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what a day

24 Jan

The pipes in my house are backed up…meaning that I can’t flush my toilet and when I run the kitchen sink the water drains into my bathtub.
I know this because my bath tub is currently full of dish water.
And worst of all…my father just called to let me know my Mom is alright but slipped on ice and broke her wrist and nose.
My poor Mom.
I suppose it hasn’t been a very good day for her either.

I feel the need to dig into my bible.
This has been a challenging week for the ones I love and I can’t be any help to them if I’m not seeking the truth.
And I’m not writing any of this to make me sound awesome.
I’ve actually been pretty much the opposite of awesome lately.
Thankfully awesomeness doesn’t play into my access to the Lord.
He is there with open arms at all times.
Thanks G!

But before I “dig in” can I share some recipe and links with you?
Cause I really need to close all these open tabs that I’ve been hanging onto for you.

First off…if Eric and I had waited to get married for 6 more years (and why the heck would we) I think I might have a wedding like this one.
Or would at the least have the Molly Moon ice cream truck to serve our guests.

I am kind of in love with these shoes.

but I’m also in love with my sister’s response to my love for these shoes…

 Ya. Very cute. I wonder though, do you think your big toe might feel a little left out?

Crockpot beef stroganoff anyone?
I’ll be making it again…but with mushroom next time.

No-bake energy bites…you’ve seen them on Pinterest.
For whatever reason you have yet to make them.
That’s a mistake my friends.
They last a week in the fridge.
AKA…24 hours in our fridge.
Tip…follow the recipe and use mini chocolate chips as the regular ones will be too big.
And I used Justin’s almond butter instead of peanut butter…added a little salt and they were divine.

Clever and works!

Super cute and fun blog.
Thanks Tash!

Speaking of Tash…she opened her new Etsy shop.
It’s too late for you to enter the drawing…but check out her shop.
Lots of cute stuff…since I’m her real life friend I got the privilege of raiding her items before they hit the shelf.
They made great Christmas gifts and she does good quality work…its the OCD in her.

And last…husb and I are following along with Mars Hill’s new sermon series Real Marriage.
It just started so if your interested you can follow along and won’t have much to get caught up on.

Ok…off to read before my husband gets home to save me from our plumbing issue.
Love ya!

the end

23 Jan

I finished the last Hunger Games book just 5 minutes ago.
I’m sad it’s over, relieved for the characters and excitedly impatient for the movies.
At least I hope they make three movies.
And I hope they do it right.
Such good books.
I recommend them big time.

Now back to real life: grocery shopping, cleaning, post office, adoption homework.

thursday latelies

19 Jan

Elf Hypershine gloss…very fun product.

I think this is the electric blanket husb got me…looks like the same one at least.

My new plaid shirt found here…super comfy.


17 Jan

Nothing super special to share today…just some highlights of the last week.

I found this recipe on Pinterest via my darling friend Esther.
It was delish, easy and healthy.
I recommend it.

And these brownies…pretty, pretty good.
This picture describes us pretty well.
I gotta have my huge ass glass of water and he must have his milk.

After we got back from Christmas vacation we got to enjoy a little sunshine on the Standford campus.
Usually this might make my Washington friends a little envious…but right now they are getting dumped on with snow.
So I’m the envious one😦

Groceries have never looked so good.
I got two baggu’s for Christmas and LOVE THEM (thanks Mom and Whitney).

We also went and picked up husb’s new bike.
They had it hanging up as a display when we got there.
I might tease him for having a hipster bike but that doesn’t mean I don’t find him darn sexy with that bike😉


13 Jan

I’ve been getting reacquainted with my couch this week as a result of a sinus infection.
Our trip to Washington did a number on my immune system.
Everyone and there brother (more like everyone and there babies) were sick.
While back home I made it into my favorite walk in clinic.
They wrote me a prescription for an infection of the urinary type (Yes, telling you about my UTI is TMI) but told me to buck up and deal with my sore throat, head ache and loss of voice.
I appreciate a doctor that doesn’t want to pump you full of antibiotics at the sound of a sneeze.
So I did just that.
Toughed it out.
And I thought I’d gotten over it until we got home.
Then it came back in full force.
Five days of feeling like you’re swallowing molten lava will make even the toughest scream for an antibiotic.
And my mind…where has it been.
I can’t think clearly to save my life (is it possible to get pregnancy/mom brain from adoption? No, right?)
All this to say…I’m finally feeling a little better today after my date with a Zpack.

And I must interrupt this blog post to shout out a big THANK YOU to my Lord and Saviour!
Just got a call from the doctors office saying they would be happy to see us for physicals and blood work next Friday!
And why is this so awesome?
Cause part of our homestudy process included physicals, blood work and a doctors signature.
And I’ve just spent the last hour trying to find someone who would see us sooner than a month out!
Thank you Lord!

And also, thank you for your kind words and encouragement about the adoption!
Love you.
It’s going to be an adventure and I’m happy to bring you all along!

And lastly, thank you for your input on the iPhone cover.
Ocean City is the winner!
And I’m not complaining because I’m pretty sure its my favorite.
Although, the pink sparkle bling one is so cheap it might accidentally make it into my husbands amazon cart as a backup.

Have a great weekend my darlins!


11 Jan

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you

John 14:18

Jesus had just told the disciples who he was.
Told them he was God.
And that he was going to leave them soon.
Then he spoke the words of John 14:18 to them.
Words that are meant for you and I also.
He has not left us as orphans my friends.
Christ died for our sins and rose again.
He adopted us as his own and gives us the holy spirit.
John 14: 27 says he leaves us with peace.
And peace is exactly what this verse gives me.
And peace is what I pray he gives to our babies.

Eric and I have started the process of adopting a baby/babies/children from Ethiopia!
We do not know who God will place with our family.
We do not know yet if it will be one or two.
Boy or girl?
But we do know that God has adopted us as his children.
And he has placed on our heart to adopt as well.
Why Ethiopia?
I have not a single clue.
God put it out there and we went with it.
And will continue to go with it unless he directs otherwise.

We are excited my friends!
All this paperwork is a little overwhelming and the process is so long.
However, God is mighty and powerful.
His strength is sufficient during our times of impatience and confusion.
Please rejoice with us!
And pray for us.
Pray for our babie(s).
Pray John 14:18 and John 14: 27.
I want my babies to know that God will not leave them as orphans, we will not leave them as orphans and God is leaving us all with peace through our adoption.

P.S. – I’ve been so excited to share this with you!
And that picture? It’s a necklace charm.
It’s how we chose to break the news to our families on Christmas Eve.
Awesome stuff!
A big thanks to Lisa at Keefer Style Creations for the charms.


whatcha think?

10 Jan

Which one is your favorite?

#1 Ocean City

#2  America

#3 January

#4 Nighty Night

#5 Pink Glitter Bling

They’re all pretty beautiful right?
But that doesn’t help me any!


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