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callin all my ladies!!!

31 Mar

She is coming to Seattle!
Pioneer Woman is coming!
Actually, she is coming to Lake Forest Park.
Close enough!!

So on April 17th I will be standing in line.
Rain or shine…as if rain would stop us Western Washington girls.
Bring your cookbooks and cameras cause you ladies are coming with me!!

he loves me

25 Mar

Look what husb bought me on Thursday.
Latte bowls.
Love him so much!

beauty products that I love

25 Mar

Esther posted a list of her favorite beauty products.
Then she was sweet enough to ask what products her readers use.
I thought I would be a good friend and show her (and you) what’s in my arsenal.

Lip balm…which I call chapstick…even though I use Burt’s Bees.
I know chapstick is a brand…but I can’t help it.
I also call facial tissue Kleenex and all soda Coke.

Whatever you wanna call it…
I have to have one in my purse, one in my coat pocket,one beside my bed and one in the living room.
It’s a must have at ALL times.

I use Zuzu liquid foundation.
And I love it!
It’s in between a tinted moisturizer and your regular liquid foundation.
I came across it because I was having major allergy issues with cosmetics so I went to the good ol Whole Foods.
They have a ton of makeup there.
Including Zuzu.
They also sell a great mascara called Gabriel that doesn’t send its noxious fumes to attack my eyeballs.
Gabriel Mascara

My dear baby sister got me MAC Mineralize Skin finish for my birthday.
It was for my birthday right G?
If not…you owe me a gift!


I first learned about it from this chick.
I too am in love with it.
As well as the brow set in clear.
Although, I think the mainstream brands at your local Target or Walgreens are just as good.

I love this lotion ladies!

And how sweet is the little tag line…
”a midsummer nights cream”?

And I’ve saved the best for last.


I LOVE BeautiControl cleansing gel.
And the facial scrub.
And the toner.
But I love the Regeneration renewing lotion even more.
My Mom has been a BeautiControl rep for years…so that’s how I came upon them.
I’ve been using them since I was a teen and I’ve never wanted another kind of face wash or moisturizer.
And so you’ll know I’m not just pluggin my Mom’s goods (wow…that could so be taken out of context ;)
i’ll admit I’m not a fan of BeautiControl makeup.
Sorry Mom.
But I do so very much love the Skinlogics line.
I actually hate cleaning my face with anything else.
I get somewhat anxious just thinking about it.
And I’m counting on the Regeneration to keep me looking like a 20 year old till I’m 80.
Check back when I’m 80 for a product review ;)

Those are my products.
Now it’s your turn.
What do you use?

And Mom…will you order me another bottle of Regeneration, face wash, toner and scrub.
As you can see from the trial sizes…I’m running low ;)
Please don’t make me turn to Oil of Olay or Neutrogena!

show us your life – cleaning tips

25 Mar

I’m joining in on the fun at Kelly’s again.
Her topic for this Friday is cleaning tips.

I’d like to introduce you to my cure for the glass shower.
Shaklee’s scour off!
I think it’s meant for cleaning pots and pans.
However, if your like me…by the time you get to cleaning that glass shower door…it’s scarier than a dirty pot or pan!
It works great and lasts forever.
I’ve had this same container for almost 2 years.
Although, I suppose that could mean I just need to clean my shower door more often ;)
I think I’ve recommended them before…but I really do like the Shaklee get clean line.
That microfiber cloth to the left of the picture…it came with the get clean package that husb bought me.
I now understand the wonderfulness of microfiber!
Although, you can pick those up just about anywhere these days.
My last tip…
the  Mr. Clean magic eraser!
I don’t think it exactly goes along well with my hippie get clean products…but it’s awesome nonetheless.
Perfect for getting scuff marks off the wall.

Those are my tips!
If your linking to Kelly’s post let me know so I can take a look at your tips!

spring is here

24 Mar

and this is my lame attempt at spring decor.


Poor little guys.
I also revamped our bedroom decor.

This had nothing to do with spring though.
I’ve been looking or a new bed spread forever.
Finally found this cute one at Target.
And then I had to go back buy a bed skirt which I threw in the washer after I took this picture.
So incase you were worried…it doesn’t look horribly wrinkled anymore.
I am currently looking for two bedside table lamps.
So much harder to find than I thought.
I also want to paint my bed frame and hang pictures on the wall.
Which I’m sure will lead to me painting picture frames.

On a totally different note…
What the heck is going on on Lost?
And how sad were you for Richard?
Is anyone else totally distracted by his natural black eye liner eyes?
And…I started watching Dancing with the Stars for the first time ever.
I’m not big into those types of shows…I don’t watch Idol or any of those others.
I’ll be totally honest and admit that I got sucked in by Kate Gosselin.
I wanted to see her dance.
I know.

daily devotion

23 Mar

I love the idea of daily devotions.
Curling up early in the morning…with my bible, a cute notebook and a cup of coffee.
I can picture it in my mind…and I just love it.

However, I don’t drink coffee, can’t stand getting up early and am not in the habit of reading my bible daily.
There was a time when it was the first thing I did when I woke up.
I wasn’t a morning person then either…but I was disciplined enough to read a chapter before I got out of bed…even if I was groggy and wasn’t comprehending a word.

However, God is very present in my life.
He is awesome that way ;)
I think about him daily and pray to him.
Although, not as much as I used to.
I remember being 13 years old and laying in bed talking to him for hours before I fell asleep.
However, I’m not going to beat myself up about not doing that now.
I feel like that is what I needed to do at 13…talk to him every night after the days events.
He listened and guided.
At 22 I needed to start my day out reading his words…even if I was half asleep.

