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Banana Crunch Muffins

31 Jan

I made these tonight. They are yummy…a certain someone might have had THREE!

But its ok…bananas and whole wheat times three never hurt anyone.


Give them a try and let me know what you think!

who decided a duvet cover was a good idea?

31 Jan



Every time I clean my sheets I get frustrated with this thing…trying to put the filler back in! And within days it all falls to one side causing an unsightly bed. Why can’t they make cute comforters anymore?

Do they drive anyone else nuts?

keeping track

28 Jan

I mentioned that I was going to do some posts on coupons and budgeting. I don’t really have that many things to share and I’m totally new at using coupons. However, I will just share the few simple things that work for me and you can let me know what works for you!

budget 004

This is the easiest way I have found to keep track of our expenses. I print out a blank Outlook calendar and list the name of the bill and amount on the day they are due. Not that you need an example…but for example…rent is due on the first of each month so I just write Rent-$$$.$$

Since it’s on a calendar it helps me keep track of when I should mail out the few bills I still write checks for and not be surprised by the ones automatically withdrawn from our account. If you choose to use this system I suggest you write EVERYTHING on this calendar. Don’t forget your paycheck, tithe or even holidays expenses and special occasions. Husb’s birthday is in March so up top (near the March 2009) I will list what I expect to spend on him. I’m a visual learner so this works great for me!

I haven’t mentioned food or gas…that’s because I don’t put them on the calendar. So I guess you don’t have to put EVERYTHING on it…but you probably still should. I keep track of those on Mint. It is a free service…don’t worry…we have used them for months and haven’t been scammed. They keep track of all your transactions and even put it in a pie chart for you. Gas fluctuates and there is only so much we can do about it in our budget. Food however is my largest challenge!!!! I have a budgeted amount that I want to stick to but I am pretty lousy at it. More on that later!

I hope this was helpful and not too boring! How do you keep track of your finances?

27 on the 27th…only time i’ll ever be able to say that!

27 Jan

Check out my birthday loot!


I’m still sick as a dog and hardly have a voice! However, my sweet little sisters came by to cheer me up! Meg…thanks for the flowers and soup. Gabby…thanks for neglecting homework to visit your “old” sis!

I GOT POLLYANNA! Husb got it for me…along with a spa day and Eye-Fi. The Eye-Fi automatically downloads any pictures I take on my camera to my computer without me having to do anything. Leave it to him to get me the cool gadgets!

Mom and Dad got me the Paula Deen recipe journal and gift certificate to my favorite junk store the Haystack!!! Can’t wait to use it!

Thanks so much for all the facebook birthday wishes! Love you all very much. Now, back to laying on the couch and watching TV so I’m distracted from wanting to claw my throat out! I hate sore throats!

Hope you had a good January 27th!

it’s snowing again

25 Jan

and I’m still sick😦

Hoping you had a better Sunday!

Go get some…quick!

23 Jan

Months ago June mentioned that the Archer Farms Blueberry Granola with Flax from Target was really good. Ever since that post I have been waiting for it to go on sale. I loved going to Target and seeing all the other Archer Farms products on sale…all except the Blueberry Granola!!!

However, guess what went on sale this week?

food 011

IT IS SO YUMMY! I ate it on top of plain yogurt with a little honey! I felt so healthy…eating flax and blueberries. I’m not even a blueberry eater…don’t like that they burst in your mouth. That shows how good this stuff is.

I recommend it…not sure how much longer it will be on sale. If you have a coupon that would be even better. Don’t even get me started on coupons! I’m thinking of doing a post on my current progress with those little buggers and budgeting. Stay tuned!

Oh Thursday

22 Jan

I know I already posted today…but I really wrote that post yesterday and I feel like venting about my day.

I think I’m coming down with a cold. Yesterday I had the red itchy watery eye…today the sore throat and headache. How come you feel crappy all day while you are out and about and as soon as you get home and in your pajamas you feel almost all better?

I mentor a teenage girl every Thursday…today was a time of “intense fellowship” with her (as Tasha would put it). The final result was positive…good Lord give me strength getting to that point!

Husb is working late tonight so instead of making healthy chili I opted for fast and the fewest dishes. Thanks Krusteaz! Don’t you think that is a weird and kinda gross name for pancake mix?

pancakes and vanessa 020

This is all balanced out by the nice company I had at Starbuck this morning (thanks Lucie!).

I’m off to read blogs and try not to think about last nights episode of Lost that is recorded on our DVR that I can’t watch until Husb gets home! Hope you had a good Thursday.


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