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a few clips

4 Oct

I gotta share these two news clips with you guys!
They melt my heart in the happiest sort of way.
The first one is about Casino Road Ministries…which I’ve told you guys about before.

Praise Jesus for those kids!
Praise Jesus for the Professor!
Isn’t he the cutest?

This second news clip is about an event we held last Saturday.
Lots of the same folks that help run Casino Road Ministries additionally starting an emergency respite care facility for foster kids.
Gotta love that!

The McNeals…they really are the best.
True examples of what it means to be a Christian.
Not only do they love Jesus…but they are obedient.
I hope these clips are encouraging to you!
Everyone involved in these two programs are really just your everyday, family next door type of people.
A hodgepodge of people saved by the blood of Jesus.
Let it encourage you to ask where God could use you.
No superpowers or cape needed…only a willing heart…he will provide the rest😉

online shopping

30 Sep

Online shopping isn’t my friend.
I have proof.

First we will start with Boden.
I had such high hopes.
They were quickly squashed.
Although that white t-shirt…the ONE with out the X…I love it!
It makes the whole sad situation worth it.
The flower cardigan is shorter than I had hoped but I still like it.
And that cardigan with the U…that means undecided.
It is still in transit. Was back ordered.
That’s a good sign right? 
Then there are my Ruche purchases.
It might not look like I struck out as much as I did with Boden…
but I don’t love the two pieces I kept.
I did love the romper…I know…go ahead and laugh.
But it was too short and too low where it counts.
And unfortunately romper season has passed us by.


I think this means I need to stick to Nordstrom, Anthropologie, JCrew Outlet and Walmart😉

dinner review (sept 12-18)

27 Sep

Sunday: Ate out…Mexican restaurant

Monday: homemade pizza (had lots of pizza topping leftovers from beach trip)

Tuesday: Stuffed Cabbage (Nourishing Traditions cookbook

Wednesday: Dinner out: Thai restaurant
                 (got home late from CRM work and had a headache…not at all in
                  the mood to cook dinner)  
Thursday: Husb had a dinner meeting and I had a homemade personal pan pizza
              I know…a lot of pizza this week😉 Used a pita for the crust. 

Friday: Chicken Marsala (thanks Esther)
          Zucchini Cakes (Nourishing Traditions cookbook)
Saturday: Dinner at friends home for a birthday celebration!!!

I’m learning that I have to really stay on top of this.
I forget so easily!
And boy are you guys in for a treat when you see how bad we have been!
Too much eating out!

it’s that time of year again

23 Sep

We’ve been eating a lot of fresh peaches around here.
But mostly, husb looks forward to peach season because he LOVES him a fresh peach pie.
One good reason to deprive your husband of his favorite treat…
when you finally get around to making it he will makes lots of groaning noises and tell you this is the best peach pie you have ever made😉

peach pie

oh yes we did

22 Sep

pig before after

And it was good.

new outfit

21 Sep

Tasha, Kristel and I browsed the clothing at Walmart the other day.
I have a cute Norma Kamali shirt from Walmart and was interested in seeing what they had after reading this post.
The end result?
An entire outfit was born!

First I got the black blazer at Walmart (Norma Kamali) for $20!
Then I ran to the J.Crew outlet store next door and snagged a pair of toothpick skinny jeans for $65!
I wanted them last year but they didn’t have my size.
And I’d just like to point out the irony of me buying an item of clothing named toothpick…I used to get so mad when the kids in elementary school called me toothpick.
Anyhow, I also snagged a cute scarf.
Doesn’t look exactly like the one above…it’s white with polka dots and cute tassels…but it isn’t listed on the J.Crew website.
Right now I’m pairing my three finds with my Shade tank top and Toms wedges

I love a good outfit!

seabrook 2010

18 Sep

So, remember the CRM auction we had earlier in the year?
Well…husb won us a two nights stay at a beach cottage in Seabrook!
We finally got to cash in on our winnings last week.

Seabrook is beautiful and wonderful and awesome!
Basically, its a beach neighborhood full of beautiful homes, a small grocery store, and cafe.
Some people live there year round…but most buy the homes for vacation purposes and rent them out the rest of the year.
This was our cottage.
seabrook 2010 047
I didn’t take pictures of the inside…but you can see some here.
seabrook 2010 167

seabrook 2010 163

seabrook 2010 170

seabrook 2010 174

seabrook 2010 051

seabrook 2010 068

And then there were the BIKES!

seabrook bikes
Free of charge cruiser bikes.
They even had tandem bikes…
which was Husb’s dream come true!
Yes, I rode it with him and I have to admit…it was fun😉

And then there was the beach.
And despite these pictures…the sun did come out and it warmed up!
First time I’ve ever seen sun while at our coast!
Praise Jesus!
seabrook 2010 109

seabrook 2010 110
And look who was back in the states and got to come with us?
Our Natalie from Mexico…you remember her right? 
seabrook 2010 136
And then, there was food.
Lots and lots of food!
Pizza on the grill…inspired by my friend Leah.

seabrook 2010 144
A delicious olive garden inspired meal by Tasha.
I took a picture but it didn’t turn out😦
And homemade chili rellenos.

seabrook 2010 186
All and all a great trip.
Great food, great friends, great beach house!
Thanks sweet husband….thanks for winning it for us.

seabrook 2010 101
OH YEAH! I almost forgot!
One of the newly built homes is being featured in Coastal Living Magazine!
For $10 we got to take the tour and it was so worth it.
Such a beautiful home.

seabrook photo
Tasha did a great post on it…so you can see pictures here.


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