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30 Dec

Last week us girls did some window shopping on 1st street. Well, Eric and Mark came too!

apple pie and icecicles 005

I love that someone built this guy right down town!

apple pie and icecicles 006

The river by my parents house on Christmas day

meg working and jeep 006

The men digging out the trucks on Christmas

meg working and jeep 021 

Husb finally got stuck!

meg working and jeep 014

The snow falling off the roof at Tasha’s parents house. It came off in huge chunks and was super loud.

meg working and jeep 036

Eric and Ty dashing through the snow…and getting stuck of course! They did it three times…with big grins on their faces each time! meg working and jeep 029

The snow has started melting but it left behind some fun memories!

meg’s restaurant

29 Dec

Tonight we went to visit my sister at the new restaurant she is working at. They are opening soon and were having a trial run.

Isn’t she cute in her uniform…and my mom in her shawl!

meg working and jeep 041

Meg hard at work. Also, notice that copper kitchen aid to the right…I WANT IT! It matches my pots and pans!

meg working and jeep 043

Gabby and Blaine

meg working and jeep 044

Husb and I…what a pale couple we are…hopefully it was the lighting!

meg working and jeep 045

I was so stinking focused on the food that I totally forgot to take pictures…every stinkin course! This is how far we got before I remembered…dessert…my mom’s left over fruit tart.

meg working and jeep 047

We had a good time…they can practice on me anytime! Thanks Meggie…so proud of you…even if you hadn’t invited us over for free food!


29 Dec

Another late post…I’m using the same excuse I used for the thanksgiving basket post!

Last month we celebrated my friend Leah’s birthday!

We had fun bowling! I always end up having more fun bowling than I expect. I know it’s cheesy but I like all the glowing lights.

Earlier that day I went to Esther’s for dinner. She made me yummy cheesy potato soup with bread and broccoli. We also watched “This Christmas”. It wasn’t as good as we had expected. We like the Tyler Perry movies best! Thanks Esther!

bowling 040

Fun Night!

thanksgiving baskets

29 Dec

I know this is super late…sorry. I put together the post while in Florida but didn’t have the internet to post them.

The day before Thanksgiving we made food baskets at homework club.

Played a few games too!

This was my last week at club until after our trip. Fun night…a little chaos but fun as always!

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

winter 08 008 

From our home to yours! So thankful for our Lord and Savior and YOU!

tree tour

24 Dec

Crystal did a tree tour and encouraged others to show off their tree. Here is mine!

The second pic is Eric playing with the camera…I think it’s cute!

colonial village ...tree 049 colonial village ...tree 051

My Florida gator to remind me of all my family in Florida.

christmas decor 4 002

Gotta have our starbucks!

christmas decor 4 003

My little mouse ornament that lost an ear last year when I forgot to take him off the tree before I booted it out into the yard! Poor guy.

christmas decor 4 044

All our snowmen…I love the bride and groom couple.

christmas decor 4 007

The 3-D glasses are a Schoonover tradition.

christmas decor 4 008

They turn the lights into little snowmen when you wear them…can you see them?

christmas decor 4 009

My little angel ornament that I was given from my boss when I worked at the daycare years ago.

christmas decor 4 011

Every year my mother in law gets us another ornament from our hallmark collection. I have music boxes…they are so sweet. Husb has snow globes!

christmas decor 4 043 christmas decor 4 020

I think this one is from my mom…so pretty!

christmas decor 4 038

Can’t forget Noah and the Ark!

christmas decor 4 046

The rest of my decorations:

I love a candy jar!

christmas decor 4 023

My Christmas starbucks mugs that husb got me years ago.

christmas decor 4 024

A Christmas picture from Grandma Ila and Frosty’s Farm truck from my mom!

christmas decor 4 027

I love stockings. Was always my favorite part of present opening as a kid.

christmas decor 4 032 christmas decor 4 033

Nutcrackers…the one on the right was a gift from my boss when I worked at International Jewelers. Funny that I worked at a jewelry store.

A light for each window of course!

christmas decor 4 034 christmas decor 4 036

Christmas card wreath courtesy of Mom!

And our reminder of why Christmas is so special! I love our topper!

christmas decor 4 049

Hope this wasn’t too boring!


23 Dec

Cleaned and made a late lunch; homemade mac & cheese from Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious cookbook.

Monday 004

Put on my new rain boots

Monday 006

so that I could help husb pull my car out of the snow. See that smile on his face…

Monday 012

it’s because he is the one that got it stuck! He has way too much fun in this type of weather!

Our road…are you tired of snowy pictures yet?

Monday 020

Then I made the prettiest chocolate chip cookies! If you recall I have a really hard time with chocolate chip cookies…they always taste fine but are never pretty. I have to thank Meg for the recipe and Esther for testing them out and encouraging me to give them a try. Thanks ladies!

The real test is if I can get them to turn out again…I’m good at having beginners luck.

winter 08 023

Overall, a very good Monday!


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