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mexico 2010, part 2

26 Feb

As I mentioned in my last post, the boys drove supplies down to the studio.
This beast of an espresso machine was one of those supplies.
The boys job was to build a home for it.039

058 063


Thankfully, Natalie found work to keep us girls busy too.


Little sis re-upholstering chairs.
I think it is her hidden talent.


155  Yep…Natalie trusted us with the sewing machine.
God so knew what he was doing when he gave her the art studio.
She is so at home there…and such an encouraging instructor.

Check out our finished product. 
Aren’t they so cute?
We were inspired by her.
Although, I have to admit they are on the girly side.
I like to think they balance out some of the more masculine graffiti.
But I just tell myself that as to not feel guilt over the comments Natalie might get from all the teenage boys that frequent the studio😉
We worked hard…but it was only a matter of time before the goofing off started.
I blame it on all the tacos…they go straight to the hips and then to the brain.

191 185
016 224 
Behold the finished project! 212  
Studio Del Creador’s first coffee bar! 226
A few more fun things we got to do during our trip…
eat breakfast at the most beautiful restaurant.
It was built around huge boulders.
Did you see the boulder behind the fireplace?
And the tree growing out of the floor?
And the chandeliers doubled as wine racks.129 The restaurant had the most amazingly delicious chili rellano…thankfully Ty was willing to share his with me😉
It was also positioned atop a hill so the view of Tecate was great.


I had to stock up on sandigomas so Natalie took me to the coolest candy store.
I left with arms full of candy and the prettiest sprinkles.
I’ll have to make cupcakes or better yet these cookies and then show you.
I had to take a picture of these piñatas.
They were the biggest I have ever seen.
Whenever I see a piñata I think of my 7th birthday.
Sorry Mom…I gotta tell the story.
We had just moved to Arizona from Florida and my Mom was embracing southwestern culture.
She threw me a little party…complete with my first piñata.
I remember all us kids taking a swing at it…totally having a blast.
Then finally the last hit tore the thing apart…
but to our dismay not a single piece of candy spilled out of it.
Mom had missed the most important step in the piñata tradition.
It’s okay Mom…I bet you did it just to make it memorable for me right?
It definitely worked😉
So there you have it…our trip to Mexico.
We worked, then played, then ate, then played and ate even more.
Natalie and Pato were such sweet hosts.
They turned our “missions trip” into a full on vacation.
Hopefully Natalie can keep thinking up projects for us to work on.
We need lots of excuses to come visit her!

mexico 2010

25 Feb

We’re back!
Actually, I’ve been back since Tuesday night.
But…as you will all be very surprised to know…I lost my camera cord.
Shocker right?
Well, God had mercy on me again and it has been found!

I’m super excited to share pictures with you!
Our group consisted of Husb and I, my baby sister Gabby (aka Gretta) and Ty.
We went to Tecate, Mexico…a boarder city about an hour away from Tijuana.
Our goal was to deliver supplies to Natalie for Studio Del Creador, build some sort of coffee bar and visit Natalie and Pato.
We accomplished all three goals!

Before we even got into Mexico I found this.

Haha…cracked me up.
A whole line of Governator products at the airport.

Natalie and the boys met Gretta and I at the airport.
Since husb and Ty drove down…they got were able to stop for a meal at the Nickel Diner.
I made my wishes well know…please bring me a bacon donut!
008  He did🙂
I love them…even if others are slightly disgusted by them😉

Last November, during our first missions trip to Mexico we stayed primarily at the ranch and happily worked our tails off.
This trip was all together different.
We saw much more of Mexico’s boarder cities and how people actually live.
The people are poor, living conditions are not always the best, crime and corruption is a reality.
However, the people are kind and beautiful and Jesus is touching so many lives.


And let me tell you…
they have some AMAZING FOOD!
My personal favorite…the queso taco
Get ready for this.
They take carne asada (chopped up beef cooked in tomato juices) or shrimp, wrap cheese around it, fry it and then place that on a corn or flour tortilla and top it with a special sauce and avocado.
Inspired by God I’m pretty sure.101 That same restaurant also serves these white marinated jalapenos.
Delicious and dangerous.
There were tears😉
My relationship with them ended once I realized they were a community appetizer.
Community meaning previous customers and previous tables had also enjoyed the same bowl of jalapenos.

I also had my first Torta014 and of course we had mulitas. 


On our last night Natalie took us to a really great hot dog joint.
I know…your in Mexico and you get a hot dog?

