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packers & loaders

26 Mar

All my belongings are packed in boxes.
At this exact moment men are loading them up into a huge semi.
In a few hours my house will be empty.
I might cry .

On Wednesday I said goodbye to my sweet little babies on Casino Road.
I did cry.
I got lots of hugs and handmade gifts.
We just happend to be making hand puppets that night for craft…I came home with about 10 of them😉
We also took a group picture of all the kids and leaders…which was then matted, signed and framed for me.
I love my Casino Road Ministries family!
And as sweet and special as all the little gifts and hugs were…one in particular wont let go of my heart.
I tend to stand by the check-in door as the kids arrive so that I can great them.
Well, one of the preteen girls (who is just simply a sweetheart) came in and  handed me a tree twig with little white blossoms on it.
She said she had picked it for me as a going away present.
I am honored that she even thought about me on her walk to club.
And amazed at her heart…she has very little in the way of financial resources…but she gave me the most perfect gift.
As frustrated as I am that God is moving me away from this ministry…I am ten million times more thankful that he allowed me to be apart of it for these past 5 years.

This whole moving thing is sad.
And it has kept me super busy…resulting in no blogging in a month.
But I’ll be back.
I’ll be starting a new chapter of my life in Ca next week.
I have a feeling this will lead to plenty of blog posts.

Thanks for being patient with me.

no words can describe

3 Mar

Have you ever met Katie?
I stumbled across her blog about a year ago.
It stopped me in my tracks.
Tears well up and an ache pinches my heart each time I read a new post.
The pictures of her daughters…they kill me.
I get emotional…but in a good way.
Katie reminds me of who God is.
How powerful and loving he is.
For a moment I am reminded that God is not just chillin out with me while I’m at home cooking dinner or reading blogs.
He isn’t confined to the bubble of my life.
He is in Africa.
Comforting those who are sick and dying, making a home for those that have been abandoned, feeding those who are starving.
He gets a front row seat to the suffering of this world.
And then he turns around and has patience and blessings for me.
An ungrateful, selfish, privileged daughter.
Only God can love like that.

Read Katie’s blog.
Pray for her.
Support her.
Allow her to remind you who God is.


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