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calling all brides to be

30 Jun


Your ring bearer needs to be Covered in Color

haha…I crack myself up!

our last day

30 Jun

Our last little bit of fun in Missoula was Lunch in the Park.

Montana 093 Montana 094

Our tour guide informed us that many local restaurants set up under the tent and offer lunch each Wednesday during the summer.

We entered and started making our way through to check out all they had to offer.

This stopped me in my tracks.


I didn’t need to see any other booth. All I wanted was an Indian Taco!

I love fry bread!

Montana 097

Others settled for some sort of Asian stir fry.

I don’t know what they were thinking.

Montana 092

It was wonderful and divine and made the sixteen hours of driving totally worth it. Husb missed out big time…he loves him some fry bread too!

After we finished we watched a few kayakers on “The Wave”.

Montana 102

Then it was time to say goodbye. Thanking our tour guide for ice cream, hikes and fry bread.

It was a fun trip…Missoula had started to grow on me. Just a little though. Let’s not be crazy! It’s always good to be home.

rattlesnake trail

26 Jun

While we were in Missoula we went on a hike.

We made it very clear to our tour guide that we wanted the least strenuous hike possible.

Montana 040

We didn’t want to be bothered by sweat and muscle strengthening.

 Montana 052

Or bees. One landed on Gretta’s hand. I had forgotten how loud she can scream and how fast she can run. If it was a killer bee she would have left us in the dust to fend for ourselves.

Montana 047

We have turned into major wimps over the last couple years. We used to live in Arizona and run bare foot through the cactus filled dessert and hike with Mom in the desert heat.

Well, we made it to the bottom of this hill and decided to turn back. However, Meg and I couldn’t resist finding out what was just over the top of that hill.

We got adventurous.

We got off the trail and hiked our behinds up to the top.

Montana 067

We were so close and Meg couldn’t wait any longer. She had to run for it!

I sang “The hills are alive…with the sound of music”.

Montana 058

It was beautiful! My picture doesn't really do it justice. 

Montana 059 

Then we returned to our hiking party and told them stories of our adventure. Like how we had to use our Bear Grills techniques to survive. And how I was prepared to build a stretcher out of sticks to carry Meg down had she broken her ankle. It was a pretty intense 15 minutes.

Later that night we were watching a show on animal planet about people getting attacked by wild animals. Thank you Jesus for not letting a bear or mountain lion eat us!


25 Jun

Mom and us girls just got back yesterday from a road trip to Montana.

It was a girl trip…with lots of eating and shopping.

Montana 017

A boy did crash our party. We put him to work real fast as our tour guide.

Montana 033

He took us to the Big Dipper. I had a scoop of Mexican chocolate and huckleberry. Good stuff.

Montana 036 Montana 030 Montana 031

We also got hot dogs from a corner stand. My sisters thought it was important to document me getting mustard in my hair.

Don’t you just love sisters?

Montana 011

There are no sales tax in Montana. Gotta love it! I was able to restrain myself and only bought two things. I love both of them!

A set of four pasta plates. Each with a different design and recipe. Tasha has a set of pasta plates that I love so when I saw these I couldn’t resist.

montana 015

This is my new infinity scarf. I love it…husb laughed at it. It’s perfect.

montana 008

strawberries and broccoli

19 Jun

We did some more harvesting from the garden last weekend.

What do you do when you have lots of strawberries?


Make jam! The canned and freezer type.


Some of the broccoli was ready too.


Mike really likes broccoli!


Husb was looking all cute out there weeding.


Meanwhile, I hid in the peas.


Then Serena yelled at me and I had to get back to work.


Just kidding…Mike and Serena are very patient with me. They only laugh instead of throw rocks when I say

“the flowers on the peas look like…OOOOHHHH…sweet peas…I get it”

I’m learning.

ramen stir fry

17 Jun

That’s what I call it. However, I stole the recipe from Tammy and she calls it Spicy Grilled Steak Stir Fry.

Either way, its yummy and I suggest it. I will for sure be making it again.

I went all French on ya and prepared all the ingredients before hand.


I did change a few things…mostly to use up ingredients that I had on hand and to tailor toward my taste. I don’t have a grill so I just cut up my steak and cooked it up in the pan.

This is the final product.


Mmmmmm…give it a try and let me know what you think. I always say this but no one ever does. I’m serious people…I need me some comments!

key lime pie with out the key

11 Jun

I got the recipe here. Of course I did. How can one woman have so many good recipes? It’s sick!

I didn’t even know I liked key lime pie. Actually, I thought I hated it. Then I saw her pictures and recipe. I needed a taste.


Well, a taste turned into half a pie. Whoops.


Don’t worry…I didn’t eat it all myself. I ate most of it…but not all of it.

It’s easy and very good. Give it a try.

The recipe calls for eagle brand. Who doesn’t love this stuff? I feel like eagle brand is the seventh member of my family. Dad puts it in his magic brownies and Mema puts it in her ice box fruit cake. Husb is convinced the Asian ladies at the Thai restaurants put it in his Thai iced coffee.


We are all about the eagle brand.


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