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merry Christmas

24 Dec

something special for YOU

16 Dec

I’m taking a break from the madness of packing to bring you something special.

Yes it’s a sermon.
Don’t get all fussy like the kids in those Jimmy Kimmel videos.
(BTW, those are stinking hilarious right?)
This is a really great sermon.
I listened to it while I was folding mountains of clothes and putting them in suitcases.
I cried.
I always cry.
I was convicted.
I was loved on.
I was reminded of why THE GOOD NEWS is GOOD NEWS!
If you’ve never listened to any of the sermons I’ve posted before….listen to this one.
If you’ve never listened to a sermon…no problem…start with this one.
I think you will like it.
There is some good news it in…meant for you.
Yes, YOU!

shenanigans and fur

15 Dec

Nothing terribly exciting to share with you guys about my day.
Unless your interested in laundry, cooking dinner or going into the cute clothing boutique to try on the dress you saw the other night and leaving the store without the dress…
but with four articles of clothing you didn’t plan on purchasing.
On the bright side, I happen to be the proud new owner of a faux fur vest.
Yep, its about to get furry up in here.

Oh wait…I do have something exciting to share with you guys.
I dare you to watch these video of kids and not laugh your face off.
Dare ya!

Let’s get warmed up shall we?

Have you ever seen anything more adorable?
Didn’t think so.
Thanks to TBTL for sharing that one.

And Jimmy Kimmel did it again.
(Thanks Laura!)

Incase you missed his first round of shenanigans


thursday latelies

15 Dec

My on sale sweater found here!
Gold glitter belt found here…was on sale for $19.99 in store.
Mockingjay (part three of The Hunger Games) found here.

Happy Thursday!
Don’t forget to visit the other ladies over at Bex’s site!


14 Dec

I was about to title this post ” I like em dirty”.
Then I decided I wasn’t interested in this post popping up in a creepers google search.

What am I talking about?

I think I’m in love.
And I’m not sure why because they taste like dirt.
But as my friend Mary used to say  “God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt”.
Amen sista.

1, 2 & 3

13 Dec

I have a number of things to share with you today.

#1 – I finally put together Christmas gifts for the neighbors.

This basket went to my Swedish neighbor across the street.
It earned me two unprompted hugs from her precious little girls…and they hadn’t even seen the slime yet.
Christmas goodies for your neighbors is well worth your time.

Slime recipe found here.
Cinnamon Honey Butter here (this is the first year I’ve made this stuff…and I must admit I was skeptical…I mean what do you do with it? Seems kinda boring to just slather it on a piece of bread. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. There is nothing boring about this butter and a slice of bread.)
Cookies found here and here ( the cocoa thumbprints are a new recipe for me. Were a new recipe. I’ve made them twice in the last 24 hours)

#2 – I’ve made David Lebovitz’s vanilla ice cream recipe twice.
It doesn’t disappoint.
Neither does my ice cream maker.
The price of a vanilla bean…very disappointing.

#3 – As I was headed to the garage I noticed this on my backyard fence.


I thought it looked like a fish.
A fish that reminded me right away of my Lord and Savior.
A perfect reminder of what this season’s about and what my motivation should be behind my cookie baking.
Loving others as he loved/loves me.

swiss miss and peacocks

11 Dec

Sorry if you tried to visit me over the weekend.
This poor little blog was broken.
But I’ve just been told it’s all better and even upgraded.
I know…fancy.

We had a pretty fun weekend.
The plan was to drive on down to Carmel (which I have been dying to see during Christmas) and then go to Gilroy Gardens.
We didn’t make it to Gilroy Gardens but we did visit Carmel.
Which was beautiful and fun as always…
however, I must say I was a little disappointed with the lack of Christmas spirit.
Hardly any of the homes had strung any Christmas lights.
I guess they have other things to do…like pay those big mortgages.
All the shops downtown made up for it though.
In particular this funny little Christmas shop with the most outrageous Christmas trees.

Yes, those are peacocks on the top of that tree.

I had husb take this picture as proof that I’m not always in yoga pants.
You wouldn’t be able to tell looking at that hair though.
Lord have mercy on that hair.

And you guys…look what came on last week!
The snowflake!
Proof that it does get cold around here😉

So I’ve been keeping the fireplace going.

Ridiculous right?
Yes, but awesome at the same time.
You can get your own roaring fire on Netflix streaming.
It even makes a crackling noise.
And just so you know, my husband does make fun of me for playing it.
What does he know?
And one more thing before I let you go.
What’s up with Swiss Miss these days?

Where are the marshmallows?
That picture documents a fresh cup of hot cocoa.
Not cool Swiss Miss…not cool.






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