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hey y’all

27 Jan

I haven’t been blogging lately so you probably thought I was off doing something exciting.
Or got pregnant (that one’s for you Kristel).
Nope…just been a slacker.

I’ve been…

Making myself go to the gym at least three times a week and  then working out hard when I get there.
Been doing pretty good so far.

Trying to figure out why one load of jeans came out smelling like nasty moth balls.
The loads before and after have no odor.
Just the load with our jeans.
It’s so bad it makes me gag.


Cleaning the bathroom (which is a horrible, horrible chore)

Trying to get organized for homework club.

Making a meal plan for each week even though I have failed at blogging it.
I’ve shaved $150 off our grocery budget by doing this each week!

Trying to come up with new breakfast ideas for myself.
I don’t like eggs.
Don’t want to eat cereal every morning.
Am not a morning person who enjoys whipping up some pancakes or baked good every morning.
Am  so over yogurt.
It’s starting to make me gag.

(Kristel…I’m not!)

Watching my North & South DVD and loving it!
Even husb is into it.

And other things that are just as exciting.

Just checking in to say I still love ya!

baby genesis

18 Jan

Yesterday I met the sweetest, chubby cheeked little girl.
The firstborn of my SVEC high school girlfriends.
Baby Genesis finally decided she wanted to meet us all (although from the looks of the picture she isn’t too impressed Winking smile).
Or it could have been that she was running out of room…she is a chunky little monkey at over 10lbs.
Leah is amazing!

me & genesis

Here she is in the arms of her Aunt Esther.


Don’t you just wanna eat her up!
I just love her!
She was already chatting with Esther and I in her own little delicate baby language.
Melts my heart.

Congratulations Josh and Leah!
Again…Leah you are amazing!
Your baby girl is precious and so sweet.

homemade gifts

13 Jan

Remember this post?
Where I told you I made some fun Christmas gifts that I would share soon.
And then never did?

Well, let me introduce you to homemade Christmas gifts #1 and #2!
First off we have the lovely cake plate.
cake plate
So easy!
It ‘s made out of a dinner plate and candle stick.
Both were found at my local thrift store, candle stick was spray painted and then glued to the bottom of the plate (Aleene’s Jewelry Metal Glue is amazing).
Top with home baked goodies and you have a gift fit for both  husband and wife!

The second gift I put together was homemade candles.
teacup candle
Also, so easy!
Tea cups found at the thrift store.
Simply buy some candles, melt them in a pan, and use the melted wax and wick to fill your tea cup.

I found the cake plate idea here and tea cup idea here.
Overall, they were inexpensive, adorable (at least I thought so) and can easily be gifted for any occasion.
Now every time I enter a thrift store I can’t help but scour the plates and tea cups.

crazy yelling aside

12 Jan

It’s snowing outside (finally) and I’m inside my warm house watching The Patriot.
I love that movie.
And no matter what your opinion on Mel Gibson…his crazy yelling aside…you have to admit he is a dang good actor.

On another note…I’m not feeling so hot today.
Had a major headache yesterday that hasn’t wanted to completely go away.
I really need to make an appointment to go back to the Chiropractor.
I’ve been converted…it really is good for your health…and helps you sleep peacefully.

On a third note…I made pepperoncini beef for dinner tonight.
It was great and husband approved.
Put it on a fresh baked hoagie rolls from your grocery store bakery and then top it with some soft fontina cheese.
I think this might be my favorite crockpot meal to date.
And I particularly recommend this recipe…I tried one similar about a year ago (it didn’t call for the seasoning packet) and we were not impressed.

Well that is all the exciting and amazing things I have to share today.
Love ya!


8 Jan

Last night, on my way home from Kim’s house I was listening to that Nelly song… Just A Dream.
You guys…I like that song!
“If you ever loved somebody put your hands up, If you ever loved somebody put your hands up”…that’s totally my line!
But listening to that song reminded me of how bad I needed to share the video with you!

Sorry Nelly…but that might be one of the worst music videos ever😦
What is that all about?
The flying car?
The flying ring?
Things shootin out his eyeball?
Okay…I feel much better now…had to get that off my chest.

the pie uglies have been solved

6 Jan

Last week I went to Country Village with friends and I found a diamond in the rough!
A pie plate.
Hold it!
Hold it!
Oh yes my friends! It has a lid!

Bare with me for a minute.
I bake a decent amount of pies and there is one thing about the whole process I hate…the saran wrap!
I hate how it gets messy and the wrap wont stay on right and the whole thing just uglies up your kitchen.
But no longer my friends!
Now I bake my pie, serve slices and if there are any leftovers Winking smile, I just put the lid on and it’s cute as ever!

When I saw this cute little dish across the room I knew it would solve my pie problems.
I hesitated slightly…I don’t easily drop $32…but I am so glad I bought it.
It’s the perfect combination of beauty and function.

Sadly I can’t tell you who makes it…all it says on the bottom is made in China.
So if you are interested and ever come across one…snatch it up quick and head to the cash register!

my lip gloss is poppin

5 Jan

Look what my parents bought me for Christmas!
Yeah, Yeah! 
A popcorn popper!
I’ve wanted one forever…and I used to do just fine making it on the stove top when I had a gas stove…but it’s near impossible to make it on a glass top.
So yay for Mom and Dad!
So now all I want to do it curl up on my couch with my bowl of popcorn and watch North & South.
Which was also a Christmas present…from my mother-in-law.
I love this mini series!
Love it!
But alas…I have to leave for club soon so I must laze about another day Sad smile

And no, this post has nothing to do with poppin lip gloss…I just couldn’t help myself. Winking smile


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