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25 May

I painted a tree today001
It’s for homework club.
I got the idea from this blog and this blog.
So tomorrow the kids will be making bird houses for it.
I’m not sure how into it they will be.
As far as crafts go…every Wednesday is an experiment to find out what best entertains them.
However, as far as the tree goes…I am proud of myself.
At first I outlined the tree with pencil and tried to make it look exactly like the one online.
However, it just wasn’t working and I could hear my artist friend Natalie whispering for me to just go for it and find the creativity that God put in us all.
It was much more fun after I relaxed and just went for it!
And if any of you have kids craft ideas I’d love to hear them.
We only have four weeks of club left…but I’m running dry on ideas.

And on a totally different note..
husb and I each bought a pair of Toms.

We have had them for about a month now.
I love mine!
They are my new answer to flats.
And husb wears them more than I expected him to.
I recommend them.

Wow…just realized what time it is.
I gotta get my butt on the road for a CRM meeting.
Hope you are all having a good Tuesday!
Love ya!

dear j.j. abrams

24 May

I watched the series finale.
I don’t get it.
Please explain the smoke monster.

However, I can’t be too mad at you…
you brought all the couples back together…
and you gave us Fringe.
We can talk about that one at the next series finale😉

bacon pasta

20 May

About a year or so after we were married…Husb and I took a trip to Italy.
We explored Rome, Florence and Venice.
It was half business, half pleasure.
Whatever…it was Italy…it was all pleasure!

Anyhow, we went to lots of restaurants recommended by Rick Steves.
(I highly recommend his travel books)
One in which husb had some sort of pasta with bacon and pepper.
He loved that pasta.
So when Esther blogged about this recipe I knew I had to make it.
However, in order to better replicate the Italian pasta husb loved so much I also knew I had to make these noodles.
And it hit the spot.
Husb rated it as a 9 out of 10.
I thought it was pretty darn good too.
So worth it to make the pasta noodles.
You can do it…it’s easy…only involves two ingredients.

Thanks for the recipe Esther!

i actually have an excuse this time

19 May

An excuse for not blogging.
I was in Tucson, AZ!
I was, I was!

I went to Mary’s wedding.
You might remember her from this post.
About 12 years ago my family lived in Arizona.
We lived there for 10 years.
And in about 3rd grade I met Mary and we have been friends ever since.
Long distance friends for the most part…but friends nonetheless.
Anyhow, last Friday I flew to Tucson, got a rental car and stayed at a super nice hotel.
I had to be all adult like and do things on my own.
And let me just tell ya…it isn’t as fun as it sounds😉
No, no…things went just fine.
Besides the fact that the trip lasted all of 5 minutes and I didn’t get to enjoy the amazing pool or visit with other friends that I haven’t seen in ages.

But…back to the hotel.

018 It was Starr Pass JW Marriott Resort and Spa.
If you go to that link you will see a way better picture of it…cause I only brought my small point and shoot camera and my pictures don’t do it justice.
It was HUGE.
And had a spa, and a huge gift shop, and multiple restaurants and a Starbucks.
You can’t see it from any of the main roads.
So get off the interstate and drive back into the hills and it kind of leaps out at you.
And has a beautiful fancy pool.
With those cute tent things.
Lots of outdoor seating for lounging and eating and enjoying the warm weather.
Oh yeah…it was in the high 80’s and low 90’s the whole time.
On Saturday…I got into my car to go pick Mary up and had to put my sunglasses on and turn on the AC.
It was 6:30am.
I am such a sissy Washingtonian now.
But I loved every second of the warmth.
Except when the hot car seats were burning my booty😉





Thanks you sweet friend who hooked me up with this hotel.
You will go nameless as I don’t know if it’s ok to share your identity in reference to hotel hookups.
But you know who you are and you know that we have go to go back here together!

As lovely as the hotel was…that is obviously not why I was in Tucson.
This is why I was in Tucson.
Love these boys!
They are so sweet.
And that little one…he is such a character.
During the reception he got the microphone and announced that he was going to perform an “Irish dance” for everyone and needed a volunteer.
Then proceeded to pick his little girl cousin as his volunteer and did some cute little jig around the dance floor with her.
I still don’t know how I ended up leaving AZ without bringing those two home with me.


Me and the beautiful bride.
What a happy day for her.
Mary…thanks for having me and I’m sorry my hair ruined this picture.
Really…what’s up with my hair people?

happy birthday Gabby

13 May

Today is my littlest sisters 18th birthday!
Time to bust out the “back in the day” pictures.

Meg and I getting to hold our new baby sister.

