european road trip 2012: London

11 Jun

So…I already explained that our adoption plans fell through, then we found out I was pregnant, then “morning sickness” took over my life.
Who wouldn’t plan a 22 day European vacation right?
We assumed going during the first trimester was a great idea.
If only my stomach and hormones had agreed.
Yes, I was sick to my stomach the entire 22 days.
Yes, I had to pee constantly the entire 22 days.
I did not plan an ounce of this trip…the idea of being on a computer made me want to barf.
Not joking.
Use the internet to research great dining spots for our trip?
Don’t make me murder you.
So my husband did it ALL.
He planned the route, booked places to stay, rented the car, everything.
Yes, he is amazing.
Combine a sick wife, driving in seven different countries (one of which drives on the wrong side of the road), finding out that people don’t take European road trips because it’s friggin EXPENSIVE (we are talking tolls, taxes and gas prices people), long hours of driving and crappy detours.
There were times of stress and intense fellowship ;)
However, those stressful times have faded into funny stories and we simply remember having an amazing trip of a lifetime.
I’m so glad we did it!

So where did we go?
We flew United Airlines for 10 hrs to get to London.
Despite my anxiety about being sick on an airplane…it was a great flight.
The first thing we did upon arrival was pick up our rental car and defy logic by driving on the left side of the road.
There might have been a little curb bumping at first ;)

Then we went straight to the town of Windsor and visited Windsor Castle.
I didn’t see her…but the tour guide informed us that the Queen was there!


Did you notice the TkMaxx?
Not to be confused with TjMaxx.
I swear it seemed like the same store. Image

And can I take a minute to share with you the wonderfulness of the Cotswolds?







Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?
A few hours outside of London and you’re in the English countryside of your dreams.
You know…the dreams you get from watching Jane Austin movies.
As aggravating as having a car could be at times…this was one of the things we couldn’t have done without it.
Speaking of our car…let me introduce you to the Chevy Spark


Ridiculous isn’t it?
Not a very comfortable car for my husband to drive all over Europe.
But you know what…it got us where we needed to go and didn’t give us any problems.
Although, it didn’t compete very well against the other cars while on the autobahn…to my husbands dismay.

What we did while in London?

  • The Churchill War Rooms
  • Piccadilly Square at night
  • Buckingham Palace (from the outside)
  • Westminster Abbey (from the outside)
  • Big Ben
  • Parliament (from the outside)
  • St. Pauls Cathedral
  • Ate at St. John restaurant
  • Ate breakfast at the Lantana Cafe…a little scandinavian breakfast spot that the husband LOVED
So that’s London (and the British country side) in a nutshell.
Next on our journey was crossing the english channel via tunnel to get to France.
Which was an experience in itself.
Contrary to popular belief, crossing the channel via tunnel means driving your car onto a train that then takes you into the tunnel and across the channel.
Here’s a little two minute video if your interested in seeing what that experience is like.
(warning: the video is choppy at first from all the bumps but it levels out)

One Response to “european road trip 2012: London”

  1. Amber June 21, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    You are so lucky!! London is one of my top 3 places to visit. I am so glad you guys got to do this before that baby comes. I’m sure you know once that happens…. Dunn dunn dunn dunnn… Did you guys stay at the Dial House? Did you get to stop by the Naked Chef’s house and let him cook you dinner in his outside brick oven? One more time… You are so lucky!!! ;)

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