9 months

10 Oct

I promised my Mom I’d take a 9 month picture for her.
I had imagined us taking some maternity type pictures while at the ranch but it just didn’t happen.
Half because I couldn’t find our tripod.
So trusty iPhone shot it is.


On Monday our baby will technically be full term…even though our due date isn’t for another 3.5 weeks.
I’m feeling pretty good…especially in the mornings and early afternoon.
By the time evening hits I’m achy and tired.
So far getting off the couch, rolling over in bed and a few joint/ligament pains are the annoying side effects.
So yes, I’m thankful that all has been going well.

On a totally different note…I’ve been enjoying this sermon series on the book of Esther.
I mostly listen while I’m cooking, cleaning or driving.
So if you’re in the market for something interesting to listen to during the day I highly recommend it.

One Response to “9 months”

  1. 1haadon October 20, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    THANK YOU Beautiful Daughter!! You two are lovely~

    Esther~I yi yi……..What is our Lord up to……He has me back in Esther too! Thanks, I’ll give it a listen

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