But the girl knows how and what to eat.
They were giant hot dogs with all the fixins and they definitely hit the spot.
As if the spot needed hitting after all those tacos😉
The boy above is one of Natalie’s art studio kids…Eduardo.
Totally sweet teenage boy who spent his evening driving around with a bunch of crazy white people.
I can only imagine the things going through his head😉
Hopefully he enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed his.

While we are on the subject of food…
let me introduce you to a Mexican grocery store.
The biggest pork rinds I’ve ever seen.106  Mouth watering cheese
and meats104
I love the shape of their soda bottles.
Gabby was feeling opinionated about Coke Zero.
Disclaimer: Coke…I love you. In your Original form that is…if I go to a restaurant and order a coke and they ask if Pepsi is ok…I say no and order a lemonade. So please don’t be offended by this picture.

And I had to take a picture of this.

I think it’s a brilliant idea.
How much easier would it be to place a slice of Philadelphia cream cheese on your bagel than mangling it with a butter knife?
Kraft is totally holding out on us!I promise we did more than eat and take pictures of food.
By the way…I got the funniest looks while taking pictures in the grocery store.
I don’t blame them though…I know I looked crazy.
Especially when taking pictures of the cream cheese sign😉
I’ll share pictures of us working hard tomorrow.
Right now I need to wipe the drool off my chin and figure out how to smuggle in some queso tacos!


19 Feb

Let me introduce you to the saddest little potato around.001

Here is the deal.
Husb left for San Diego early this morning.
Gretta and I fly out to San Diego tomorrow to meet up with husb and then we all go down to Mexico.
We are visiting this chick and her studio!
So anyways, back to the potato.
As I have no husband to cook for tonight, and I have no food in the house, and I don’t feel like fast food, I’ve decided to get Thai food for dinner tonight.
However, I can be cheap at times and can’t justify going to Florida, then Mexico and eating out for lunch and dinner all in the same month.
So I was left to scrounge around in my pantry.
I found a bag of potatoes that have been in there a little too long.
But they were edible.
No one dies from eating a semi soft and slightly wrinkled potato do they?
It did get slightly more wrinkled once I put it in the microwave.
However, I camouflaged him with broccoli and cheese
and he served his purpose.
Holding me over till dinner🙂

On a completely different note…
I think I’m coming to the realization that I need to learn to sew.
I can’t take all these cute tutorials of how to make a belt or a scarf.
Or being able to pull off tricks like this.
You bought a dress that was too short and sewed on extra fabric to make it perfect?
I have a feeling a sewing machine is in my future.
I’m not sure I want this or I’m ready for it?
However, I’m pretty sure it’s inevitable.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post on Thursday as I can relate with the Nester and don’t want to tip off any killers! I will be scarce around here until the middle of next week. I will miss you friends…but I’ll hopefully have lots of fun pictures to share when I get back! Pray that all goes well as we are down there!


17 Feb

I feel like that was yesterdays word of the day.002 We are doing this craft tonight at homework club.
Which means I spent hours stapling paper bags and cutting ribbon so that 60 kids will have something to do when they arrive at club tonight.
And even tho…I thought my head would explode after the 40th bag…I will happily do it all over again next week.
I love those kids…and as long as they keep coming up to me and asking what the craft of the day is I will continue to provide.
Although, I can’t always promise it will be a well thought out craft😉
I’ve been known to make them paint three weeks in a row.
With watercolor non the less.

In other news…our youth ministry is having an auction next month.
Yours truly is responsible for decor!
I know…scary right?
Yesterday I had to bring a sample centerpiece to the auction meeting for everyone to approve.005 It went well.
They were approved.
They really are an easy crowd to please😉

And finally, lets discuss Christmas cactus.
008 This is my new one.
My Mema gave me two cuttings of hers.
One is tangerine and one is lemon.
That is how she described the colors to me…not orange and yellow…tangerine and lemon.
How sweet is that?
You know you are from Florida when you start describing your colors as types of citrus😉
Anyhow, about the Christmas cactus.
I’m going to be honest here…I’m not a fan.
They have beautiful blooms but I just don’t think they are a pretty plant.
I have an issue with having cactus type vegetation in my home.
Maybe it’s those ten years living in Arizona and having one too many cholla spine in my foot.
Laura B you know what I’m talking about!
Anyhow…I am honored that my Mema would share her cactus with me.
And I happily picked out a pot for it, bought it some soil and planted it.
In spite of my aversion so succulents…I do hope it takes root and survives.
Even though thinking about it brings me to tears…I’m under no illusion that Mema will be around forever.
And having her Christmas cactus in my home…blooming each Christmas year after year will be a pretty special thing.

