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Machine Gun Preacher

30 Sep

I’ve put this blog post off for weeks.
A while back Husb and I went to go see The Help.
We got there early enough to catch my favorite part of going to a movie…the previews!
And then the trailer for Machine Gun Preacher came on.
Tears sprang to my eyes immediately and my whole body started shaking uncontrollably.
The kind of shaking that happens when you’re trying to hold in a serious cry.
I was totally bawling my face off in the movie theatre.
Even now…I’m on the verge of tears.
The real life story this movie portrays…brings out the deepest emotions in me.
I love children.
I absolutely hate the evil in this world that prays on children.
I often remind myself (or God reminds me rather) that God is a God of JUSTICE.
Sometimes a craving for justice rips me from the inside out…I want to see it carried out…I want to carry it out.
I don’t know how to do that at this point in my life…or if that is even something for me to do or simply something I must leave to God.
However, the idea that there is someone in this world who protects children from the evil in this world with a machine gun…makes me want to fist pump in a crazy tribal sort of screaming way.
It makes me cry and hurt and happy all at the same time.
So without further ado…here is the trailer for Machine Gun Preacher starting Gerard Butler.
And yes…I’m buying stock in Kleenex to prepare for my viewing of this movie when it comes out.

thursday latelies

29 Sep

You can find Tasha’s blog here.
Here is the Chocolate Almond Butter that Bex suggested…she is right…its “da bomb”.
Look for those marinated mozzarella balls at your local Trader Joe’s or supermarket.
And last…go visit Linda to hear about the 10 day give.

hamsters love

23 Sep

Husb and I were watching live TV the other night…which hardly happens anymore in this wonderful age of DVR.
That new Kia Soul commercial came on.
You know…the one with the dancing hamsters.
I have no idea why…but I get a kick out of them hamsters.
I know its cheesy and weird.
But they are such good little dancers.
They crack me up!
I can’t be the only one right?
Message received.


thursday latelies

22 Sep

TBTL…the bestest podcast ever! I HIGHLY recommend it.
I suggest reading The Hunger Games on a Kindle.
Ribbon of fudge popcorn cake…sorry…special delivery from mother-in-law…not linkable.
And last go grab yourself some apple cranberry juice (got mine at Trader Joe’s) and mix it with a little sparking mineral water…stir and enjoy!

Love ya!

whats for dinner

21 Sep

Something about getting my meal plan posted on Monday is just not working for me.
So Wednesday it is.

Monday – Penne alla Vodka w/ caesar salad & homemade croutons
Tuesday – PW Lasagna w/ caesar salad, store bought croutons & creamy lemon crumb squares for dessert since we had guests over😉
Wednesday – Cajun Chicken Pasta
Thursday – Chicken Paillards w/ lemon butter sauce
Friday – Summer Corn Cakes w/Tomato & Avocado Salsa
Saturday – Dinner out
Sunday – Coconut chicken w/ apricot jelly (homemade from Mike & Serena), garlic rice pilaf & broccolini

To find out what I thought of last weeks menu go here!

two things

20 Sep

#1 I love Okra.

It’s beautiful and delicious.
I love the way it smells.
The other night I was slicing it up for this recipe and the smell reminded me of my Mema, aunts and uncles and Florida.
It reminded me of where my parents grew up and the culture of the South.

#2 I bought this.
It’s supposedly made up of volcanic rock and keeps your fridge odor free and dry.
I had no intention of buying it.
I simply had an infomercial moment in the aisle of Target.
They last for a year and every 2-3 month you are suppose to put them in direct sunlight to recharge.
What the?
I either got duped or found something amazing.
I’ll keep you posted.


18 Sep

Did you guys watch the Emmy Awards last night?
As soon as I found out that a ton of my favorite shows were nominated I was pumped and put it on my calendar.
And let me just say…overall…I rocked the Emmys.
Yep…when my favorite shows win I can’t help but feel like I win a little.

Highlights of the night for me…
Coach Taylor (aka. Kyle Chandler) winning Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series! There was hand clapping, screeching and jumping for joy in my house!

Mags from Justified (aka. Margo Martindale) winning Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. I might have teared up.

Friday Night Lights winning Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
Downton Abby winning a million awards! So awesome!

Lows of my night…
Tammy Taylor (aka, Connie Britton) not winning Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Mad Men winning Outstanding Drama Series.
And even though I’m a Modern Family fan…I was rooting for Parks & Recreation for Outstanding Comedy Series

And can I just say…I so don’t get the whole Mad Men craze.
I’m sorry.
I tried.
We watched the first three episodes this weekend and I liked it and less and less each episode.
I’m not into movies/shows set in the 1950-1960’s that seem to be about nothing more than depicting how horrible marriage is and depressed/suppressed housewives were.
Man Men reminds me of that movie Revolutionary Road…which I thought was terrible.
Sorry Mad Men…I’m just not that into you.


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