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sunday night

31 Jan

I’m sitting in my flannel Pajamagram pants…courtesy of my sweet father.
He sent us girls a Pajamagram a few years ago for Valentines day.
It really is the perfect gift!
I’ve paired them with my Florida Gators t-shirt…courtesy of my Aunt Anna!
Thanks Aunt Anna…love you!

I’m sipping my vinegar tea (felt a tinge of a cold coming on) and watching Masterpiece Theatre.
It’s my new obsession.
I always thought Masterpiece Theatre was boring and for old people.
Well…I’m 28 now and I’ve accepted Masterpiece Theatre into my life.
A couple weeks ago it was Return to Cranford and tonight it’s Emma.
I’m excited for Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.
So as you can see I’m quit boring tonight.
So let me entertain you with a trip down memory lane.
old 2 Yep…that’s husb and I.
17 and 18 years old.
Senior year of high school.
Oh my.
We look so happy…we had so much fun.
What a cutie he is.
See his shoes?
He wore the same kind on our wedding day.
Now…my shoes.
Well…I wish someone would have told me to get a shorter pair.
Come on…that dress is ridiculously short.
High water dress anyone?
And what’s up with my hair?
Despite all that…great memories!
Ty and Tasha were with us that night.
Tasha and I had not realized our friendship potential yet😉
I’ll have to scan and share the pic of the four of us.
I’m sure Tash can’t wait😉
Gotta love this picture.
Me and my Lunstrum girls…Hannah, Leah, and Esther.
We are hanging out in Barry’s parents basement.
Even back then I couldn’t take a pic without closing my eyes.
Those were good times.
Esther…do you notice the jacket?
Mom…is that jacket still in the coat closet?

Well…now you’ve peered into my life as a teenager.
And now that I know how to scan pictures…I might even get brave and post a few of my middle school years.
Depends on what mood I’m in.
They aren’t pretty😉

One last thing.
I linked to it above…but wanna point out that my dear Leah has a blog!
You know I love to share my friends blogs with ya!
She is such a sweet woman and even though she just started her blog…well…she is pretty much blowing me out of the water.
It’s a fun read and she always has lots going on.
I guess not everyone’s lives revolve around Masterpiece Theatre and pajamas;)


25 Jan

We are baby/house sitting this week.
They aren’t really babies tho.
They are 16,12,8 and 5 years old.
Great kids.
And a dog and a cat.
The dog is the most difficult of them all😉
So my day has revolved around school drop off, pickup, cartoons, and little girl giggles.
Not too bad right!

So even though my day hasn’t been super eventful…
it is for sure an eventful date.
Today is January 25th.
22 years ago God gave me my first little sister.
I wish I had planned ahead and scanned the cutest little kid pics of her.
Oh well.
These pictures do a pretty good job of describing her!

Full of attitude
meg 3 meg 4
Up for a challenge
And even though she drives me crazy…like any good little sister does…she is extremely lovable!

meg 6

Meggie…I love you!
You were my first sister and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.
Even if I may have wished I could when we you killed my bird or broke my glass from the thrift store😉

Happy Birthday! 
I’ll always be your sissy.

a good saturday

23 Jan

Hey Friends!
How was your Saturday?
We had a fun day.

We made a trip to good ol’ Nordstrom so that husb could buy me an early birthday present.
A pair of black Uggs.
Don’t hate.
You know you have a soft spot in your heart for a good pair of Uggs😉
So, we went in to buy them and they were all out.
The entire state of WA is out of black Uggs.
You just know it was some bratty teenage girl that got the last pair😉
I decided against a full blown tantrum…it’s just not the right thing to do when you are in Nordstrom.
Instead I opted for them to order and mail me a pair.