Now if only I had a green thumb;)

happy valentines day

14 Feb

45 minutes till the day is over so I guess I can still say that!
Hope you guys all had a great day…whether you had a valentine or not!
Our day started out pretty normal…church and then home for lunch.
I decided to make husb Pioneer Woman’s doughnuts as a Valentine treat.014

They turned out pretty good…despite the fact that they refused to rise on there own!
She isn’t kidding about them needing a nice warm environment.
I found a good tip in the comments section…
preheat the oven to 250 degrees, turn the oven light on, then turn the oven off.
Place the donuts inside the oven with door cracked.
I did this after about 4 hours of them not rising…it worked.
I also used maple extract instead of vanilla…cause husb loves a good maple glazed donut.
Overall they were pretty good.
They absorbed a little too much oil…might have been an oil temperature problem?
Husb liked them and that’s really all that counts😉

Then we decided to go to a late dinner at The Repp.
However, before leaving for dinner I came across The Great Date Experiment on Katie’s blog.
Husb and I laughed at the first “point” and decided to do it.
We had to kiss at a red light until the car behind us honked and I had to yell out the window “my husband is hot!”.
The picture below is from one of the other “points”…but I’m not going to spill the beans on what the directions were incase some of you want to do it with your spouse.

It was a lot of fun…made us laugh and made for a perfect Valentines Day!
The next date is in March!
I think we are hooked.

florida…a colorful, lawless swamp

13 Feb

quote from last Thursdays Office…totally cracked me up!

We just got back last night from our yearly Florida trip.
The goal was to spend time with my Mema.
Mission accomplished!
It was a very short trip…only two days after flying…so we didn’t get to see everyone.
However, we got to spend plenty of time with this little pest.
Mema’s new puppy…Toby.
He is half German Sheppard, half something else.
He is going to be a BIG dog.
Really sweet and calm for a puppy.
But boy…he doesn’t let you sleep!
He stays inside at night…in a dog crate.
As soon as you go to bed he whines and barks and cries!
Then he does it again about 5am and 7am.
We tried everything.
Took him out to pee, fed him, tried to wear him out during the day, bought him a chew toy, flea meds, EVERYTHING!
We came to the conclusion that he just doesn’t like to be alone.
As long as you are in the room with him he is fine.
But a real cute one😉

Toby wasn’t the only cute baby I got to play with.026

My newest baby cousin…isn’t he a little chunk?
He was a 9 pounder.
Loved those chubby cheeks!

Mema had a seriously huge plate of fried chicken waiting for us Tuesday night when we arrived.
She tried really hard to make us eat it all.
The cutest thing is the coffee she bought for us.
Seattle’s Best😉




I think that tree is just beautiful.
But I can’t help but think of all the redbugs in that moss.
Makes me itch just to think about it.

When visiting Mema we usually make multiple trips to Walmart.
I couldn’t help it…I still had the hair poof on my mind and just had to find some freeze it hair spray.


If only they would let me bring it on the plane!
If you notice to the left all the mega freeze it is sold out.
The girls in the video said to stay away from the mega because it was serious stuff.
Get your poof on Lake City!

It was a good trip…but it’s always good to be home and in your own bed.
Especially when trying to fight off a cold😦

house tour

11 Feb

more like a very quick tour of our rented condo.
I find it very hard to take pictures of this space.
It’s very long and narrow.
I’ve tried twice to take better pics…this is about as good as it gets for now.

Welcome to our kitchen!


There is a laundry room, second bedroom and guest bathroom down the hallway.
I’m still getting them put together.
I’ll have to show them another day.


The living room.
There is a really large window and kitchen to the right of the couch

016 017

Meg, your right…our TV looks dinky on top of the fire place. 

I think this is really a linen closet.
However, the kitchen is just to the right of it…and this new kitchen is smaller than my last one.
A compromise I had to make😉
So I turned this into our pantry.
Excuse the disorganization.
I’ll get to it.

Master bedroom

with a master bathroom


There is a shower…but by this time I was over trying to take pictures of such narrow spaces.
I’ve complained to husb that I need a wide angle lens😉

One of the coolest things about our new place…
a walk in closet!


So there you have it.
Oddly composed pictures of our new space.
It feels much more warm than it comes off in the pictures.
I have work to do though…
like organizing that closet!


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