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the perfect solution

29 Jun

This is what I did with the rake head I got from Farm Chicks.
Totally, totally awesome.
I love it 100%.
Please forgive me for the awesome picture.
I hung this baby up in my closet…and there ain’t no sunshine in that closet.

This old rusty rake head has proven itself to be the perfect solution to my jewelry needs.
I only wish I was cool enough to have thought of it myself.
Thanks Tash.
I considered spray painting it a fun color but for now I’m happy with its rusty self.
I hope to get my chalkboard hung up soon.
Right now I’m looking for a chalk pen…do those exist?
I’m thinking that must be what they use at coffee shops and cafes when writing on those chalkboard menus.
Any ideas where I can find such a thing?

information overload

28 Jun

About an hour ago, when I was vacuuming my house, a million and one things popped into my head that I wanted to tell you guys.
Now, an hour later, they’re all gone.
I know I had been thinking about Real Housewives of New Jersey.
That stirs up all sorts of thoughts right there.

Well, until I remember what I wanted to tell you…let me share my menu plan for this week.

Monday- Chicken Fajitas w/crunchy lime cabbage ( I didn’t make this last week)
Tuesday – Zucchini Garden Chowder w/ bread husb bought at the farmers market on Sunday
Wednesday – Shrimp burgers w/carrot fries and sauerkraut (we will talk about this sauerkraut soon)
Thursday – Pizza inspired by this girl (zucchini, mushrooms, prob some chicken…not sure what all the toppings will be yet)
Friday – Confetti Corn Quesadillas
Saturday – Dinner out
Sunday – BLT

I remember something!
Husb and I have been diggin Greek food lately.
We’ve had gyro wraps, falafel wraps, falafels on a plate and even falafels in a bag.
You might have noticed the kofta kebabs on the menu last week.
I served them on Naan (in freezer section at Trader Joe’s) with homemade Tzatziki.
You need to make this Tzatziki.
It’s simple and so so good!
I was skeptical.
I had just had tzatziki from a greek restaurant was wasn’t confident I could pull off that same great flavor.
I was wrong.
It rivaled the restaurant.
And just so you know…I didn’t shred the cucumber like it tells you to do in the recipe…I diced it.

And per a readers request I will be following up my menu plan each week…letting you know which meals were great, ok and not worth your time.
(Kristel…do you like how I did that? Dont I sound like a legit blogger? Ha!)
So here we go…on a scale of 1-10…

Tortellini Spinach Bake – I didn’t go into this meal too excited…I thought it looked really unhealthy and I didn’t like the idea of using the processed dried pasta. However, it was very good. We both wanted seconds (maybe even thirds) and it didn’t make me feel like a heifer. It doesn’t have any cream or butter in it…but still has a rich creamy flavor. Also, it’s easy and can be prepared ahead of time.  I give it a 6

Ground Turkey w/ potatoes and spring peas – I used a 75% beef/25% turkey mixture because Turkey can be dry and can cause husbands to be a little sad. Overall, it was tasty, filling and healthy. For reasons I can’t explain…I will prob only make this dish once every 2-3 months…but I think its worth making when your short on time and don’t know what to make for dinner. I give it a 5

Buffalo Chicken Salad – I ran out of hot sauce and therefore this didn’t have the flavor that it should have had. Husb liked this meal. It was tasty but I think it’s annoying and messy to eat. I give it a 4

Persian Turkey Kofta Kebabs – Yes, Yes, Yes…make these. I used beef instead of turkey… sorry…we like our beef. Serve them with the Tzatziki linked above and enjoy!  I give it an 8

Chicken fajitas w/ crunchy lime cabbage – I love this dish and it’s a regular in my summer recipe rotation. I know I’ve blogged about it before but can’t seem to find the recipe so I will list it in the recipe section of the blog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, (aside from homemade) the best tortillas are the raw Tortilla Land tortillas they sell at Costco in the refrigerated section. I give it a 10

Man oh man…that was a wordy post.
Are you sick of me yet?
I hope it was informative at least.
Now Im off to watch some boob tube with my honey.
Love ya!

i wish

28 Jun

I wish I was this awesome at doing makeup.
Although, I could do without the fake lashes.

Beware, a very long blog post about recipes and nonsense will be posted today.
As soon as Pinterest decides to work again and I can retrieve a recipe from my board.

new finds

27 Jun

Last week…somehow…I came across these Gap cropped jeans online.

