14 Jan

I haven’t given up on blogging…I just haven’t had much to blog about. I tricked you all into thinking I was interesting with all those travel pictures. Yeah…well travel and the holidays are up people! This is all I’ve got!

Husb and I are trying really hard to be purposeful about our spending because we would like to build this.


Isn’t that just the sweetest house…although I have improvements in mind that include white siding, red doors and windows, and a porch swing!

So, to do my part I’ve been dedicating myself to lots of meal planning and preparation. That means making husb breakfast, packed lunch and dinner. No more eating out!  It’s going well so far! Cooking very healthy and we have become regulars at the gym again.

I made Lindsay’s Garden Chowder. It was yummy…although I should have gone lighter on the salt.

random blog 005 

Besides all that cooking…I’ve been watching this.

random blog 006

I just love this family! I like to think I’m one of the original fans…before they were big and on Oprah. But I’m sure a million other people feel the same way.

Tonight is homework club night…so yesterday I got to go craft shopping!

random blog 019

I will TRY to remember to take pictures of the finished project tonight…but you already know I’m a lame blogger…so you wont be too surprised if I don’t right?

Do you guys have any healthy budget friendly recipes you can share?

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