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21 Aug

Well hello!
I’m taking a break from watching my unborn child push up and down on my stomach.
She seems to currently be putting pressure on my belly button area.
Not cool.
I promise I will ground her the second she is born if my belly button becomes an outie…one of my biggest fears.

We are coming along nicely regarding the nursery.
I finished painting and waxing the dresser and the husband replaced the hardware.
Curtains and area rug have been ordered.
Which pretty much sums up a bulk of what we plan to do.
I’ll share pictures once it all comes together.

I don’t really have any exciting pictures to share…except a lot of food.
Which totally makes me look like a crazed pregnant woman.


  • Brunch with the husband a few weekends ago.
  • Homemade magic shell. Which is awesome and only has three ingredients: coconut oil, chocolate bar (I used a Theo Chocolate Dark Chocolate bar) and salt. Which you microwave together and then stir. Doesn’t get much easier than that! My friend Leah saw this picture and said they made it all the time as kids…to which I say, why have you been holding out on me for all these years!
  • Blueberry muffins for a sweet friend who just had twins. The muffins are beautiful but only so so. Bummer.

Ok, I’m off to watch the rest of Hatfields and McCoys.
As always, love ya!

happy Thursday!

9 Aug

I’ve obviously fallen off the Thursday Latelies bandwagon.
Hopefully I’ll make at least one video before this little babe is born.
Plus, we got a new camera that takes video so I really should take advantage.
Anyhow, a few things from this week…

Homemade Shirley Temple…courtesy of Pinterest…of course.
Finally made it yesterday.
I’m sold.
The recipe has you make your own grenadine by mixing tart cherry juice (the no sugar added kind) and sugar and then boiling it down into a thin syrup.
I halved the sugar because we all know my body and sugar aren’t friends.
And honestly, next time I’ll just boil the cherry juice down and not add any sugar at all.
I think even tart, no sugar added cherry juice is sweet enough on its own.
But that mix of the grenadine, lime sparkling water and lime slices.
The lime sparkling water puts it over the top.

Last week of the second trimester.
Willie Nelson called again…still wants his hair back.
Don’t worry, I’m getting it cut today.
And wow, this little girl is really making herself at home.
She is a wild thing too…kicking and punching if even the smallest amount of pressure is applied to my stomach.
Now I know my magazine and arm aren’t allowed to rest on my stomach😉
And bedtime is her favorite time to bounce around…especially if I make the mistake of starting the night out on my right side.
It’s a pretty amazing experience though…and the idea of getting to hold her in a few months kind of blows my mind.
Her daddy can’t wait.
Like he is ready to hold her yesterday.

And I promise I’m not gorging on sweets…but some times you have to take matters into your own hands and make a s’more on your gas stove top.

And last…have you been enjoying the Olympics?
Girls gymnastics is my favorite.
It’s so intense, involves lots of tears and hair spray glitter.
And I don’t think anyone should be surprised by all the emotions.
I mean come on…teenage girls having mini fits, crying, pushing coaches away…we are surprised by this?
They work so hard and for once I’m okay with a little teen attitude after your routine doesn’t go so well.
Although, I hope they are behaving themselves now that there events are over.
GIRLS…stay away from that Ryan Lochtee.
Stay away from any guy that wears a grill while accepting his metal, has this many shoes, whose Mom is open about his one night stands and pee’s in the pool.
Just sayin.
What’s not cool about the Olympics?
Watching the track and field running events while pregnant.
Those women runners have series abs.
I have…well a serious lack of abs right now😉
And hearing Lashinda Demus talk about how pregnancy really changed her body and it has been hard to adjust.
I don’t think I’m ready to hear that from an Olympic athlete!
Again, just sayin.

Okay friends I’m signing off.
Love ya and hope you have a great weekend!


1 Aug

There’s a blackberry cobbler in the oven right now.
Sounded like a good idea.
And yes, I ‘m baking it at almost 10pm.
I live in a hot climate now…baking can only be done in the late evening.

A few weeks ago I made Molly Moon’s chocolate cherry chunk ice cream.
It was delicious.
Except for the fact that I didn’t chop the cherries fine enough.
Biting into large chunks of frozen cherries is like nails on a chalkboard.
It should come as no surprise that Ms. Moon is better at making ice cream than I am.
I’m ok with it.

And despite how it may seem…I haven’t been gorging my pregnant self on sweets.
And I am gotten back to the Barre.
Although, this is what it does to me.


And I finally found a legit prenatal vitamin that doesn’t make me wanna barf.
I have a hard time trusting those gummy vitamins that I was taking.
My mind can’t wrap itself around the fact that something that tastes like a candy gum drop is good for you.

Last Sunday we celebrated  the 8th annual Wiener Nationals at church.
And keep in mind…about one minute before this race a little boy dropped his entire bowl of chocolate frozen yogurt on the side walk behind me.
Don’t worry…I caught it…with the back of my shirt, arms and hair.

And last, we went to Cavalia.

It was a fun little date…something out of the ordinary for us.
Although, I will be honest and admit I was a little underwhelmed until the last 30 minutes.
And it was a good reminder of what brats horses are.
They have such attitude.

I hope you’re all having a good week.
Love ya!


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