Then we headed out to IKEA!
I could smell those meatballs a mile away!
Not really…that would actually be really gross and would make a trip to IKEA less appealing.
Anyways, my dear friend Tasha will be glad to hear that my trip was very fruitful and EXPENSIVE!
She always gives me a hard time because when we go together I hardly spend a dime.
Well not today baby!
We splurged and bought five white Ingolf bar stools.
After getting back home husb got to work.
Whata man, whata man, whata mighty good man…mighty mighty good man.
Name that girl group😉
(and until now I always thought it was money good man…whoops)
Of course he was allowed a tea break ;) 
I would show you a picture of the finished project but only one is assembled.
I was having issues.
Not sure if I was satisfied with them.
I mean…they are beautiful and I love them.
But I realized after husb put together the first stool that our bar is not as deep as I had expected.
I kept thinking…is this going to be uncomfortable to eat at?
Should I get bar stools without a back?
OMG…did I just waist $70?
I did the most logical thing.
I emailed a fellow blogger.
Sweet Katie Bower came to my rescue and comforted me with the fact that her bar is shallow as well.
She pretty much stuck it to me.
Telling me I had to decide between leaning over the bar when eating or having my bootie sliding off a smaller stool.
I think I’ve decided to go with the leaning😉
Thanks Katie B!

Speaking of fellow bloggers.176 You might recognize these two from my post about Canon Beach.
My friends Tasha and Kristel…
have both jumped into the world of blogging.
You gotta check them out.
Tasha is going to give us all great home decorating advice and Kristel is gonna make us laugh our bums off.
Tasha just had a sweet little baby girl and Kristel is going to have one.
And let me just tell you how brave I am.
Yeah…I went on a mini road trip with two pregnant women…
and survived!
So yeah…go on over and give them some blog love.

And finally to end the day husb and I went to see The Book of Eli.
It definitely isn’t a kid friendly movie.
But is was very good…beautiful in its own way.
I don’t want to give anything away…but I’ll just say it reminded me that I need to be much more diligent in reading my Bible.

Man…I’ve been a chatty Kathy tonight.
Thanks for lending me your ear!
I’m off to eat some Molly Moon balsamic strawberry ice cream.
I have a pint in my freezer.
I may or may not share with my sweet husb😉

i’m still alive

19 Jan

incase you were worried that I had been swallowed up by moving boxes😉
We are in our new place!
I said a sad goodbye to my gas stove.
I loved my gas stove.
It was good to me.

But I said a nice hello to my new walk-in closet and master bathroom!
I’ll give you a tour soon.

I made this for dinner last night…
first meal in our new kitchen.
It was good.
Tonight I made Pioneer Woman chicken pot pie.
Right now I’m waiting for it to cool so I can dig in!
I was going to link you to it…but it’s not on her website.
Only in her cookbook.
If you don’t have her cookbook yet…
you seriously need to order it.
It’s a life saver…and delicious…and man pleasing.

Hope you are all having a good week.
And thanks for not giving up on me and my silly blog😉

Pork Paillards w/ Sour Cream-Paprika Sauce

13 Jan

Pork paillards 001

it’s a mad house around here!

13 Jan


My house is a maze of boxes.
Both packed and partially packed.
And husb and I are both fighting a cold.
Don’t you wanna come over😉

On another note…I would like to introduce you to Husb’s collection.
Yep…it’s a shirt collection.
He keeps his company t-shirts.
One from each company he has worked for.
Weird right?
Although, I guess I have no room to talk.
I have a weird assortment of t-shirts I can’t seem to part with myself.

And there is another Martha Stewart recipe…waiting for ya in the recipe link to the right!
Pork Paillards with Sour Cream-Paprika Sauce.

Yes, I have been serving our dinners on packing boxes.
And, that J.W.Morris wine…was $3.99 from Trader Joes.
Living the life of luxury over here!

Lastly, any thoughts on the whole NBC late night debacle going on?
I can’t be the only one that wants to give Conan a big hug!

nothing much

8 Jan

to share today.
Except that we are having this for dinner tonight
and so far I have 2 boxes packed.

Also, today I was thinking…
I wish you could get in shape just by wearing yoga pants, your gym t-shirt and tennis shoes.
If so…Bob and Jillian would have nothing on me!


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