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text book blasphemy

28 Aug

Prepare yourselves…some emotional venting is about to happen.
Cause one of the Thursday Latelies that I mentioned last week…that WAS bringing me joy…ended up also bringing me a lot of unjoy.
According to my MacBook Air unjoy is not a word….but I think its the only APPROPRIATE word I can muster right now.
And yes…that Thursday Latelie might have been in the form of a teenager.
Why do they have to be so damn frustrating?
It must be because I’m getting old…nope…it’s definitely because they’re so damn frustrating.
Right now I loath teenage girl brain, worthless teenage boys, make me want to punch you in the face teenage boy parents and sin.

And ya want to know something else…I was just putting laundry into the dryer thinking about how I know I can’t save people.
Only Jesus can save people.
And then…I did it…I thought the most horrible thing…I thought how frustrating that can be and how it would happen a lot faster if HE WOULD LET ME SAVE PEOPLE.
Um…I think thats text book blasphemy.
I think I might loath myself.
So incase you thought I was an angel…allow me to burst your bubble.

However, after tonight…I was reminded that God does in fact work in mysterious ways.
And I don’t want to be one of those people who thinks every thought that pops into there minds is a thought from God…cause there are some crazy thoughts in this head and I know they aren’t all from him.
However, amid the mess that is my emotions tonight…a certain someone kept coming to mind.
A certain someone who would be the last person I would think to talk to about my current situation and emotions.
And guess what…they were the perfect someone.
God I don’t understand your moves.
But I love you.
And I love that certain someone and am thankful for them.
You know who you are someone.

Aren’t you guys so happy to be reading this cheerful Monday morning post?
Well…to make up for this personal and therefore probably inappropriate blog post…I will leave you with a few cheerful and happy pictures.

A beautiful Cali beach day and a huge farmers market bouquet.
Two of God’s great gifts!

thursday latelies

25 Aug

So…I had every intention of posting this before midnight…but I failed.
So this is a Thursday Latelies on a Friday.
And yes…I’m pretty much the equivalent of a beauty queen in this video…Vogue will soon be knocking at my door.

Dark Chocolate covered Edamame found at Trader Joe’s.
Kim…well her location is undisclosed due to creepers in the world.
My makeup and curling iron…found in the bathroom…under a layer of dust…and it is calling my name through this video.
Love ya friends!



24 Aug

We had ourselves a little mini vacation last weekend.
The cool thing about our new location is that a short weekend trip can include destinations like Pismo Beach and Carmel.


Yes these people are having a dinner party on the beach…complete with catered food and linen tablecloths.


First we went with some sweet new friends to Pismo beach.
The boys rode quads while us girls took advantage of the nearby outlet mall.
Sadly it was overcast and about 10 degrees too cool for yours truly to be wearing shorts.
But a bowl of clam chowder from Splash Cafe made up for the weather.
That’s some good chowder ya’ll.
Quickly, cause I have a lot to share…the weird part of our Pismo beach experience had to do with our accommodation.
We used Airbnb.
So pretty much we stayed in some random ladies house.
Not her guest house…her actual house.
She stayed somewhere else while she rented us her home for one night.
It wasn’t a bad experience…just a slightly odd one.

After waving goodbye to our friends we high taled it up to Carmel.
Have you been to Carmel, Ca?
Cause until last Saturday I had not.
It’s awesome.
Please go there.
We stopped for dinner at Client Eastwood’s restaurant Mission Ranch.
And then drove through the streets of Carmel…passing cottage after beautiful cottage.
The beach there is absolutely beautiful.
And the downtown…filled with artsy (not to be confused with touristy) little shops.
We found a candy shop…this explains the candy cigaretts…remember those?
I was dumb and got the chocolate ones…what I wanted was the gum cigarettes…the one where you can blow the powder out the end and really feel like a grown up😉
Horrible I know.

And lastly, here is a little video I put together using iMovie.
I think I’m falling in love with editing our home video footage.
Fun stuff.
So without further ado…please enjoy this slightly cheesy snapshop of our Carmel beach experience.


whats for dinner

22 Aug

Dinners this week are a little up in the air as we have a visitor.
Kim is here!
So far this is the plan…the very flexible go with the flow plan.

Monday – Zucchini boats
Tuesday – BBQ at local church
Wednesday – Neighborhood group…I’m bringing Tres Leche Cake
Thursday – dinner out…Ramen!
Friday – Pork Tenderloin & cobb salad
Saturday – homemade pizza
Sunday – BBQ chicken sandwiches

And I’m finally making these Blueberry Lemon Scones!

If you want to know what I thought of last weeks menu go here.

soda pop

19 Aug

I call it soda.
Husb calls it pop…I have to be honest…I really dislike it when people call it pop.
When I was growing up we called everything Coke.
Even if it wasn’t coke.
Sometimes you ask for a coke and you get a glass of giner ale.

As promised here is the video that inspired us to refine our soda taste buds.


thursday latelies

18 Aug


Sunnies case found here.
This is the amazing root bear I was talkin about…Sparky’s!
Chocolat…here is a little peak incase you haven’t seen it.
Carmel post with pictures coming soon!
Love ya!

whats for dinner

17 Aug

Better late than never right?

Monday – Cheese Tortellini Soup This is a good recipe…I added spicy italian sausage.
Tuesday – Gnocchi Mac & Cheese w/ sautéed asparagus Unless your gluten free…make this…pretty darn delicious. We ate it all
Wednesday – neighborhood group…bringing Tasha’s white trash salad
Thursday – Beef brisket, mashed potatoes & green beans (homegrown canned) Worth a try brisket recipe…I thought it was a little salty…husb thought it was perfect. 
Friday – Beef brisket Tacos using leftover brisket meat from night before The leftover brisket made great tacos
Saturday & Sunday – eating out, tuna sandwiches (for the husband…no way is that tuna getting near my mouth), cowboy caviar.

Salad and cowboy caviar recipe coming soon. Recipes still to come
And…if you want to know what I thought of last weeks menu plan go here.


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