happy Easter

12 Apr

I hope you all had a great day! I am just very thankful for my Lord and Savior this week. I think I appreciate the meaning of our Christian holidays more as I get older.

A few quick pictures of our Easter.

Mom making greens


I was making dipping sauce for our bread. But I look like a character out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding…Opa!


Don’t you love that I’m wearing sweats and no make up or wedding ring. I know…what a mess! I just want to let all the women out there know to beware of facials. I had one almost two weeks ago and am still getting over a major breakout! What the heck!

The men talking about pirates and guns.


My sisters were over too…but they got here after I had put the camera down.

I made my Mema’s sour cream pound cake!


Mmmm…the yummy golden top is the best part! I made chocolate ganache and lemon icing to go on it. Not together of course. Gab and I had chocolate. Mom, Meg and Husb had lemon. And Dad…well he prefers his pound cake naked. We are a demanding bunch!

Dad brought lamb. I’m not a fan…but I did taste it and it was pretty tasty.


Well, like I said…I didn’t get any pics of the girls cause I put the camera down and forgot to pick it up again. Because of this I also didn’t get any pictures of the ham I made or any of the yummy veggies! Such is life.

He is Risen!

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