no baby yet

10 Nov

Not even born yet and she’s already trying to show the parents whose boss😉
It’s okay…we decided to take advantage of the extra time she has given us and go grab some donuts and bagels.
Last weekend we drove to Oakland and visited Doughnut Dolly.
Homemade donuts that are filled with your choice of filling right in front of your eyes.

Then we headed down the street to Beauty’s Bagel Shop for a little lunch.

The husband had the salt and pepper bagel with salmon cream cheese.
I had the veggie bagel sandwich with sundried tomato cream cheese.
It was the best veggie sandwich I’ve ever had…they can be so bland.
Eric enjoyed his but his heart is still back home with Blazing Bagels.
Both places were featured in my Sunset magazine…totally worth a subscription to get great local day trip ideas.

I’ve also had time to finish a painting project for the baby room and experiment with whipping up my own body butter.


However, now the projects are all done and all that’s left is keeping on top of laundry and normal household chores.
So yeah…she can come now😉

Hope you all have a great weekend!
And for those of you back home getting snow…know that I’m a little jealous.
We get plenty of sun but not a flake of snow.



One Response to “no baby yet”

  1. Amber November 11, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    My word! This baby needs to get here. 😉 Give me that body butter recipe, please!

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