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sisters and sunshine

28 Jul

Nothing better than a sunny day in western Wa!


Except maybe some fun with your sisters.



And can you believe these shoes?


Cracked us up!

Thanks for the fun sisters…even if the day didn’t turn out like we planned… I still had fun.
Love ya.


26 Jul




Today we hit up two surplus stores.
Not as awesome as last years surplus extravaganza but items were found and purchased at low prices.
One of the workers even recognized us from last year.
But why wouldn’t he…pretty sure we are the only 20 something surplus junkies they see.
Most are just middle aged men buying old computer monitors and confiscated pocket knives.
And right now I’m watching these ragamuffins.

May the Lord have mercy on me.


26 Jul

Yesterday it rained.
Gretta registered for classes while I waited.
And then it rained some more.
Simply because I no longer live here I was able to appreciate it.
Otherwise, I’d be just as anxious for summer as everyone else.




lake wenatchee

24 Jul

Fun was had.
Babies were held.
S’mores were eaten (which might have something to do with today’s stuffy nose?).
Gossip magazines were read.
And skin is sunburnt.
I’d say that makes for one successful camping trip.








22 Jul


Obviously it was our first stop.
Molly Moon oh how I’ve missed you.
Cherry chunk AND brown sugar buttermilk ice cream…heaven in a cone AND pint.

And now I’m at my parents house waiting for my friends to come pick me up.
I’m going camping with the Lunstrum ladies.
This is nostalgia baby.
Camping at Lake Wenatchee with these ladies was the highlight of my summers in high school.
Things will look slightly different this year…husbands and babies are involved now.
We have grown up.
This boggles my mind…does anyone else still feel way younger than they are?

bright and early

21 Jul


Hey friends.
I meant to blog this week but time got away from me.
But thanks to technology I can post from the train station on my trusty iPhone.
Love the iPhone.
As you can see we are up bright and early this morning to catch the train to the airport.
Cause were going home for a visit!
I’m very excited.
Excited to camping, lounging with friends, hugging babies and a long awaited massage from my favorite spa!
I think that makes waking up at 4am worth it.
I think.
And even though I didn’t get to post this weeks meal plan…there was a meal plan with recipes that need to be shared with y’all.
So stay tuned for that.

Ok, love ya!
And if you wouldn’t mind…a quick prayer for health during this trip would be great.
I’ve had a sore throat for 2 days and thankfully it hasn’t gotten worse…but I’m going from 80 degree weather to 60 degree weather and I’m hoping that doesn’t do me in.
My body isn’t always a fan of change.
And being sick on vacation is the worst.
Peace out friends!

the local strangers

15 Jul

Yesterday we stopped in for a mocha chai and latte at Red Rock Coffee shop.
While waiting for our drinks I saw a poster for the band playing this week .

The Local Strangers Cover Art

So guess what we did tonight?
We enjoyed a free concert by The Local Strangers.
And guess…what?
They put on a great show and are from Seattle!
I might have let out a shout when they said where they were from.
Go here and listen to Partner in Crime…super cute song…it was my favorite.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
I’ll be watching season 4 of Friday Night Lights…which I think might be the best season yet.
I love me some kids from the wrong side of town finding their potential and kicking butt!
Go East Dillion Lions!!



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