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24 Jun

The women in my life are keeping me busy!
Yesterday I told you that Gabby got engaged.

And guess what else?
Husb and I got a roommate.
The older of my baby sisters moved in with us.
She had just walked in through the door from work when I took this picture.
She wasn’t super happy about it😉
Hahaha…I forgot how fun it can be to annoy your sister!
002 Then I made her go on a walk with me.
It ended up being a longer walk than expected.
So we entertained ourselves.
Entertained ourselves with weird, creepy sculptures.
It’s what sisters do.

On another note…
guess who is now a high school graduate!025020
She is my honorary little sister, high school graduate and soon to be college student.
And I’m super proud of her!

However…she is so not the same height as me!
It’s totally the heals😉

big news

23 Jun

You might remember my babiest of baby sisters from this post.
And her boyfriend Blaine from this post.

Well folk…I have some BIG NEWS to share with ya’ll.001 THEY ARE ENGAGED!
Yep…the baby is getting married.
How old do I feel?
Let’s just say I’m feeling it😉

They’ve actually been engaged for about two weeks but it took forever for me to get a picture of them.
I had to bribe them with ice cream to get this one!

Congratulations you guys!
Gretta…I love you, and am very excited for you and will help you with anything you need!!
Blaine…take good care of my sister or in the words of Snap! “I will attack and you don’t want that”.
Hahaha…don’t worry…I just needed a reason to link to that awesome song.
Your a good sport and take all my teasing like a champ.
That’s an important quality for a brother-in-law to have😉

Here is my pre-marriage and marriage advice.
Mark 12:30
”And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength”
You can’t go wrong with that!

good stuff

22 Jun

I appreciated and enjoyed this sermon today.
Thought I would share!

Other good stuff…
my 5k training is going awesome.
I reached 3 miles yesterday!
From here on out it should be a piece of cake.
Please say yes😉
At least I proved to myself that I can do it.
My trick is to pray it out.
So serious.
I start to give up and then beg God to keep me going.
He answers my prayer every time.
But boy do my legs hurt afterward.

And as promised, here is the recipe for the tamales I blogged about last week!

happy fathers day

20 Jun

To all the fathers out there.
But mostly Happy Fathers Day to my Dad!
If you look closely you might find a common theme.
dad 007dad 005dad 006
For the last 28 years my Dad has been surrounded by women.
And aren’t we the cutest
My chicken legs and perm, Meg and her sweat suit and Gabby with her bald head and full diaper.
Don’t feel too sad for him though.
He found time to be manly.
dad 002
In between building snowmen
dad 003
and taking us on vacations.
dad 004 
Love you Dad!
Hope you had a great day and enjoyed your crepes.
Next time we will go to Jerzy!


15 Jun

Hi friends.
I’m feeling better.
I’ve finished off my antibiotics and no longer have lava throat or goop eye.
And thank goodness I’m done with those antibiotics…because as thankful as I was for them this time around…
they may or may not have had me running to the pot much too often.

Now that we’ve got that all cleared up and out of the way how about I show you some delish tamales I helped prepare and eat on Sunday.008
So obviously I wasn’t the only one preparing them.
Ok…fine…I actually did very little preparation.
Sandy did most of the cooking.
It was her job to teach all us white girls how to make tamales.
And boy were they good.
They totally blew the farmers market tamales out of the water.
This was Sandy’s second time teaching us how to make authentic Mexican food.
And I’m pretty sure there needs to be a third time, and a fourth, and a fifth.
Tasha hosted this cooking event and should be posting more pictures and the recipe soon.
It was a good Sunday.
There were friends, and tamales and babies.
021 How can you go wrong with that combo?


10 Jun

Antibiotics are my friends today.
Yesterday…after four days of lava throat and a morning of swollen, goo eye I went to the Dr.
I came out with antibiotics, an upper-respiratory infection and pink eye.
How the heck did that happen? 

All I know is that I want to get better…
the sun to start shining…
and to make these.
                             (picture courtesy of Joy’s Hope)
and then these
                        (picture courtesy of The Pioneer Woman)

Noticing a theme?
I have an excuse.
The worst part of this whole being sick thing…
the Dr. said I was highly contagious.
So I had to miss homework club last night.
It was the last night of club.
We are out for the summer.
And yeah we will have summer field trips…
but it isn’t the same.
I didn’t get to give my little pumpkins and stinkers end of the year hugs.

So consider my current craving of salt and chocolate my desire to eat my sorrows away😉

farm chicks show 2010

7 Jun

There we are…at the Fair Expo Center.
Mom, Me, Tasha and baby chicks 2010 041
And this is what we saw as we walked through the doors.
Except I took this picture on Sunday…the last day of the show.
It was super packed on Saturday.
Women chicks 004 
Basically, the show is set up with lots of booths.
Each with a different seller and each selling different items.
So one lady might be selling jewelry, while next to her a lady is selling French inspired furniture and decor, and then another with vintage dresses.
I should add that there were men vendors as well…although I think it’s safe to say most were husbands😉

I loved this coin laundry sign at one of the chicks 2010 039

farm chicks 009
And I got to see Heather Bullard’s booth.
I didn’t even realize it was her booth at first.
I just thought it was so sweet and had lots of neat French inspired stuff.
Like a wine rack that I wanted so bad.
Sadly, it was out of my price chicks 015
If you look close you can see her to the left of the picture.
In the white tunic and jeans.
I was just trying to get a good picture of her booth and then realized she was actually there.
She probably thought I was going all paparazzi on her.
Tasha bought a shelf from her tho and she did seem very chicks 010

farm chicks 017

farm chicks 018
This quilt was called a yo-yo quilt.
I had never seen one before but I just thought it was the sweetest thing.
I ended up buying a yo-yo pillow which I will show you guys later.
I love it!farm chicks 2010 005 farm chicks 2010 009
I totally thought of you when I saw these headbands!
I wanted one really bad…but the headband was one of the metal types and I thought it might give me a headache if I wore it more than 10 minutes😦farm chicks 2010 010

farm chicks 2010 014
This sign said “garden with love – harvest with joy”.
I almost got it to hang in the Buse’s green chicks 2010 019

farm chicks 2010 021

farm chicks 2010 022

farm chicks 2010 029

farm chicks 2010 032

farm chicks 2010 038 
It was a quick weekend trip but we did get to experience some good food thanks to husb.
He did some internet searching and told us to head to Mizuna.
Super friendly service and delicious food.
farm chicks 2010 046

farm chicks 025
And thankfully my Mom drove so we were able to fit all of our goodies into her truck.
It was a great weekend…
despite being sick and totally out of it on our last day.
Thanks for going with ladies!
Now someone needs to get a bigger vehicle so that we can be prepared for 2011😉


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