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decorate those magazine holders

25 Feb

I bought mine at Ikea a while back. I am so not into the cardboard ones…wood is much better.

However, they aren’t very festive…so scrapbook paper to the rescue

and glue, pencil, scissors, paint brush or paper towel.


There are some air bubbles…but you cant see them on film or on the book shelf. Just try and make sure you get the glue nice and smooth before putting the paper on and then use a dishtowel to get any air bubbles out.


Yay…one less thing on my to do list!


24 Feb

Today I bought a bunch of stuff

in bulk



These two are for homework club tomorrow. We are making wind chimes…don’t you wish you came to homework club?

Hopefully I remember to take pictures of the kids painting.



Don’t you appreciate my random pictures?

Right now I just want to watch The Real Desperate Housewives of Orange County and New York

but our cable is broken



22 Feb

Finally I can tell you about the scrabble tile necklaces I made! T and I made them as Christmas gifts to family and friends. I didn’t want to blog about them until I had given them to their owners…yeah, yeah…I was still giving Christmas presents in January.

So…I got the idea from Chris. This is the direct link to the directions. Isn’t that the cutest idea. They are easy and turned out pretty good I think.

I bought a scrabble game at a thrift store for $3. The Diamond glaze was hard to come by…ended up getting a brand called Glossy Accents from Ben Franklin (local craft store). T ordered the Small Aanraku Jewelry Bails off eBay. We couldn’t find them at ANY craft or bead store. The bails are the perfect touch although they are small so it is a little tricky finding a necklace that can fit through.

I wish I had taken pictures of all the ones we made! However, all I have is the pics of the one I made last night…for myself:)

and the one I made for myself back in December…such sweet little birds.

I gave them as a gift to K’s sisters who are in middle school. Wasn’t sure that they would like them. The loved them…although you know what they did. They wore them backwards…with the scrabble letter showing! Hilarious…I never would have thought. Keep that in mind if you make them for the youngins😉


21 Feb

I forgot to show you guys the pizza my Dad made.


Pretty nice, huh? I have no recipe but if you really wanted one I’m sure my dad would be happy to write it down for me…right Dad…hehe.

He made those last Sunday and then we watched two movies that were filmed in Moab, Utah to remind us of our trip. That was also the day my head was pounding and I came home from my parents house at 6pm and went straight to bed. Didn’t get up till 10am the next morning. ICK!

However, today I made something simple and yummy. Husb has been working late and his team at work has been ordering dinner each night. So, I haven’t been making big meals…just scrounging around…PB&J…that type of thing. I did some more scrounging today and came up with a yummy bean burrito!

Heat up and mash a can of black beans


Then throw in some canned diced tomatoes (I had half a can left over from another meal in the fridge)


Add some cumin, onion powder, salt, pepper, cilantro…anything tacoish and yummy.


Put it on a tortilla…I recommend these. Add some cheese (I used pepper jack), lettuce and sour cream. Good stuff. Sorry I don't have a final picture…I was hungry.

random Friday

20 Feb

I’m feeling much better today! For the first time since last week I feel “well”. So I decided to organize the storage closet.

Then I got discouraged and decided to organize the clothes closet. While doing that I had some thoughts!

I love jeans. I do! Nothing like a pair of well made, make your butt look cute pair of jeans! Hudson is my favorite brand right now.


I like iceberg lettuce. It gets a bad rap cause it isn’t as “healthy” as the other lettuces. It’s STILL a vegetable…it’s NOT bad for you! It’s so darn nice and crunchy…I just love it!


This stuff is GOOD! I had it for the first time last night…then went to the store and bought my own bag. Finished it off today. Obviously, my appetite is coming back.

The deer were out enjoying the sun today. I think they were annoyed that I was disturbing them by taking out the trash.


Just thought I would share. Hope you are having a good Friday!

green smoothie

18 Feb

I’ve tried them before…without much luck. This one was an improvement.


It does taste like a creamsicle…with a little funk. My immune system needed it tho. I used frozen spinach instead of fresh…that’s why hers is much greener than mine.

If you give it a try let me know what you think.

take some time to listen

17 Feb

I want to suggest some audio for you guys! Mars Hill is a local church in our area and they make their sermons available online.

Pastor Mark is a great speaker and husb and I have gotten a lot out of the particular series The Peasant Princess. I HIGHLY suggest it to everyone: single, married, parents, Christian, non-Christian, etc.

I just started their new series Trial: 8 witnesses from 1&2 Peter…I’m recommending it too! I’d love it if you would join me!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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