients and were super possessive over their mixes when they were all done. I had the following conversation multiple times.

“Mrs. Leah, where is my jar thing”

“I put them all in a box and you will get them when you leave”

“Yeah, but where are they”

“Babe you can’t have it until you leave…it’s glass and I don’t want it to get broken”

“ But where is it”

They wanted to be able to see it and touch it just to make sure it was safe I suppose. Gotta love them!

Below is the recipe incase you want to put together a cookie mix for your mom…Mother’s Day is Sunday…just incase you forgot!

I am baking up a batch right now and they turned out pretty darn good! In case you are just tuning in…I have issues when it comes to making a good cookie. I was worried about this recipe because you don’t cream the sugar and butter. Obviously you don’t have to tho…cause these turned out beautiful.


In order, the following goes into a mason jar

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

Give it a stir with a butter knife then add

  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar (pack it down as far as possible so that you can fit lots of chocolate chips)

Last, add as many chocolate chips as will fit.

Don’t forget to add the following directions on a tag to go along with the mix!

  • 1 cup butter or margarine softened
  • 1 egg, slightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Thoroughly blend together the butter or margarine, the egg, and the vanilla. Empty jar of cookie mix into the butter mixture. Mix until completely blended. Drop teaspoons full of batter about 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until lightly browned.

Uggg…I am full on cookies and can’t eat all my dinner. I think I could fit another cookies though ;)


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