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new/old news

19 Jul

For some this will be old news…for others new.

It’s a…

I really want to tell you all about the new dresser I bought off craigslist (after Ikea let me down by discontinuing the Edland series).
And how I’m now the new owner of Paris Grey Annie Sloan chalk paint.
And how today I went to Anthropologie and dropped big bucks on the cutest coral flower knobs for the dresser (Thank goodness for gift cards).
But I couldn’t share all that without first explaining that we’re gonna be welcoming a new chick into this family.

Side note…I just went out to the garage to take the above picture and realized I need twice as many knobsūüė¶
This girl is already expensive.
Another side note…I cracks me up that after much deliberation regarding paint color I finally settled on PARIS grey.
Which is so fitting for this little lady.
I mean this is how we introduced her to Facebook.

This picture was taken after we had a complete moment of insanity and emptied our retirement on the cutest French CASHMERE baby outfit.
Seriously, who buys cashmere for a baby?
I’ll tell you who…the French President, Angelina Jolie, and Johnny Depp.
Do you know how I know?
The store clerk of Bonpoint (AKA, expensive ass baby store) told us about those lovely customers as she swiped our credit card.
So now you get it.
Obviously the color choice for the dresser would be Paris grey.

weekend recap

15 Jul

How was your weekend?
Ours was filled with the beach, surfing, sonic cranberry unsweetened ice tea, a friends baby shower and a nap.

And no…I didn’t join in on the surfing action.
The baby belly and the thought of my arms being ripped of by sharks prevented such behavior.
I’m nothing if not adventurous.

hello 5 months

10 Jul

Actually, I’m 5 3/4 months.
So pretty soon it’ll be hello 6 months.
It feels like it going so fast!
And please excuse the iPhone bathroom shot.
And the Willie Nelson hair…I really, really need to get a hair cut.
And the no make up.
I had the husband take some pictures of me outside with our real camera but I hate them all.
So iPhone it is.
Cause¬†obviously¬†this picture screams “HOT”.

So I continue to neglect this poor little blog.
I’m pretty sure it’s because I have the rest of our Europe trip to blog about and those posts are looming over my head.
So I’ve just been avoiding.
Let’s avoid a little longer shall we and talk about the fourth of July?
I love the 4th.
I’ve decided it’s my second favorite holiday…first would be Christmas of course.
This year we went to the amphitheater and watched the fireworks with the San Francisco orchestra playing in the background.

Good times.
Although, I was greatly missing our usual 4th of July parties with Wa friends.
And a hot dog from a grill.
I wanted one really bad all day long.

And since this post is already totally boring and random let me announce that I’ve solved the bassinet problem.

We did some rearranging of the bedroom and were able to fit the crib in without much of a problem.
Of course the husband is going to have to take it apart to get it out of the room after a few weeks/months since it doesn’t fit through the door.
But we like this option better than buying a bassinet that costs more than the crib it’s self while still having the¬†convenience¬†of keeping the mini Schoonover close by for a while.
Cause I know I’m going to be like everyone else and want to check that my baby is still breathing every 10 seconds.

I hope you’re all having a great week.
Thanks for being patient with me.
Love ya!



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