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11 Jun

The baby of the family graduated from high school last Saturday.


So weird. Way to make me feel old Gabby!

I love you…congratulations…you conquered high school and your first two years of college. High five!

You look adorable in your cap and gown…even though you were a brat and didn’t wear your cap for the pictures. And…even though you should have been wearing blue and silver instead of black and orange! I forgive you for ditching SVEC.

Why has this blog been about you so much lately…jeeze!

Love you!

a shoppin day

8 Jun

Tasha, Kristel and I went shopping this weekend while the men were riding…you guessed it…dirt bikes.

I swear they are taking over our lives.



Anyhow, us girls went to Ikea. I spent all of $9 (about $18 if you count my meatball lunch) but got this cute little white bowl.


Then we headed to the outlet malls to pick up this little fella.


While we waited for him we browsed Gap Outlet. I wasn’t very hopeful about finding anything as I was at another Gap Outlet last week and didn’t find much. Well boy was I wrong. My problem last time? I was missing my personal shoppers! Some how the girls got it in their minds that they needed to pick some things out for me. It was like being attacked my Stacy and Clinton…but without the $5,000. Bummer.

I tried on twenty million cardigans last week by myself and didn’t like any of them. What did the girls find…of course…the perfect cardigan. On top of that the cutest pair of Capri’s. I got a whole outfit with these ladies. I think I could get used to this type of treatment.


Kristel…today I wore a black dress and thought “I wish I had this cardigan in a bright color”. You wanna strangle me yet?

bunch of crazies

7 Jun

For the last couple years husb and I have gone to The Street of Dreams. It’s a luxury home tour that builds these million dollar homes and then decorates them beautifully. For $10 you get to walk through all the homes they build…through each and every room. We always have a lot of fun.

So, you can imagine how sad we were when we heard on the news that arsonists torched a couple of the homes last year. Idiots! All that work and all those nice materials and furnishings up in smoke. Which I’m sure was very good for the environment, right?

Well, since the homes aren’t very far from our home we decided to finally drive over and take a peek at the damage.


Don’t worry we didn’t catch any anarchists' in the act. It was just some teenage boy burning stuff in a barrel. No clue why.

The new construction is where the house used to sit. The only thing that didn’t burn was the garage. I’m pretty sure they stopped rebuilding. The two lots that burnt are for sale.



Poor sad little community. Not the most riveting pictures…but it’s a gated community and I didn’t want to snoop too much. Especially since they have been so violated in the past. There hasn’t been a Street of Dreams tour since. Probably a combination of the economy and the jerks that decided it was a good idea to burn the homes.

Not sure why I decided to share this. Just one of those random things husb and I decided to check out while driving around in the afternoon warmth. 

oh, no you didn’t

6 Jun

oh yes we did! We went to Sonic!


If you live ANYWHERE ELSE in the United States this doesn’t seem blog worthy. However, Sonic is a new thing to our state. This Sonic is the closest to our home and is still over and hour away.

However, we didn’t make the long trek just for Sonic. Our goal was to buy husb a new dirt bike. It just so happens we were headed in the right direction for chili cheese tots and a large mango limeade.

If a girl has to be in the Moto van for multiple hours the least you can do is get her a mango limeade. T knows what I’m talking about!


Yes, this is the drive-thru line during lunch time at Sonic. Reminds me of when husb and I went to the opening of Krispy Kreme a couple years ago. We waiting in line for almost two hours for warm glazed donuts. Was totally worth it! We decided to exit the car this time and eat on the sonic patio.


Before we stopped for lunch we attempted to get the dirt bike but it didn’t work out. Poor husb was bummed. I told him I was taking a picture of our sad faces. He has the cutest sad face I’ve ever seen! See, no one can be too sad when your slurping on sonic beverage goodness.


After lunch, circumstances changed and husb was able to pick up the bike. Never have you seen a man more happy than when he is about to get a dirt bike.

It was a good day.

ladies tea

5 Jun

If you ever get a chance to attend one…GO! I’ve had the pleasure of attending three and this third time I was blessed to co-host a table with Tasha.

The tea was held at Tasha’s church.


Isn’t it precious? Well, it’s kinda falling apart…so all the real church activity goes on in the not so precious 70’s style newer church.

We had a country theme going on at our table. Not to toot our own horn (isn’t that a weird expression?), but a lady came up to Tasha and told her that our table was very Pottery Barn. Does it get much better than that?

See those tea sandwiches to the left of the picture…I hope they have them in heaven. SO GOOD! We attempted to get the recipe from the lady that makes them. Of course she is a sweet little Grandma who refuses to give you measurements. “Oh, just a little of that and a little of this” she says. Um…yeah right.


I tried so hard to focus on that little heart sugar cube. Obviously not hard enough.


We (and by we I mean Tasha did it as I sat and watched…I’m more of a moral support type person) made chocolate flower suckers and gave potted flowers for favors.


My Mom and I.

Mom…this is a pretty good picture of us right? Our eyes are open…what are the chances?


Tasha doing the final touches. This is the only full table shot I took! I have no clue why I took full table pictures of every other table except ours.


It was a fun morning. We filled our bellies with good food, were entertained with singing, learned how to arrange flowers and listened as the speaker spoke from her heart.

Thanks for the invite Tasha!

farmers market

4 Jun

It’s that time of year again. Husb and I love the farmers market. You would think all the fresh produce and flowers would be the thing that draws us. Nope we’re in it for the donuts.

See the black arrow? That is George and he owns a bakery and is at the market every year. DSC_0051

We love the bakery but I gotta tell you, they are a grumpy bunch! My donut purchase went something like this…

me: Hi…I’ll take one of the twists.

Mrs. George: Actually that’s an almond twist crunch (I’m paraphrasing…I don’t remember her technical name for it)

me: Oh, well that sounds good. You guys don’t have any maple bars today? (that’s all husb wants…ever…George’s maple bars)

Mrs. George then turns to Mr. George and says “is that okay?”. Mr. George then makes some kind of grunting noise and motion. At this point I don’t know what’s going on.

Then Mrs. George uncovers a pink donut box hidden in the back and pulls out a maple bar. She puts it in the bag with my twist and quotes me my price. All the while looking like I did something horrible. I thought they were in the donut selling business…I’m totally confused!

They are kinda like the soup Nazi from Seinfeld. However, it doesn’t matter. We are hooked and as long as they keep supplying we will keep coming.

Here is the produce and flowers I was talking about.



I bought some asparagus, cilantro and broccoli.


I also treated myself to some peonies and poppy’s. Love them!



Anyone want to go to the market with me next week? I might need back up when I go in for the donuts.


4 Jun

Husb and I had a “moment of intense fellowship” this morning.

As he was getting ready for work he turned to me and said “have you not been doing laundry or something”.

Um…excuse me?

He then proceeded to explain how frustrating not having any clean socks was.

I’d like to enter the following picture into evidence.


No, your eyes aren’t fooling you. That is a picture of 14 pairs of socks. Yes, they were all in his sock drawer. Including a 15th pair that he ended up wearing.

He went on to explain that he doesn’t like the above socks. This however, is not surprising. He does the same things with his t-shirts. He has a select few that he would prefer to wear all the time. Meaning there needs to be a constant flow of laundry going for a handful of clothes.

As I point out this craziness he laughs… he thinks he is quite hilarious.

And they say women are complicated.


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