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christmas 2010

31 Dec

Hi folks!
How was ya Christmas?
Mine was great…I cooked a TON and then got Christmas day off to enjoy my Momma’s cookin.
And my friends and family totally rocked my world with Christmas gifts this year.
Thanks guys!
Oh yeah…and I put my youngest of baby sisters in a headlock.
And then threatened my soon to be brother-in-law with a lighter.
attacking family
Baking 7 batched of cookies can drive a woman mad Winking smile
Christmas 2010
Despite my violent ways…fun was had by all.
At least that is what I tell myself Winking smile

Tomorrow is New Years Eve…and we are gonna party it up people!
At least that’s what I’m tellin myself.
We’re having our first Christmas Eve party.
Pray I don’t burn the food and that friends have pity on us and show up.
But if they don’t…I shall sit on the couch, drown my sorrows in spicy pork and count down to the New Year with Andy, all the Housewives and Bravo.
Is it too late to cancel the party…cause that doesn’t sound too bad Smile

Love ya! Have a safe and happy New Year and as Andy would say… “Mazal”!

merry Christmas

25 Dec

I’m remembering what Christmas is all about and dreaming of a Smokey Mountain Christmas today!
Love you all!

christmas eve

24 Dec

I love Christmas…it is by far my favorite holiday.
And Christmas Eve is my favorite part.
I live for the anticipation of it all.
Today I make my first Christmas Eve lasagna dinner for my family.
If all goes well we might have to make it a tradition Winking smile
Lasagna, the annual opening of one Christmas present, monkey bread and Smokey Mountain Christmas.
What’s not to love?

One of the newer Christmas traditions is cookie baking with Leah.

Do you notice anything different about Leah?
Maybe something different about her midsection?
My friend Leah…not me (lets get that straight).
Yeah she is growing a baby!
And the word on the street is that her baby girl could come ANY DAY!
How much would I love my 2010 Christmas tradition to be holding a sweet baby Hoover?
A lot, I would love it a lot!
Although, I’m not sure if Leah is up for that tradition EVERY year Winking smile

what’s been going on in my house?

23 Dec




Lots and lots of baking!
And some really fun Christmas present creations that I can’t blog about just yet…don’t want to ruin the surprise for the last few recipients Winking smile
But I will share soon.
And here are the three recipes that have kept my oven and I real close over the last couple days.
Might be helpful for those looking to squeeze in some last minute Christmas baking.
As always, they are husband approved Winking smile

Spicy Molasses cookies – tip: I don’t do shortening…I always use butter instead (I refuse to believe real butter is bad for you). However, butter causes the cookies to come out much more flat than shortening (bummer). So to help the cookies rise stick the dough in the fridge for about a half hour before baking. It has something to do with the rate at which butter melts. It works and even makes them easier to roll.

Snickerdoodles – my least favorite cookie…but everyone else loves them and Husb really liked this recipe. He said “they have just the right amount of snicker to doodle”…oh brother Winking smile

Homemade marshmallows – were easy and turned out great! Idea courtesy Darby.

a day in the life

18 Dec

of this real housewife.
Last week I decided to document  my day in pictures to share on this here blog.
Hold on to your pants cause your about to be blown away!

8:30am – packed husb’s lunch
009 (1280x857)

9am – bible study lesson
012 (1280x857)

10am – started making and baking salt dough tree stands for homework club
014 (1280x857)

12pm – checked email, Facebook, bank account, Google reader while salt dough baked
017 (1280x857)

12:45 – assembled craft example
019 (1280x857)

1pm – lunch (salami sandwich on delicious olive loaf, apple slices, Satsuma)
025 (1280x857)

And that my friends is where it ends.
It ends because, for the next 6 hours all I did was bake salt dough.
So I guess this was a half day in the life of a real housewife Winking smile
I told you to hold on didn’t I!

Now I’m craving salami!

reentering the blogosphere

17 Dec

I know I’ve been a bore around here lately.
This holiday season has had me pinned against a wall.
And thankfully God is giving me the patience to enjoy it.

Last night was our big CRM Christmas party.
We had over 150 kids…and then there were parents and babies and toddlers.
All of which I wanted to take home Winking smile
Mexican moms have a special way of bundling up their babies with layers and layers of big blankets and hats and gloves that make their chubby cheeked babies even more irresistible.
They obviously don’t know what this does to me!
It was a great night.
Kids everywhere…and I do mean EVERYWHERE.
We didn’t even have room for them all…some had to eat dinner sitting on the hallway floor.
It was loud…trust me when I say it was LOUD.
It was somewhat chaotic…at least for us leaders.
But it was wonderful.
My favorite part of the night…Tyrone counting down for the present opening.
It’s tradition to count down to zero and then rip into the presents as fast and loud as ever.
Nothing but a sea of smiles and wrapping paper flying through the air!
A party that size takes planning and organizing and hot glue reinforcing of 150 wire snowflake ornaments (thanks for the extra hand Tash!)
But now it is over…and I have two weeks before I have to worry about kids crafts or dinner schedules (all which I love and am thankful for by the way).
Now I get to clean my house, get back to meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking dinner.
I think Husb is looking forward to this Winking smile
And finally I get to finish my Christmas shopping  and continue my hunt for Martha Stewart baking twine (why is this sold out EVERYWHERE?)

I hope you guys are enjoying your December so far!
My plan is to become a regular around here once again…and husb gave me my third Christmas present the other day…I know…there is no hope for him Winking smile
It was a new camera lens…which is awesome…but huge and paparazzi like and reminds me that I need to learn how to use my camera.
So hopefully there will be some new and improved pictures surfacing soon Winking smile
And a quick shout out…If you are local and interested in family portraits for a decent price leave Tasha a comment on her blog.
She is a new up and coming photographer so I’d cash in on the good deals she if offering now before she gets all highfaluting  on us Winking smile

christmas came early this year

13 Dec



My husb can’t keep a secret…so I received my Christmas presents on December 8th.
That man!
I love him to pieces…not only does he buy awesome gifts but he also gets really excited to give them to me.
I can’t complain.
It’s also a good reminder that December 25th isn’t about opening presents.
Ya know…since I won’t have any to open Winking smile

I love my new pots tho!
That dutch oven cooks wonderfully and is super easy to clean!
So far…nothing sticks to it and it is dishwasher safe.
I love that about it.
So I suggest you continue trying to win one on PW’s website…there is now one less person entering the giveaway Winking smile


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