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i am second

26 Jul

You guys remember Anne Rice right?
She wrote Interview with the Vampire.
Well check out this video.
Came across it while catching up on my Flower Patch Farmgirl.
Such a powerful message.
I teared up.
I’m a big baby when it comes to testimonies.
Hope you enjoy it as well.
And I totally have to rent that movie know!

double rainbow

21 Jul

I’m sure by now most everyone with a computer or radio has seen this video or at least heard the audio.
However, incase you haven’t…
allow me to introduce you to Hungrybear9562 and his reaction when seeing a double rainbow.

I laugh every time.
And I so badly want to refer him to Genesis 9:12-17 when he pulls a Charlie Brown and says “what does this mean?”.
And if you have a few more minutes to waste check out this audio tuned version.
It’s catchy in a really weird kind of way.

blueberry coffee cake

20 Jul

I highly recommend this Blueberry Coffee Cake recipe.
If possible…allow your butter, cream cheese and eggs to come to room temp.
They mix way easier that way and as much as I hate to say it…
I do think it makes for a better cake.

husbands and wives

19 Jul

If you are married…do you and your husband have bantering back and forth type conversations like this?

Husb says: lets just say hypothetically we lived in an air stream for three years with our identical twin girls then we become billionaires after three years and we own the whole country is it worth it?
Leah says: me, you and twins in an air stream
Husb says: sounds awesome huh?
Leah says: that almost sounds like what hell might be like
Husb says: no
Leah says: i love that you are so crazy and think twins in an airstream trailer is a good idea
Husb says: I think it’s doable… we can park anywhere and have a new yard every day
Leah says: i am ready to give birth this moment just to show you how loud and often a baby cries
Husb says: sometimes our yard will be a beach on the ocean, other times a field in the valley
Leah says: and especially in a confined small space
Husb says: you can take them outside
Leah says: you are the craziest person i know
Husb says: no babe, I’m serious, you don’t even know, we could lower our bills to like 500 a month
Leah says: can i put this conversation on my blog?
Husb says: sure, I bet tons of people would want to be married to me if they knew they got to live in an air stream and every day it was like having a new piece of property ocean, lake, city, valley, mountains, CA, OR, ID, MT, WA, Canada.

I love my Husband millions and think this conversation is hilarious.
For those of you that don’t know us personally…it’s a great description of the types of personalities we have.
Husb…a risk taker and dreamer.
Me…hates change and don’t even get me started on risk.

And while we are on the subject of husbands and wives…
I appreciated this blog post today.
Maybe I shouldn’t say things like “that sounds like what hell might be like”?
Yeah…prob not.
But really…wouldn’t twins in an airstream be a little much?


16 Jul

We had our annual Casino Road Ministries bbq last week.
It’s my favorite out of all our summer field trips.
Everyone was around the fire making s’mores.
Well…almost everyone.
crm bbq 2010 077
These boys…
and melting my heart each and every week.

And incase you’re wondering what had their attention.
The McNeal’s have pigs and the boys got a kick out of them…especially when they figured out they could feed them marshmallows ;)

confetti corn quesadillas

14 Jul

I have been majorly lacking in the cooking inspiration department.
It’s a combination of things…
not having much of an appetite…
only wanting to eat ice cream when I do have an appetite…
all you bloggers only blogging about recipes that require a grill.
We have no grill.

However, I came across this confetti corn quesadilla recipe thanks to this chick.
I made it for dinner last night and it’s a keeper.
You can always throw some meat in it if you are married to one of those types of husbands ;)
Thankfully, husb handles meatless meals pretty well.

And incase you are craving ice cream like me…and don’t live near a Molly Moon…give this recipe a try.
It doesn’t require an ice cream maker.
We don’t have one of those either.
I think I’m holding out until we own a home before we invest in summer cooking equipment like a grill and ice cream maker.
Anyhow…the recipe is pretty good.
I suggest making the chocolate and using Ghirardelli’s unsweetened cocoa powder instead of Hershey's syrup or cocoa.
I think I’ve decided I like the richer flavor of Ghirardelli chocolate.
Blasphemy I know.

If you have any good summer recipes, particularly ones that involve vegetables please leave them in the comments section.
It would really help a sister out!

the day after the fourth

13 Jul

We went to the beach.
Shi Shi Beach.
See that little red circle?
It’s in that area.
You have to go through the Makah Indian Reservation and Twilight territory to get to it.
It was beautiful.
The trail to the beach was about 1.5 miles…I think.
It was an easy but very muddy trail…so when we got to the beach I celebrated my bogs.
034 035
037 038
Okay, I don’t know what I was doing.
Just being crazy.
But Husb snapped me back into reality with a kiss.041045052
This was one side of the beach062
And this was the other side.
Amazing, right?
And look at this teeny, tiny, baby crab.
There were tons of them…and I wanted to take them all home.
I swear…it was a baby crab.

Our next stop was a short drive and quick hike to Cape Flattery.
It’s the farthest northwest point of the contiguous United States.
It was also beautiful.197172173188
I highly suggest these spots for a fun day trip!
It was a great end to the three day weekend.
Thanks for doing all the planning and driving husb!

4th of July

6 Jul

We did it!
Esther, Hannah and I ran our first 5k on the 4th!
And we were faster than we thought!
Hannah finished in just under 30 minutes. 
And kind of makes me sick because she had just come home from a weekend hiking trip in the mountains.
I’m tired just thinking about that combo!
Esther and I made it in at 31 minutes.
Before the race we had decided we wanted to at least finish under 45 minutes and would be really impressed with 35 minutes.
We rocked it!
016 041 042046 
After the race we went to the results board to find our names.
I noticed mine had a different colored sticker than Esthers.
Somehow I ended up in the 40-46 year old age group ;)
Haha…and even then I only got 15th place.
Those 40 year olds are fast!

It was a great way to start the 4th of July!
Esther…thanks for being such a great training/running partner!
Hannah…thanks for finding and inviting us to the perfect race!
Now I’m going to go take some Advil…my legs hurt ;)

Oh…I almost forgot.
We went to a fourth of July picnic at the McNeal’s house and guess what I brought?untitled
                                 (picture courtesy The Pioneer Woman)
Yep…I made me everyone chocolate cobbler!
And it was good!

a cle elum weekend

1 Jul

I know the weekend is almost here again, but I decided I would document last weekend anyway.
We went to Cle Elum with Ty and Tasha.
The boys rode dirt bikes.
And the girls baked
and washed babies. 
and played with wild boys
and laughed when our husbands rode a 3 year olds dirt bike.

How ridiculous looking is that?

And then I made Tasha take a picture of Husb and I because we hardly ever get those.
Then she made fun of me for posing.
But let me tell you…after seeing me in the previous two pictures that were taken…the posing was totally worth it.
And Tash…I realized we don’t pictures of the two of us when we go on these trips.
In the future no one is even going to know that we were friends.

Great weekend, great food, great, warm sunshine.
Thanks Vince and Sue!


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