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i love it!

30 Oct


a wedding shower

28 Oct

for Esther!
We served her favorite foods.
It was an interesting mix…ha!
And since I had sugar overload last week and am still getting over the consequential cold I didn’t get to eat one single sugary snack.
It was torture!

I love peanut butter cups

esthers shower 002 

and pound cake

esthers shower 003 

and lemon coconut frosted cupcakes.
Feel sorry for me yet?

esthers shower 005

We played some bridal bingo.

esthers shower 036

And Esther opened lots of gifts!
My favorite was watching her open the Tastebook we all made for her!
I’m stealing those recipes by the way.

esthers shower 050

And I made her this Bride to Be banner.
I had to show you a picture of it hanging on my mantle because I hung it in a dumb way at the shower…making it less cute.
Then I realized on the way home the club house where we had the shower had a fireplace and mantle.
See how sugar messes with my brain!


I love you Esther!


23 Oct

Upright Candy Corn

I ate too much candy corn last night.
I woke up with a swollen, sore throat and plugged head.
This has happen before…
chocolate chips cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, ice cream.
It’s my own fault.
I’m an adult…I must learn to control my sweet tooth. 
Especially since its fall and the flu is circulating and I spend plenty of time with germy children and I’m going on a missions trip soon.

So far I’ve taken wellness formula, goldenseal, and Echinacea tea.
But I think the laying in bed and watching six episodes of Torkelsons on YouTube is the most comforting.

Hope your having a good Friday night.
Watch out for that candy corn!

hi friends!

22 Oct

I’ve missed you!
I have some random things I want to talk about.
One…I’m crushing on this dress.
Do you think I could pull it off?
I’ve never done an animal print.

And…did you read Pioneer Woman’s blog post today?
She is going to be on the Bonnie Hunt Show!
I’m happy for her…but you know how I get possessive. 
Now the whole worlds gonna know about her.
She is mine!
I only share her with you guys!
I know…don’t worry…God is helping me through my craziness😉

While we are on the topic of Pioneer Woman…
let me share with you this recipe of hers.
Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes


I really liked it.
And was sad that I was leaving for the weekend and wouldn’t get to enjoy the leftovers.
But soon got over it because I was leaving for the beach.

Here are a few more pics of our last day at Cannon Beach.


We found the sweetest little nail salon.
Where we got pedicures!
My toes are fuchsia pink!
The name of the OPI color was It’s All Greek To Me.
Love it!

Here is Tasha getting her toes all done up.


Check out the belly she’s got on her!
I’m not being mean…SHE IS PREGNANT!
We realized on the trip that I haven’t announced this on the blog yet!
And she is due in December…
and she got her toes painted pink because SHE IS HAVING A GIRL!

Glad I got that all cleared up!

Did I cover enough topics for ya?

a day at the beach

18 Oct

We took our chances


and headed to the beach


It’s a little hard to see but it was really windy and the sand was blowing all around
It felt more like we were in the Sahara than at the beach


This is Haystack rock
Made famous by its leading role in The Goonies



Tasha and I were smart and brought our rain boots for walking on the beach

Then I wasn’t so smart and let the tide get the best of me.



And even worse…the wind blew the water I was pouring out of the boot onto a couple downwind of us.

We loved these beautiful starfish and big anemone


Kristel and I checkin out the marine life



The smaller anemone cluster together on the rocks.
I loved running my hand along them…although I’m not sure they appreciated it.


My partners in crime for the weekend


This sweet newlywed couple


got us thinking about our men


and I wanted to take a romantic pic of me against the sea grass.
It didn’t turn out as I planned.
But dont worry…Tasha was there to capture the moment for you all.


But I forgive her and Kristel for making fun of me


A fun day at the beach.
Don't you wish you could have one of those more often?


17 Oct


well we started it off with breakfast and some worship


Then we hit the town…and the local candy shop😉




I had a really good crab cake from Cranky Sues…and a sparkling green tea root bear.


Cannon Beach is such a cute little town.
Lots of little shops all nestled and tucked away.



Mom…this ones for you!


After exploring downtown we headed to the beach.
I’ll share those pics with you tomorrow…
make sure to come back tho cause we took some good ones…
including a picture of me being assaulted by the ocean!

Hope your having a great weekend!

women’s retreat

16 Oct

that’s where I am.
a women’s retreat at the beach none the less.
but…its the Pacific Northwest so it rained non-stop and was cloudy all day.
pictures of the beach will be taken tomorrow no matter what the weather does.
As for now…check out what we ate tonight…courtesy of Tasha because I was too much of a chicken to get up in front of everyone and take the pics.





yes…I’m stuffed!

Husb…I miss you a lot.
Lets kiss when I get home!
Love you!


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