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good day

23 Oct

Filling out grant application and doing a quick clean of my dirty house. But I got to see this as I drove to Tasha’s house. She lives in the “country”.


The leaves have started to change and its so beautiful! Yes that is a crack in my windshield… got it two weeks after I bought my new car! GRRRR! Those dumb gravel trucks!

We made these at homework club013

So cute! They loved it!

Husb and I went to Red Robin for a late dinner and ended the night by watching Biggest Loser on our DVR. We are crazy like that.

Paprika Chicken Stew with Potato Pierogies

21 Oct

This recipe is from The Rachael Ray Show. I’ve made it twice and its pretty simple and yummy. I made it tonight in a pinch and on the phone. If you make it or have made it let me know what you thought.


weekend wedding

20 Oct

My sister in law got married this weekend. The setting was beautiful. We headed out early on Saturday morning to catch the ferry to Orcas Island. Washington is very special in that is has mountains, waterfalls, and islands! Well, I guess Hawaii does too.

Anyways, our friends Ty and Tasha went with us…unfortunately they didn’t bring their cute toddler! 

A nice guy on the ferry took a picture of all four of us together but it didn’t come out.Whitney's wedding 015

This is where the ceremony was held…so sweet! Mom, this little church reminds me of you…didn’t you always want to get married in a white little church?

 Whitney's wedding 018 

On the way to the reception we snagged a picture of my favorite house on the island! One day I will have a white house with red door and window trim like this one. Thanks for the artistic photo Ty!Whitney's wedding 021

Tasha and I actually thought about sneaking out of the reception hall and down the road to take pictures of all the cute houses and stores. However, we settled for taking pictures off the back deck of the hall.

Whitney's wedding 022

If you are ever in western Washington I highly suggest taking a trip to Orcas Island or Friday Harbor. It’s so refreshing. We also ate at a yummy little place called the Sunflower Cafe but I wasn’t thinking and didn’t take blog pictures…lame! All of my friends are going to think this is silly…but for anyone visiting this blog that has never been on a ferry… this is what the inside looks like.Whitney's wedding 031

The most dramatic thing that took place was when our husbands got yelled at by one of the ferry workers for trying to figure out how the chairs were constructed. Think twice before you hang with us…we are a rough crowd.


16 Oct


  • 2 steaks
  • 4 tbsp steak seasoning ( I recommend Robi’s Darn Good All-Purpose Seasoning)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
  2. If possible take steak out of fridge for about 10 minutes to take the chill off.
  3. Coat each side of steak with 1 tbsp steak seasoning…rub seasoning into steak.
  4. Heat oven safe pan on med-high heat (I do not use non-stick pans…rules about pre-heating non-stick might differ). You want to get the pan nice and hot then pour about 2 tbsp olive oil into it. It will probably start to smoke but don't panic.
  5. Add steaks to pan and allow to braze on each size for about 3 minutes.
  6. Remove pan from heat and place into oven. I use a oven safe thermometer, select med-rare option and cook until done. About 10 minutes.
  7. Let rest for 5 minutes then serve.


steak dinner

16 Oct

This is one of my favorite meals to make. It’s yummy, easy and fast!


Here is my fool proof way to make a steak. This is how I made the asparagus and crushed potatoes.

Blog inspired project…desk skirt

15 Oct

The Nester helped me get over my lack of sewing skills and inspired me to remedy the ugly Ikea desk that came along with my husband.





This is our “home office”. We live in a mother-in-law apartment…fancy name for remodeled downstairs of a split level. Our bed and kitchen are in this same room. That open space you see to the right is our “living room”. It’s small and devoid of storage but its home and I’m working on making it beautiful.


See what I did though? I made a skirt for our desk without sewing. Iron on no-sew tape was my friend. Then I tacked it up with brown satin ribbon. What do you think? Nester are you proud?

Thanks to all of you who are visiting per my invite! Welcome!

My favorite… radio station

14 Oct

I love 97.3 FM (also known as 710 KIRO)! Two years ago we had a really bad wind storm that ended up clobbering our little town.


Told ya!

Our power was out for 10 days and its wasn't until day 4 that we figured out that our gas fireplace and gas water heater still worked. Don't laugh.

Anyhow, when natural disasters happen you turn to AM radio…that’s when we fell in love with KIRO.

They are located in the Seattle area but you can listen to them online.

My favorites are Dori Monson and TBTL. Dori is political commentary and TBTL is pop culture, funny, fun to listen to. Check them out… they crack me up and are one of my favorite things.

Husb even made me a TBTL ringtone last night. Everytime someone calls I dont even want to answer, I like it so much.

Listen to my TBTL Ringtone

If you would like to download this ringtone onto your own phone you can type this address into your phones internet browser;


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