My love for babies started with those two munchkins.
And even to this day…when I hold a baby…their little shirt rides up.
Every stinking time.

Gotta love the neon pink shorts…and even tho you cant tell…I was wearing a Simpsons t-shirt.
I wasn’t allowed to watch The Simpsons.
But somehow I snagged myself a t-shirt.
And what about those hair cuts?
My dad took us to get our hair cut while my mom was in the hospital with baby Gabby.
Based on that picture I’m not sure G approved.

Gabby was a cute baby… but there were days when she was nothing more than a hot mess.
Exhibit A
However, she pulls off a red and polka dot bathing suit better than anyone I know.
Don’t let those cute eyes fool you…she definitely had a mullet.
Poor Malachi.
G? Why are you scalping the poor cat?
And what on earth were you two doing to Mark?
I loved that dog.
He was the best dog we ever had.
He was humiliated at times…but that’s what happens when you live with three little girls.
gabby-001 She has come a long way tho.
She is a dancer.
gabby-009 A world traveler.
gabby-011 and a college student.
gabby-004 However…no matter what…
she will always be my little 8 year old sister having her birthday party in the garage.
gabby-003 For some odd reason this picture is burned into my brain.
And when I think of Gabby it flashes in my head.

Gretta I love you!
You are sweet and kind and a daughter of God.
I hope you have a great day today.
And please…PLEASE…pretty please…don’t get a tattoo today.

Happy Birthday!!
Love your Biggest sister.

annoying gym guy

12 May

So far I am doing good on my 5K training.
Today was the second time I ran 1.5 miles this week.
My legs ache.
Every inch of them…and I almost talked myself out of going today.
But I went with the intention of walking 1.5 miles and ran.

But let me just tell you what ticked me off today.
After I did my run I went to the dark room.
Yeah…my gym has a dark work out room.
It’s for all us people that don’t want to be seen as we work out😉
Anyhow…I went downstairs to the workout room…did my core exercises and then moved on to my arms.
There are two machines I use for my arms right now.
I did my pulling reps on one machine and then moved on to the pushing machine.
After my first set I noticed the guy on the machine next to me finish his rep and then just stand next to my machine waiting.
It was a little awkward but ok…if you wanna stand there and wait that’s fine.
So I start my second set.
And I usually do a five second break between each set.
After my second set…during my five second break the guys asks me if I can get off the machine so that he can get on and finish his set.

You’ve been standing there…do you really think I’m only going to do two sets?
I understand that I’m only pushing 30 lbs vs your 145 lbs…but come on…why are your arms more important than mine?
And why do you think it’s ok to hog TWO of the machines.

Yes…I hoped off and even offered to wipe the machine down for him.
I busied myself with a leg strengthening exercise and then came back to finish my last 3 sets.
And guess what?
The guys was over at another machine.
Even though I was irritated I at least gave him the benefit of the doubt…thinking maybe he was in a hurry or something.
Nope…just thought it was okay to interrupt me so he could do his exercise in order.
News flash buddy…you go to a gym with lots of people…sometimes you will need to wait your turn or switch things up a little so as not to be annoying to others.

All I’m saying is he better never get in my way while I’m doing lunges!


10 May

That was a long blog break.
But I think I might be back in the groove😉

Do you guys watch LOST?
Did anyone else cry last week about the whole Sun and Jen thing?
I’m ready for tonight’s episode.
Love that show.

Esther and I are running a 5K.
I’m scared.
But I’m up to 2 miles now.
I had to push through those last few minutes tho.
I just kept telling myself “you can do it”… “Jesus endured the cross…so you can at least do these last 2 minutes”
Then I finished and my favorite Jay-Z song came on the radio.
Two days later I went back and could hardly make myself run 1.5 miles.
However, Esther sent me a training schedule…and I think having structure will help.

How was your Mothers Day?
I took my Mom to Salish Lodge for Mothers Day Brunch.
And we had to take twenty million shots before we could get one with both our heads and the waterfall.
And of course we get the shot and well lets just say it isn’t my best angle😉
Mom looks cute tho and it was Mothers Day so I guess it isn’t all about me.
Love you Mom…hope you had fun.

Anyone watch Real Housewives of New Jersey.
New Jersey is so the best season.
Table flipping, Grandma Wrinkles, the right way to make pasta sauce.
Cracks me up.
Although, last nights episode left me thinking they are probably just as crazy as the rest of the housewives.
Your surprised I’m sure.

Switching thoughts totally…
do you guys know about Jesus Culture?
Amber turned me onto them.
I could very well be the last person on earth to know about them but I love them now.
Feel free to rock out to a couple of my favorites!


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