It just so happens that my Pure Barre classes are right across the street from a Gap.
What was a girl to do?
I totally bought them.
And this shirt

I’m showing you the back because they don’t have a picture of the front in this color…
and the back is where all the sass is anyways.
I got both for under $40.
Those jeans were $19.
How awesome is that?
Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
And I’d just like to go on a tangent for a moment.
I am a jeans snob.
No question about it.
I like my expensive…make your booty look good…fit your legs just right jeans.
My middle and high schools years were plagued with ill fitting jeans.
But then one day…I tried on a pair of 7’s and never looked back!
However, I must say…I think the world of jeans is looking much better these days.
My non-designer jean count is now up to two and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Ok moving on…
Moving to California gave me an excuse to add to my wardrobe.
Can you believe people don’t wear head to toe North Face and rain boots here?
I knew I had a problem when, after unpacking my clothes, I looked into my closet and 75% of it was fleece and sweatshirts.
And I’ve been wanting to share with you guys my finds.
Since I’ve ruled out the whole…try them on, pose like a freak, all while begging your husband to take one more picture…you will have to settle for pictures like the one above.

So, here we go…my new finds.
Some new shoes

A pair of Joe’s cropped jeans from Nordstrom Rack…score!
They were only $60 at the rack…similar to these…but much cheaper.

Calvin Klein military green cargo shorts (similar to these…can’t find mine online)

Olive green military style jacket…light weight…and another great deal from Nordstrom Rack.
Similar to this one.

AE Surplus Anorak

Maxi skirt from Nordstrom.

The two shirts I have to go along with the maxi skirt.
One from Nordstrom

the other from Anthropologie

And I LOVE that last shirt.
So comfortable!
And just cute…I love the color.
And it’s even on sale right now…so if your interested now is the time.

And remember my eagle wing shirt from this post?
I got it and this much more flattering shirt at the Farm Chicks show from Spool No.77

This picture is weird and makes it look like it gathers at the bust.
It does not.

So for the most part that is what hangs in my closet right now.
Along side my 1996 Tweedy Bird t-shirt and yoga pants.
Thanks for hanging in there during this highly superficial and self-centered post.
Now I must leave you to make this weeks menu plan, grocery shop and battle allergies.
Yes, they hit me hard again this weekend.

Love ya!

it’s gettin hot in here…so take off all your…

21 Jun

It’s been in the 90’s this week my friends.
And I know its even warmer in most parts of the country…
but remember where I’ve been for the last 14 years?
It just barely got up in the 70’s today back home.
So pretty much I’ve turned into a wimp.
I love the 70 degree weather…80 is doable…but 90?
I’m useless.
And this is why I’m doing piles of laundry as we speak…
it’s 10:28pm and much cooler.

Enough of my fussin…
cause really…
the sunshine and its warmth is a blessing.

Oh wait…I have another complaint.
I miss all the babies.
My friends are having babies left and right.
Another one was born over the weekend.
And the already born ones are getting so big.
I wont even admit that one of them is pushing 5 years old :(
Serena sent me a picture of her little pumpkin.
I about burst every time I walk by the fridge.
And little Genesis hardly resembles the newborn pictures I have up.
Lucy is walking and Suz is obsessed with sparkly girly things all while wearing the cutest baby glasses.
They are killin me!
Friends…I love your babies.

Here is my menu for the week.

Monday – Tortellini Spinach Bake in Creamy Lemon Sauce
Tuesday – Ground Turkey w/ Potatoes and Spring Peas
Wednesday – Buffalo Chicken Salad
Thursday – Persian Turkey Kofta Kebabs w/ Asparagus
Friday – BLT
Saturday – Dinner Out
Sunday –  Chicken fajitas w/ crunchy lime cabbage


the help

17 Jun

I’ve heard people recommend this book over and over and over.

I was never interested.
I didn’t even know what it was about…
for some reason I grouped it in with Eat, Pray, Love and was not interested.

I think I was wrong ;)
I think I will cry in the theatre.



did I just say that?

17 Jun

Hey ya’ll!
It’s Friday!
What are you doing this weekend?
We’ll just be chillaxin around the house…
husb is on call…
making sure your Netflix streaming works wonderfully at all times!

So remember when I listed off  all the projects I had hanging over my head?
Well…I got a number of them done in the past two days!
You guys must motivate me or something.

I sanded and spray painted my sweet kitchen scale.
I also framed my new print.

I’m still deciding if I want to paint the frame or not.

And last…I caved the other night.
I made the s’more cookies that have been circling the blogosphere.

Can I be honest?
I call this…a fat man cookie.
It’s over the top.
Chocolate chip cookie dough, with marshmallows…baked on a graham cracker and topped with a chunk of Hershey’s bar.
Don’t get me wrong…they taste good.
But they scream sugar overload.
I think I’d prefer a chocolate chip cookie or a s’more…just not together.

Did I just say that?
Bad mouth a sugary, chocolate treat?
What a nut!

