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I love my husband

22 Jan

If I didn’t would I do this?

food 008 

I made dinner earlier in the day and knew I wouldn’t be home until late in the evening. Husb is highly opposed to leftovers (leftovers=anything he has to heat up). These directions help a little😉 He didn’t have to pull it out of the fridge and get grossed out by its congealed state.

To be fair…he does clean the hair out of the shower drain for me…that just grosses me out even typing about it! ICK!

chocolate play dough

21 Jan

I got the idea from her. She is right…it does smell really good.

chocolate playdough 003

I made 14 batches! No…it’s not for Eric and I…it’s for homework club. I’m not worried about the kids eating it either…no sugar…unsweetened cocoa and salt. I might try to get the “brave” older boys to taste test though;)

hot cheetos

15 Jan

So, you know from this post that I love the funny things kids say. Well, thanks to Luke Burbank (from my favorite radio show TBTL) and NPR we have “Hot Cheetos”.

Unfortunately there isn’t a video…oh how I wish there was! I suggest listening to the whole 5 minutes…but if you want to skip to the funniest part go to minute 1:20 and listen.

Obviously, these kids love the hot cheetos…and because of them I do too!

You probably aren’t as big of a nerd as I am…but just incase…you can download that section as your ringtone here.

You might think this is the weirdest post I have written…but I have an excuse.

When I eat hot cheetos I get crazy…I LOVE HOT CHEETOS!

a little too late

15 Jan

My birthday is this month…and husb already bought me gifts. So this list is a little too late! That’s just the way I roll people!

Loving this! I would wear it with some darker leggings though!

urban outfitters

Of course I love these!

This one


or maybe this one

tassel 2

My friend Marissa always calls me a trophy wife…so why not?

Don’t you love this movie?


I have put it on my Christmas list for at least two years…I don’t think anyone takes me serious when I say I want it!!

I’m diggin this too!

tissue holder

My tissues always get all bunched up and the sticky part stops being sticky…drives me nuts! Great solution Crystal!

She made this too. I like the middle one (which isn’t for sale) but I would need a different color.

door hanger

That’s all I can think of right now. This is my problem…people ask me what I want for my birthday and I go blank. In July I will have a list of wants! It must be the pressure!


14 Jan

I haven’t given up on blogging…I just haven’t had much to blog about. I tricked you all into thinking I was interesting with all those travel pictures. Yeah…well travel and the holidays are up people! This is all I’ve got!

Husb and I are trying really hard to be purposeful about our spending because we would like to build this.


Isn’t that just the sweetest house…although I have improvements in mind that include white siding, red doors and windows, and a porch swing!

So, to do my part I’ve been dedicating myself to lots of meal planning and preparation. That means making husb breakfast, packed lunch and dinner. No more eating out!  It’s going well so far! Cooking very healthy and we have become regulars at the gym again.

I made Lindsay’s Garden Chowder. It was yummy…although I should have gone lighter on the salt.

random blog 005 

Besides all that cooking…I’ve been watching this.

random blog 006

I just love this family! I like to think I’m one of the original fans…before they were big and on Oprah. But I’m sure a million other people feel the same way.

Tonight is homework club night…so yesterday I got to go craft shopping!

random blog 019

I will TRY to remember to take pictures of the finished project tonight…but you already know I’m a lame blogger…so you wont be too surprised if I don’t right?

Do you guys have any healthy budget friendly recipes you can share?


9 Jan

Yes…it’s flooding again. I have only had this blog for four months and I feel like I’m writing about flooding every week.

Well…what do we do when natural disasters occur? Go look at them of course!

The Snohomish river

at work with husb 005

My boiled peanut lady’s stand is underwater!

at work with husb 001

All funniness aside…I am sorry for those who had to be evacuated and whose homes are under water. That would be a horrible experience.

I spent two hours at the library helping K edit her argumentative paper for high school. That got my brain pumpin!

Also ended up going to Husb’s office…I don’t know how he talks me into it! It can be very boring. Thankfully, we had just checked the mail and I had these to keep me company.

at work with husb 007

This edition of Country Home is awesome…lots of great pictures and ideas!

Husb working away

at work with husb 014

He just moved into a new office building so I helped him rearrange and unpack.

As a thank you he drew me this sweet picture on his white board.

at work with husb 013

Actually, he said I always have boring backgrounds in my blog pictures and that he would fix that problem by drawing an awesome background picture.

I’m not convinced!

The Herbfarm

8 Jan

Eric and I were blessed with a gift certificate to The Herbfarm. It is listed as the #1 Destination Restaurant in the U.S. and happens to be in our town! They serve a nine course meal…no menu to choose from…you get what they serve.

This scared me a little…as I have been known to be a little picky. However, it was great! I got to pick the month and style of menu we attended…I picked “The Holly and the Ivy” a Christmas theme of course. The atmosphere, food, service all wonderful! The owners explain the background behind the whole restaurant and work along side their employees to serve you during the night. There were even Christmas carolers!

The meal takes about 4-5 hours…we arrived about 6:30pm and left around 11pm. You wouldn’t know it though…it went quickly. We didn’t take that many pictures unfortunately and the ones we have are pretty dark…but you can get a feel for it!

colonial village ...tree 032

This is the main dinning hall where we ate.

colonial village ...tree 001

This isn’t our table…but very similar!

colonial village ...tree 002

Husb eating dessert

colonial village ...tree 008

Bittersweet chocolate and malted milk chocolate terrine with eggnog ice cream and Douglas fir porter sauce. No, I didn’t memorize it…they let us take home the menu! It was very yummy!

All the portions were small like this…but sure did fill you up after 9 courses…I was stuffed!  colonial village ...tree 007

Husb bought me the cookbook…a sweet reminder of this special occasion.

cookbook 004

A very fun and memorable dinner. It isn’t cheap but I recommend visiting if you have the opportunity.


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