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big news

31 May

Oh man…you should hear the crap I’ve been getting about letting this blog go to seed.
But I’m back to explain what’s been going on lately.
Basically I’ve been getting fat.

On February 29, 2012 I took a home pregnancy test.
Well, actually I took three.
On February, 30th a blood test confirmed that we are expecting our first child.
Our adoption had come to a complete standstill about a month before.
Long story made short…the social worker assigned to do our homestudy was horrible.
Our values and thoughts on parenting do not mesh well with city of San Francisco social workers.
Heartbreaking yes.
And then a few weeks after deciding to withdrawal from our adoption program and take a break we find out I’m two weeks pregnant.
And to put it all in a little more perspective…once we decided to add children to our little family we spoke with our foster parent/adoptive parent friends and prayed for wisdom as to which direction to go first…adoption or biological children.
We didn’t really feel like we got a clear answer but decided we would just pick a path and ask God to change our path as he saw fit.
I’d say he changed our path­čśë
We are okay with it.
Excited for our little one…who God willing have adoptive brothers/sisters one day.
God’s timing in the best timing.

As far as the pregnancy…I’m now 17 weeks.
I felt perfectly normal until week 5…then things went downhill…quickly.
Food was the enemy…the way it smelled, tasted, looked, even the thought of it.
It simply made me want to barf.
Cooking was put on the back burner and Zofran become my friend.
And then we went to Europe.
Boy was that challenging…but amazing at the same time.
And┬ápraise┬áthe Lord…I’ve felt much better over the last two weeks and getting better every day.
I can cook again!
I was so scared I would be sick the entire pregnancy.

This blog post could go on and on but I’m gonna wait and share all our Europe pictures and stories for another day.
Right now I’m back in Washington for a wedding and tomorrow us ladies head to the Farm Chicks show!!!
You guys have a great weekend!
Missed you!



well hello

12 May

I’m sorry I’ve taken such a LONG break from this little blog.
There’ve been some big developements in the Schoonover family…I’ll explain later.
Later because…right now we’re enjoying the last day of our three week European road trip!
We started in London, went to Paris, Switzerland, Germany and are now in Amsterdam.
Today we walked through the local farmers market that is literally outside our front door, bought a few goodies to enjoy for lunch, and rented a bike and rode it “native style” around town.
I’ll explain later.
And yes, it’s going to scare my Mom.
Tomorrow we drive back to London to catch a flight home on Monday.
I have lots of pictures and stories to share when we get back home but for now…check out these death defying stairs in our Amsterdam apartment.

I have to go down those babies in the dark night if i wanna pee.
What was Amsterdam thinking?
This is the view from our bedroom.

Talk when we get back home!
Love ya!


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