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super late valentines day post

28 Feb

Today is February 28th…my last chance to post about Valentines day.
And just because I’m posting about it super late doesn’t mean it wasn’t amazing.
Because it so was!

My husb and Esther’s husb got together and planned a special day for us (there could have possibly been a hint or two thrown their way😉.
First, a 2pm date with the Spa for massages, manicure AND pedicures.
I’ve said it before…I love the spa!
More specifically, I love the spa at my gym.
I love my gym (which sadly I am no longer a member due to this whole job change😦 But I will forever consider it my gym).
On Friday night it turns into a gym/night club.
That sounds sleazy.
A night club without the creepers.
A night club where most people are mom’s and dad’s in gym clothes just trying to get in some exercise.
It’s the dimmed lighting, disco ball, colorful lights flashing, DJ and Zumba that give it the night life feel.
It is totally cheese and totally fun.
Sorry, I’ve gotten a little off track.
Back to Valentines day.

After being pampered at the spa…we forced ourselves to give up the robes and drove home to meet up with the guys who were making us dinner.
We arrived to this
DSC 0307
and this

DSC 0309
Along with beautiful flower arrangements that turned my kitchen into a fine dining experience (major points for Husb!).

DSC 0311
The menu?
The largest steaks known to man.

DSC 0305

With a side of Tasha’s white trash salad (she really should post the recipe…it is delish) and mashed potatoes.

DSC 0313

An entire 10lb bag worth of mashed potatoes.
When we arrived Flyn had peeled every last potato in the bag and they had fully intended to boil them all.
DSC 0314

We had the largest food babies ever after dinner.
This is how we felt
DSC 0367

But it was Valentine’s day so we topped it off with chocolate fondue, courtesy of Esther, who really is the nicest wife ever.

She didn’t want them to have to worry about dessert.
The thought never even crossed my mind😉

I’d like to say we did something crazy afterwards like went dancing ( crazy huh!).
However, we could only make it as far as the couches.
Our stomaches would let us go no farther.

It was a Valentines day that I will not forget.
Thanks sweet husband!
You did an amazing job.
And a big thanks to Flyn and Esther for sharing the holiday with us!

PS…my new laptop came!
A sweet MacBook Air!
I’m still in the process of learning how to use it (I’ve always been a PC) and am looking for a good blog posting application.
Any recommendations?
I used MarsEdit for this post…but haven’t figured out how to link works or round the edges of my pictures.
I must admit…I miss  Windows LiveWriter.



28 Feb

We have reached the sunshine state.
Is that California or Florida?
Well, regardless, we have hit sunshine.
My feet are enjoying it.

We haven’t officially moved yet, just getting some things in order down here.
Last night Tasha and Kristel threw us a going away party.
There were ham sandwiches, and not any old ham sandwich, the amazing, mouth watering ones that we only get once a year at her church’s ladies tea.
And for fun we walked up the hill in the snow storm to watch cars spin off the icy, snowy road.
Good old redneck fun.
Oh, yeah Kristel and I drove up and down the snowy road on the quad.
And did 180’s.
Good times.
Such a fun night, but put me in a real sad mood.
Who wants to move away after spending a day with friends and family you love?
Well I hope you are all having a good Sunday.
Love ya!


21 Feb

One of the many things I will miss about homework club.

Sweet little trinkets made special for me by sweet little hands.
Excuse me while I cry my face off.


21 Feb

Husb’s last day as a Microsoft employee was last Friday.
As a result…the laptop had to be returned.
So, I’m writing this post on my phone.
Gotta love the iPhone.
However, it isn’t as easy to write up a post and so I’ve been slacking.
What’s new?

But let me tell you what happened on Saturday.
A new man came into my life.

Caleb Dwayne is his name.
And what a sweet little punkin he is!
Congratulations Mike and Serena!

So after meeting Mr. Caleb we went home to get some sleep because I had a midmorning date with my Mom.
We went to the Ruffles and Rust show and took a soap making class.

What a great Saturday right?
Well, I’m interested to see how this post turns out since it’s coming from my phone.
I’m ready to preview, publish and hit the hay.
A new laptop is in the mail so things should get a little more interesting around here.
Love ya!

P.S. Thanks for all the encouragement regarding the move. You guys are the best!

big changes

11 Feb

I know…I’ve been neglecting the blog.
Well, I’ve been emotional.
Our world did a u-turn last Wednesday.

We are moving to California.
Silicon Valley.

An internet/entertainment company (starts with a Net…ends with a flix) contacted husb for an interview.
They like him.
They asked him to move to CA and work for them.
He had lengthy discussions with his wife (that’s me) about it.
She cried  (also me).
She prayed.
She cried more.
Mainly because she knew what God was asking of her.
She is being obedient.
And working on the doing it with a good attitude part.
Your prayers are greatly appreciated in this area Winking smile

I was born in Texas.
Raised in Florida until I was 6.
Moved to Arizona.
Raised in Arizona until I was 16.
Moved to Washington state.
Still being raised here Winking smile
In other words, this isn’t my first ball game (or move).

However, it’s still incredibly difficult.
I’ve lived here for 13 years.
That is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place.
My parents and sisters are here.
My friends are here (99% of them at least).
Casino Road Ministries is here.
Church is here.
My life is here.

My God…he is not limited to “here”.
He is in California too.
That gives me comfort.

This is an incredible opportunity for husb.
It is a great blessing that will allow us to greatly bless others.
In so many ways it is an obvious answer to prayer.
Just wasn’t what we had in mind when we were praying those prayers.

I don’t know what I will do when we get there.
That makes me sad.
However, I know God is a good God, a loving God.
Luke 11: 11-13 comes to mind:

”What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a scorpion? If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?”

So true.
God has a better plan for me than I have for myself.
He wont give me a scorpion ( I stepped on one of those once…another story for another time).
So my friends, I am learning how to trust…it is very much one of my weaknesses.
And just so you know…Husb is being very patient and loving.
He is in no way being selfish and forcing his wife to move to California.
We prayed for wisdom and made this decision together.
I love him and am excited for this new adventure in his life.

Wow…glad I finally got that outta the way.
I should be able to get back to regularly scheduled blogging now.
And of course you will get to come along for the whole moving to Cali ride.
Thanks for listening…love ya!

pink and red

2 Feb

Valentines colors have been popping up all around here Winking smile
Serving as a little hints perhaps?
vday collage
All I’m sayin is that Pioneer Woman made Valentines Day super easy for the men this year.
This book, a bouquet of flowers, some salted caramel chocolates perhaps and dinner.
This is the recipe to a happy wife on February 14th.
Hello…are you there?

Now the hard part…what do you do for your man on Valentines day?
Um…I think I just answered my own question Winking smile
Gross…my mom reads this.

Okay to change the subject and quick…let me introduce you to a delish little treat that we had this morning for breakfast.
It isn’t healthy.
It is super easy and works when you can’t run down to your local French bakery.
Or you don’t have a local French bakery.
Or you don’t feel like spending hours making a time consuming French croissant.
Introducing the Nutella Croissant (Kristel…would this be considered a baby step backwards?)


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