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31 Dec

hall – e- lu-jah!!!!!

I found the camera chargers!
Yesterday was a great day.
First, I found the dirt bike title that has been missing for months.
Then, I decided to check the jeep for the camera chargers…
even though husb said he looked and that they weren’t in there.
I had the feeling I should check anyways.

Now, let me tell you something about my husband.
When he says something he says it with all certainty.
Not “oh yeah, I kinda looked and I don’t think they are in there”.
Well, you get one guess.
Where do you think they were?


That my friends is the middle console of the jeep.
And yep…those are the camera chargers!
It took me exactly 2 seconds to find them once I opened the jeep door.

Now, before you go feeling sorry for him and getting mad at me for making fun of him on my blog…
let me explain that he was outside loading stuff into the jeep as I found the chargers.
He got a huge grin on his face…starting laughing and then told me I had to blog about this.

He has a great sense of humor and the best smile when he realizes he has been found out.
It’s just one of the million things I love about him.

have you seen this show?

29 Dec

Ha…oh my.
That little boy…trying to tell his teacher something funny he did
Cracks me up every time.
Totally something a little kid would do.

Also, I came across this blog yesterday.
I thought I’d share for those of you who love a good farmhouse remodel.

Yep, still trying to find my camera chargers.

don’t give up on me

28 Dec

I have pictures of Christmas celebrations to share with you!
But I cant!
I have lost BOTH my camera chargers!
Not even kidding.
Both of them!

Until I find them I can’t transfer the pictures onto my computer.
I hate to blog without pictures.
You know that right?
I feel sad for you right now…
not that my photography skills are so amazing…
but a post with out pictures.

So, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.
I will hunt for them more tonight and tomorrow
and if all else fails buy two battery chargers for BOTH my Nikons.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!
I wanna know what you got so if you feel so inclined please share!
It would make me a little less grumpy about
ya know
my current camera problems😉

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Free Religious Christmas Clipart

I love this picture.
I can imagine angels being very interested in this little baby!
Hope you are all having a great day.
Remember to tell our Lord and Savior Happy Birthday!

happy birthday hannah

23 Dec

Okay…so this was suppose to publish on December 23rd.
Cause that’s Hannah’s Birthday.
The other day I was scrolling through the blog and realized it hadn’t published.
However, when I went to typepad it seemed like it was published.
Husb to the rescue.
I forgot to mark the category and well…
it hadn’t published because of it.
I tend to do these type of things.
Like when the camera isn’t working and I think it’s broken but in reality I just forgot to put the memory card in.
Hannah I’m sorry.
I WAS thinking of you on your Birthday tho!
Below is the post that should have been.

dress 1

That’s Hannah…holding my train.
I love this picture.
Well, today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday Hannah!
I love ya!
Hope you had a great day.

For a way better birthday post devoted to Hannah…
that includes a cute childhood picture…
shoot on over to this blog!
And then shoot on over to Hannah’s blog and give her some birthday love!

hi friends

23 Dec

How is your stress level so far?
Are any of you still shopping for presents?
Are you guys like me and even tho you went to three different grocery stores today you still need to go to one more cause you forgot something?

Speaking of Christmas…
I forgot to show you my new Nativity Set.

I got it a couple weeks ago from here.
Until now I didn’t even have a nativity set.

In other news…
My sister and I had the following conversation the other day.

me: Hey Meg…what are you doing?
meg: Shopping for Mom. I’m in Bellevue.
me: Oh! I’m at Bellesquare!
meg: Oh yeah. I’m just leaving the Bravern.
me: what the heck are you buying at the Bravern?
meg: Shopping for mom.
me: What the heck are you buying for Mom at the Bravern?
(The Bravern is the new fancy pants shopping center in our area. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Jimmy Cho, David Barton Gym, you get the picture)
meg starts to stutter and sound like she is trying to hide something.
me: oh, are you getting her something from Anthropologie?
meg: um….yeah. Yeah I am.
Then she starts to laugh and then laugh some more.
me: What????
meg: why do you have to ask me what I’m doing!!!!
Then I realize what is going on!
me: OH! Are you maybe getting something special from Anthropologie for someone who might be your big sister?
She just continues to giggle.

I love Anthropologie…and depending on what I get I might love my little sister😉
Funny thing is…my Mom had a similar conversation with her today.
Mom might know where her Christmas gift is from.
Meg…you might want to consider not answering your phone.
Obviously we can sense your present buying powers!

Also, completely unrelated…


I like this house.
I made many a wrong turn in order to find it the other day.
The people that own it and I need to have a talk.
A talk about what color bow they should use when they give it to me as a Christmas present😉

Happy Birthday Mom

21 Dec

DSC_0030 I love you!
I really have no idea how old you are today!
Do you?
I tried to find a pictures where yours eyes are closed but couldn’t😉
Some how they must have all gotten deleted….hmmmm.
I love you anyways…
You are the best Mom and I’m glad your mine.



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