Ok…Im off to watch another episode of Friday Night Lights.
Or three ;)

Love ya!



a gazillion

15 Jun

Monday – Italian Chicken w/ cauliflower fritters
Tuesday -Taco Lettuce Wraps
Wednesday – Left over taco lettuce wraps
Thursday – Strawberry pancakes (breakfast for dinner)
Friday – Lasagna Rolls
Saturday – Dinner Out
Sunday –  Swedish meatballs w/ side of steamed broccoli

That is my late menu plan.
I’ve been a little lazy about it this week.
Not a ton of inspiration out there right now.
And I’ll even have to do some more grocery shopping to make it work.
Not the best week for the menu plan.

I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights through Netflix streaming.

I remember giving it a try (I liked the movie) when it first aired but gave up after about 10 minutes when the first girl with no pants came on the screen.
Oh Tyra.
Anyhow…this woman loves it…and she doesn’t seem like the watch trashy tv type…so I gave it another try.
I’m hooked.
I don’t love it…but I’m hooked.
Streaming makes it too easy…6 years of a show right there in front of you for the taking.
Do any of you watch it?
I like the husband wife relationship so far.
They are pretty cute and comical.
The high school relationships…not so much.
I’m hoping it gets better with time.
Continue reading

free time

14 Jun

Hi there!
How are ya?
I’m good.
I’ve had a productive day…regardless of what the house looks like ;)
And now I have some free time to chat with ya!
I tried to chat with you last week…but got distracted.
This is what I was gonna say…

Yesterday I layed out in the sun.
I’m now a nice shade of red.
Mission accomplished!

Tonight we are having dinner guests.
Pork tenderloin, homemade mac & cheese and asparagus.
Three things I’ve made a million times…but you never know…having guests seems to change the biology of food and my cooking skills ;)

Update…dinner guests have come and gone and it went well.

All the food is gone so I guess that is a good sign.
Means it wasn’t totally disgusting or either our guest were extremely thoughtful.
I’m not sure I will ever get to the point of confidence like Pioneer Woman…saying things like “make this dish…its amazing and will cause your neighbors to fall in love with you”.

See…I did have things to tell you guys.
And I am no longer red…but one step closer to tan.
Or at least one step further away from translucent.
And just so you know…at this point I have little fear of the sun or its damages.
The sun and I have hardly seen one another for 14 years…so we are currently rekindling our relationship.
And I’m into him.

I finally found a pair of brown gladiator style shoes!


They are Birkenstocks…and they are cute and they were super hard to find in my size.
I wore them today and am happy with the style…but look forward to them being broken in.
I think Birkenstocks are a little stiff at first.
But supposedly they get super comfy and are great support.
Am I officially a hippie now?

And guess what else came in the mail today?

My Cinnamon-Orange Market Spice Ice Tea bags!!!
I recommend this tea.
It is delish.
And yes I went out and bought a beverage dispenser.
Ree made me do it.
However, unlike Ree I was cheap and went for the $19.99 plastic beverage dispenser from Costco.
It got much better reviews than the glass ones at Target…another customer even recommended it…she was buying her second one.
Although…I have nothing against Pottery Barn or its beverage dispenser…they can feel free to mail me one if they are offended by my cheap decision ;)

And one last thing before I run to the bathroom…
the two glasses of tea I’ve just comsumed have caught up to me.
I LOVE Pinterest!
It totally kicks butt!
So easy to use and fun to see what your friends are pinning.
Do you have an account?
If so…let me know…lets be friends.
And also, I say it like this “pin interest” and it drives Husb crazy.
I can’t help it…some times my reading comprehension is not the best ;)

Love ya!

farm chicks 2011

9 Jun

Some highlights from my second year at the Farm Chicks show.

Dinner at the Yellow Church Cafe…where I had the most delicious glass of iced tea.
So delicious that I had to run home and order my own.

Breakfast at Chaps.

Hanging with my sweet friends and Momma…and sweet friend’s Momma.
Finding this
Which I did not buy :(
Esther…I know for a fact you were with me when I took this picture…why did you let me walk away?
In her defense…I did make a loud whining noise every time I found some sort of industrial metal box type thing.
And there were many.
She couldn’t have let me buy them all.
But maybe just this one?

Here is my loot.

A chalk board from a real elementary school…swoon.
An adorable retro fan (it works!), loaf pan, jello mold, jelly jar, two sweet pillow cases, cake carrier w/ pound cake pan inside, rake head and Farm Chicks 2010 (my first year at Farm Chicks).
My plans?
Well, I want to hang the chalk board in the kitchen.
Frame the poster and hang it in the kitchen as well.
The Jelly Jar is holding my rings and ear rings.
And that loaf pan and jello mold?

They are doing a fine job organizing my measuring spoons and kitchen gadgets!
I’m in love with that jello mold!

Now the rake head…it was on my list of items to find at the show.
But I will let Tasha explain its purpose before I reveal its new place in my home.
Did you hear that woman? You gotta blog about the rake head…soon!

It was a great weekend.
One that wore me plane out!
Bring on Farm Chicks 2012!


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