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christmas list 2011

29 Nov

It’s only November 29th…but in my mind Christmas is here.
I might have even prepared Thanksgiving dishes to Christmas music.
Thanks Pandora.
I love Christmas.
It’s by far my favorite holiday.
Thus, I’ve decided to do a little Christmas Favorites blog series.
Starting with my Christmas list for 2011.
And yes, I know Christmas is not about getting gifts.
It’s about the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.
So don’t get your panties in a bunch.
Cause its simple a fact that we celebrate this Christian holiday by giving gifts.
And sometimes its just fun to put together a wish list.
So wont you join me?
I’d love to see what you have your eye on this year.

This is what has (so far) caught mine…

I would like 6 of them in an assortment of colors, and maybe an elephant print thrown inūüėČ
They’re gonna be my new reusable grocery bags.
I’ve read they’re awesome and refuse to buy any other type of reusable grocery bag until I try these.

Along those lines I’d love to have the BAGGU medium zipper set.
These babies could come in handy for organizing my suitcase on those trips home.

Lovesac medium creme slippers
Think bean bag for your feet!

Lauren Conrad’s Style book.
Are you embarrassed buy this pick?
Me too.
But I still want it!

Molly Moon chapstick
I’m almost out and love it to pieces.
And yes I already bought the ice cream book.

A couple packs of Stripey Straws
Super fun!

and some Divine Twine!

Layla Grace earrings

America iPhone case

And now it gest pricey.
Maya Brenner Washington state necklace¬†(no diamond…crazy as it may sound!)


and Hunter wellys w/ creme Hunter socks

That’s not too crazy right?
And even though these are things on my list…I think would all be great gifts for the girl in your life.

So now it’s your turn.
Don’t forget to leave me a comment with a link to your post so I can check out your list.

bring it

27 Nov

Since I didn’t get around to saying it before….HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Hope you had a great one!
Did you stuff your face?
I cooked my rear off.
But don’t worry, I ate it right back on.

Started to cut up the corn bread for the stuffing and noticed this.

Peace man.

We celebrated black friday internet style.
However, curiosity got the best of us about 10pm Thanksgiving day so we headed to our local Walmart to see if there was a crowd.
Yes, the answer was yes.

It’s not my thing.
I’d rather not get trambled.
But I tip my hat to the hardcore who score those deals.

And check out how we ended our four day holiday weekend?

Bring it on Christmas!

oh my

21 Nov

I’ve been super lame at posting my menu plan each week.
I have been cooking though.
Tonight it was this BLT salad and teeny tiny potatoes.
Its super yum…make it.

And for the rest of the week…Cajun Chicken Pasta and Edie’s Rocky Top Chili.
And oh my.
I was just searching my google reader for that chili recipe when I came across this!!
Who is super excited and pre-ordering as soon as this blog post is completed?
You know I love my Molly Moon!
I already have this Cuisinart ice cream maker on my Christmas list.

With those two things combined I might never leave my kitchen.
Except maybe when I run out of ice cream making ingredients.

Update…as I was putting together this post…the husband noticed my want of an ice cream maker.
It will be here Wednesday.
Strike that from the Christmas list.
Have I told you I love him?
Have I also told you he is incredibly impatient and can’t wait until Christmas to give gifts.
Speaking of Christmas…Whole Foods has Christmas trees out!
The parking lot smelled so good today…all Christmas like.
And then the stairwell smelled like sunscreen.
Oh California.

And guys…remember my last post where I mentioned my favorite coffee mug?
Well, my poor sister in law got me that mug for Christmas.
Poor sister in laws…they never get any credit.
But thanks anyhow Whit!
This isn’t the first time I’ve made this mistake.
I constantly get confused as to which friend or family member got me which magazine subscription.
Don’t worry, I bought vitamins today.
That should helpūüėČ




18 Nov

It’s chilly and cloudy today.
And my legs hurt.
Pure Barre did a number on my thighs yesterday.
So for today, I’m being wimpy and blowing off the work out and enjoying some tea inside my little house.
My favorite tea in my favorite mug.
The mug my friend Leah Whitney got me last year.
It has no handle so you have to cuddle it in your hands…which makes it all that more enjoyable.

Hope you’re having a warm and cozy day.
Even all of my friends and family back in Wa who are enjoying the first snow of the year.
Sigh…I love the snow.
Yesterday I told husb that I want 10 monts of warm sunshine and 2 months of snow.
That’s not too unreasonable right?

thursday latelies

17 Nov

Find my sweater here.
M.A.C mineralize skinfinish here (my color is medium plus)
Aveda tinted moisturizer found here (my color is Aspen…but they do a great job helping you find your color).

Happy Thursday!

snow white for grown ups

15 Nov

That’s what I’m talking about.

And while we’re on the subject of entertainment.
Are you watching The Sing Off?
If ¬†not…your missing out my friends!
I’ve never been into American Idol or any of the other contest type shows.
However, my husband appreciates acapella and is a Ben Folds fan so it was right up his alley.
And he got me hooked.
Let me show you why…and keep in mind these kids aren’t using anything except there voices…not a single¬†instrument.

Crazy right!
Those two guys in the back are so awesome!

So…anyone wanna start an acapella group with me?

please reconsider

14 Nov

How’s it going my homies?
How was your weekend?
Ours was busy, busy.
We attended our first¬†Chinese¬†American wedding…where the MC spoke Chinese and then graciously translated for us white people.
There was¬†karaoke, food I’ve never seen before (jelly fish & shark fin soup) and bling.
It was a party my friends.
A par-tay!
Then sunday we made it to church on time.
And I know that doesn’t sound news worthy…but last week…due to day light savings time AND technical difficulties we were running 2 hrs behind.
We arrived for the last 5 minutes of church and then were dismissed.
Yes, we hung our heads in shame and made it to our car as fast as possible.
And then laughed.
After church we hung out with some friends…one of which I conned into helping me do some more bed painting.
I’m roping whoever I can into this project.

And now…I’d like to ask you all to take a moment and reconsider something.
Brussel sprouts.
You might think you don’t like them
You might think they’re stinky,¬†weird¬†and difficult to choke down.
My friends…I think it’s time you give them another chance.
This is what I want you to do…

  • chop and fry up some bacon
  • shred some brussel sprouts
  • keeping that bacon in the pan…drain 3/4 of the grease out into a bowl.
  • add the shredded brussel sprouts to the pan
  • add salt and pepper
  • cook on med-high until they start to wilt
  • if necessary add a little more of that bacon grease to the pan
  • after the brussels have wilted a little, turn off the heat, put a lid on and let them steam in the pan for about 5-10 minutes
  • eat and apologize to the poor things for hating them all these years

And yeah that picture of what I just told you to make doesn’t even look THAT appetizing.
And yeah, my husband is wearing a lemon-AID shirt (get it lemon-aid…ha!)
And yeah, we eat dinner with a bowl of sea salt at the table with us.
But whatever!
The point is that this is a great brussel sprouts recipe and you should try it.

Ok…I’m off to grab a cookie and watch some tv with my man.
Muah! (that was a kissing sound btw)

PS…I did feed my husband more than brussel sprouts.
Steak and carrot fries to be exact.
What can I say…he loves my sprouts and always wants seconds.


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