fried green tomatoes

11 Oct

A couple weeks ago Tasha gave me some green tomatoes to fry up.
Then I waited too long and they turned red.
So, as any good friend would do, she had pity on me and gave me a few more.
 craigslist crock 021

craigslist crock 030

craigslist crock 037

I got the recipe from my Joy of Cooking book.
Honestly, it’s not the best recipe.
I’ve made better.
I say that…but we emptied the plate within a few minutes😉
They recommend cutting them into 1/2” slices.
I recommend thin slices…that way they really crisp up well when fried.
The batter could also use a little hot sauce.
I’ll try to dig out my other friend green tomato recipe and try again.
If you have a favorite recipe pass it along!

Last…make sure to get in on my giveaway if you haven’t already.
I’m naming the winner on Tuesday!

One Response to “fried green tomatoes”

  1. Leah Hoover October 11, 2009 at 8:23 pm #

    Never tried em.

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