I read my bible today.
I read about the sheep and the goats.
Matthew 25:31-46
The tears started to well up.
They always do.
In a good way though.
I have been craving his word.
I needed to be reminded of what his purpose is for me at 28.

Thank you Lord for always being there.
Thank you for encouraging me today.
Please help me to do what you ask of me.


18 Mar

Update: PW posted about this very subject today! Check it out.

Laura B…my elementary school friend from back in the day sent me a Facebook message tonight.
She wrote…"I just emailed you something. I thought you’d get a kick out of it."

Did you people know about THIS?
I screamed and then told husb that “my blog world is being turned upside down”.

I don’t even know what I meant by that.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.
Part of me is already driving toward the movie theatre!
Another part of me is mourning the fact that she is no longer exclusively for the blogging world.

I am a ball of emotion over this.
That’s what Pioneer Woman does to me.
Turns me into a ball of emotion…and lets face it…a ball in general.
I’ve been too busy eating homemade donuts and butter filled home cookin to go to the gym ;)

I better stop before this post goes any farther downill ;)

Laura B you are the best!
Thanks for looking out for a sista!

happy birthday husb!

18 Mar

Today is my sweet husbands birthday.
eric 1
He is no longer two years younger than me…
thank goodness ;)
Husb and I met the summer between our Junior and Senior years of high school.
We were friends for about 6 months.
And I say friends lightly…we were friends as much as a teenage boy and teenage girl can be friends.
Then we dated for almost 5 years.
We have been married 4.5 years.
So to say the least…for the last 10 years he has been an important part of my life.
And I love him so very much!
He is the hardest working manI know.
eric 7 
He works hard…but he plays hard.
Which to be frank…scares the living daylights out of me at times.
Especially when he says things like, “I want to get a helmet cam so you can see what we do on our dirt bike trips”.
Um…it’s probably best that I don’t know ;)
eric 3
He is sweet enough to take his wife to the tulip festival year after year.
And even take cheesy pictures in the tulip fields.
eric 4 
Since we’ve been married he has taken me on many trips.
eric 5
Hawaii, Rome, Venice, Florence, Mexico, Moab, Utah.
I had to throw that one in there…we loved Moab.

eric 6

But even after all the exciting things we have been blessed to do together…
he still appreciates a good movie night at home with his wife.

I love you husb!
You are loving, generous, and kind.
A smart ass…but in the most hilarious way,
and you are my husband!
Now come home so I can give you a big smooch!

yummy treats

15 Mar

I’ve found some yummy little treats at Trader Joe’s over the last couple weeks.

These ice cream sandwiches were so good.
And were the perfect size.
I find that lots of the chocolate chip cookie sandwiches are rich and a little too big for my liking.
I can’t believe I’m saying that…but its true.
We devoured them and I haven’t been able to find them at TJ’s since.
Total bummer.
Really good cashews.
I put them on salad and just munched on them through out the day.
The bag in the picture is half empty.

Now…this one is a little lazy.
I know…I could probably buy a whole pomegranate for way cheaper.
But I couldn’t resist.
The convenience factor got to me.
Trader Joes is like Costco or Target to me.
I always leave with something that’s not on my list.

That’s all I got for ya.
Ice cream that you might not be able to find and expensive fruit.
Please forgive me.

Now, to totally switch gear…did you guys read this?
Am I the only one that teared up?
As if I didn’t love her enough already!

we did it!

15 Mar

Casino Road Ministries successfully hosted it’s first auction!
It was a lot of work.
A lot of planning.
We were all buzzing around like crazy people.
However, it was totally a blast.
I can only speak for myself (although I think the team will agree), it was a lot of fun!
Vern Fonk was our auctioneer for goodness sakes.
I was on the edge of my seat during the live auction.
And at times I had to remind myself I wasn’t at a football game…and didn’t necessarily need to be hooting and hollering so much ;)
Guests were super generous and we will be sending plenty of kids to camp this summer!

The table below is full of my peeps.
And Kim in the background drinking water.
Kim and I partook in a video interview to be shown at the auction.
When it came on we both hide behind the booth and held onto one another.
It’s how we chose to face our fears.


I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of the amazing dessert spread.
Sweet Nakena did an amazing job…and made the most delish bite sized desserts that were passed around butler style.
Are we fancy or what?
I also talked these sweet friends into being our slaves for the day.

I found out that if you rope your friends into helping you hardly have to do anything.
At least if you have these kind of friends.
They are amazingly efficient and helpful.
And they stay late.
Even when I forget to feed them dinner.

There was only one bump in the road.
Well, two if you count me forgetting to pick Kim up.
me: “hello”
kim: “are you coming to pick me up?”
me: “yep…I’m on my way”…CRAP!
Don’t worry…I got her and made it back in time.
The real bump in the road was this.
I didn’t win :(
There was a bidding war for this one people.
First between me and my Dad.
Then someone else came and out bid us both.
We fought back…but lost in the end.
I thought about abusing my powers as part of the auction committee.
Ya know…look up who won it and tp their house.
I guess that might send the wrong message…representing a Christian youth ministry and all.
It’s okay…there’s always next year.
And about a million Molly Moon trips in between ;)

Thank you God for blessing us with a successful auction.
Thank you for blessing us with generous people
and awesome kids to minister to.
Please keep our eyes on you Lord.
You are amazing!


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